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Antonietta Brownell

Boston, MA
Height 5' 8"
Weight 126 lbs
Profile Pic

Antonietta is a professional actress and model, that's work on several projects on film, commercials, industrial and training. Skilled in Bilingual Italian, Makeup artist and esthetician.

Ed Wedding

Los Angeles, CA
Height 5' 8"
Weight 150 lbs
Profile Pic

Hello Hollywood! It's good to be back at it again after a 15 year hiatus from the "industry". I am a very accomplished MARTIAL ARTIST. My specialties are: Muay Thai kickboxing (19-1 professional fight record), boxing, MMA, Brazilian jiu-jitsu/wrestling and my favorite martial art--Eskrima/arnis (Filipino weaponry).

Alexine Salmons

Houston, TX
Height 5' 2"
Weight 100 lbs
Profile Pic

Young Actress and Modeling Artist, featured in several TV commercials and advertisements in US.

Diamonde Helper

New York City, NY
Height 5' 8"
Weight 150 lbs
Profile Pic

Dancer, model, and aspiring actress, from Puerto Rico and often from the NYC Area. Several Experience in modeling on Pandora Old San Juan, Maybeline and iluvindigo boutique.

Salomon Montes de oca

Los Angeles, CA
Height 5' 7"
Weight 164 lbs
Profile Pic

Determined, love to be around creative people, love to make people laugh, energetic, love to smile, like to make new friends, professional, and patient.

Tracey Allen-jones

Baltimore, MD
Height 5' 4"
Weight 120 lbs
Profile Pic

I am a very friendly person. I awake each day smiling, a burst of energy, and the thrill of learning something new. I enjoy modeling and acting. I have since I was a young child. I look forward to working with creative and exciting people. I am adventurous, love the outdoors, tennis, horseback riding, and definitely traveling.

Art Wedmore

Los Angeles, CA
Height 5' 7"
Weight 158 lbs
Profile Pic

Wrote and starred in a company called strategictomorrows

Jordan Smith

Washington, DC
Height 5' 10"
Weight 160 lbs
Profile Pic

I'm very driven to challenge my craft as an actor everyday.

Skyler Wallen

Tampa, FL
Height 5' 5"
Weight 118 lbs
Profile Pic

Born in New York, grew up in The Bahamas. I have been modeling for the past 2 years. Love outdoors, very athletic. Always looking for a new adventure.

Ken Kurtis

Los Angeles, CA
Height 5' 8"
Weight 188 lbs
Profile Pic

Raised in Dover, Delaware. A Jerry Mahoney dummy got me started. First acting role - President of the Moon (6th grade). Speech team in high school. Went to Northwestern University

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Success Stories of ExploreTalent customers

Explore Talent actor has appeared on Reality & Network TV shows
Bobby Banhart talks with Explore Talent. Bobby got discovered for A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila by being a member of Explore Talent. Bobby is a true "overnight success" story.

Julia Ling
At only 25 years of age, Julia Ling has a resume that can make any aspiring actor envious. In addition to her acting successes, Julia is also an accomplished pianist, dancer, martial arts expert, and straight A college student. Prior to committing her life to full-time acting pursuits, Julia began her career with a membership at ExploreTalent.com. Julia's credits include "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Alias", "The OC", "ER", "House", "Studio 60", and "Grey's Anatomy". Julia is currently enjoying success as a lead character Anna Wu on "Chuck".
"I went to my first audition for fun and that's how I got my first job. I just kept on going from there, going on auditions and booking jobs."

Zairy Shakur
Since signing with Explore Talent, 29-year-old war veteran and single mother of five Zairy Shakur has achieved her dream of becoming an actress, host, and singer. She has described her experience working with the company as both "great" and "helpful". Zairy added that the success she has achieved now was truly worth the time and investment. After a mere 8 weeks, Zairy got to audition for the Samsung S7 commercial and managed to land a stint with Disney. Explore Talent continues to give its clients professional advice and reassurance that doors are always ready to open for them in this industry.

Dwayne Benson
The talented Dwayne Benson expresses his gratitude for Explore Talent. Dwayne had been a long time pro-member with Explore Talent, which opened several doors such as a television pilot, several stage productions, and a blockbuster movie with Jennifer Lopez. Dwayne proves that with hard work and perseverance, you can truly make it big in the acting industry.

Alexander Jackson
To anyone who has their doubts with Explore Talent, let Alexander Jackson's success story put your mind at ease. He has appeared in several productions including the 2016 adaptation of Chekhov's "Seagull", retitled as "The New Colossus". His hard work and versatility have led him towards several opportunities in show business. Alexander credits Explore Talent for helping his career grow and is looking to open more doors in the future.

My Daughter Chyna has been on your site for about 8 weeks. She has had many calls and requests. That is what is great about the site. You can submit as many as you'd like and then pick and choose the one's you are really interested in. She has been in 1 movie, a feature film, and is getting ready to do "The Lovely Bones" with Susan Sarandon and Rachel Weiss. This is a Dreamworks production. She has also been placed with an international casting company as a result of this site. We look forward to what the Holiday season brings. THANKS EXPLORE! -Kim-PA

- Chyna

Hired for a Bumpernets commercial Dear Explore Talent, I just wanted to let you know, I have been hired to shoot a commercial for Bumpernets in Birmingham Alabama. The director found me thanks to Explore Talent. Melissa Cole Birmingham, AL

- Melissa Cole

Got Century 21 commercial run on HGTV Kendra wants to thank you guys for giving her the exposure for her first commercial! She got role in Century 21 commercial run on HGTV, Thank you! I thank you too, Kathi Ike, Proud Mom =)

- Kendra Ike

Hello. I am Rushia Cooper. I recently signed up with Explore Talent in October. I am a 33 year old business woman, who is a mother of two and wife for nine years. I have always been told that I should be an actor because of my personality and flare for style. I didn't know how to break into acting from my level, no formal training or connections. I found the link for Explore Talent and decided to give it a try. I spoke with Sal and he was awesome. He was very thorough and upfront and explained the process to me in detail. I am very serious about my career but I did not want to waste my time or money. Speaking with Sal helped to ease my concerns. Everytime I call with a question he is enthusiastic about helping me and I am grateful. I was sceptacle at first but within 2 weeks of becoming a member I was picked to work in a Lee Jeans Promotion making $14.00 per hr. It's not the dream acting job I am persuing but it is a start, and it shows that Explore Talent does what they advertise; your company is in business to promote talent, and I am very pleased with your services. The business cards are beautiful and I look forward to gaining recognition with them while promoting your services at the same time. Rushia Cooper

- Rushia Cooper

Got movie role in 5 days, I made $1,000. Thanks Let me tell you, in only five days I was picked up for a role in a movie called "Coming Attractions," shooting here in Orlando. It has many stars cast such as Angie Everheart (Supermodel/Bordello of Blood) Micheal Laslow (Beverly Hills Cop Movies) Pat Morita (Kirate Kid) and many more! I always knew that this site was different from all of the scam sites who don't even provide you with anything you need. Just some address to send off a headshot and resume to a Casting Director, or Production company when they end up throwing all of those out anyways. Explore Talent Allows you to book yourself. Thanks to everyone at Explore Talent, who helps me to have my submissions out right away!! April Florio

- April Florio

I don't know why it took me so long to sign up with you guys! You guys are great. I got a part playing a thug girl in a feature film called "Keepin' It Real. We start filming Sept. 8 2007! I also have auditions coming up very soon!!

- Lashell Alexander

Within 2 weeks if signing up I GOT A ROLE IN AN UPCOMING INDEPENDENT FILM!!! I want to start off by thanking Jennifer from Explore Talent because she was VERY helpful and gave good advice on what to do and what not to do with my profile. Second I want to say that Explore Talent really helps their customers be the best they can be. Being only with Explore Talent for 3 months I have already gotten feedback 6 times from casting directors. I didn?t think I?d have the opportunity, but Explore Talent gave it to me! Thank you for helping and promoting me! -Jesseal:)

- Jesseal

I've been on here for 3 days and got booked for a OJ ad and commercial. I get paid and I also get residuals. Thanks so much for posting so many job opportunities.... Thanks, JESSE REITER

- Jesse Reiter

Good Morning! I just was to inform Explore Talent that my ten year old son Isaiah received his first acting job on January 9th 2008. The name of the featured film is "Releve". This movie will be shot this summer in San Diego, Ca.

- Isaiah Hairston

Hi, My name is Elijah Vicente. I am a 16 year old aspiring actor who to tell you the truth has hit a brick wall in the last couple of months. I wasn't getting ant auditions or traveling to any auditions or making callbacks. Ever since I joined with Explore Talent, I have been receiving emails and phone calls for auditions almost immediately when I posted me headshot and resume on my website at Explore Talent. Just this week I wasn?t able to got to one of the auditions and the casting director called me personally and wanted to set up a meeting between me and him because he said that I had a lot to offer be my looks and experience. If it weren?t for Explore Talent giving me such amazing exposure and the amazing way that they are taking care of me, I would never have had such luck. I haven't made any callbacks yet but I have been auditioning in a lot of palaces and maybe one day I?ll get that call. I just wanted to say that Explore Talent was the best decision I have made in the past months. Thank you Explore Talent, this means so much to me, Sincerely, Elijah Vicente, Actor/Singer

- Elijah Vicente

My sons have done many jobs ! I just wanted to Thank Explore Talent for helping Triston Coleman my son and Trevon Coleman my other son with persuing there acting career because of you they have done many jobs and have just landed membership with a SAG Franchised Agency That will allow them to go any where to follow there dreams. Thank You! Explore Talent, I hope both my boys will be very successful and thanks you. Great Thanks! Triston Coleman age 7 Trevon Coleman age 6

- Triston Coleman

Got a part on the Martha Stewart Show. I'm just letting you know that I signed my granddaughter up with explore talent 2 weeks ago and she already got a part on the Martha Stewart Show which will air on national TV the end of August or beginning of September. I'll keep you posted when I have the details. Thanks for the opportunity. This will really boost her career. She's only 5 years old. Rose Young

- Alexis Romeo

Got a part in a movie! I just recently got a part in the movie Totally Baked with National Lampoons and met also met with Michael Gaylord the photographer and also have met a few production agencies and also a few agents that were interested in me! You guys have been a lot of help! Thank you so much. I have had met a lot of wonderful people that are helping me further my dreams! Explore talent has helped me to realize some of the potential that I posess; this means a lot to me thanks you again! Jiazi Wang PS NY, NY

- Jiazi Wang

My first job 4 days after I signed up I recently did my first job through your company ( 4 days after I signed up); it was the Pureology hair show in Providence. $250 plus $40 in hair care products for 1 days work. Can't complain! Thanks alot! Adriel Martinetti

- Adriel M

I have been browsing the jobs for a while now and not always been able to get to the auditions but the one audition I finally went to- I landed!! I will be a cast member for season 2 on JoJo's Dreamcart on PBS. Thanks to Explore! Hopefully more successful auditons are coming my way. Siara

- Siara Padilla

Got an Allstate Print job Thank you for letting me submit to the Allstate Print, they picked me and I made $250.00. Victoria Lewis Los Angeles, CA

- Victoria Lewis

I just wanted to let you know that I signed up with Explore Talent less than a week and I already have a audition next week. I am so excited and thrilled! I also wanted to comment on the customer service department, especially Carrisa. Carissa has been nothing but helpful, encouraging, and truthful with me...and the one thing I love she always returns your calls!! I could not have been in this specific spot I believe without her guidance. So and big thank you goes out to Explore Talent and Carrisa.... Sincerely, Suzanne Squires

- Suzanne Squires

Explore Talent, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful services. I really enjoy checking my calendar to see what new and exciting casting calls are listed. Because of you I was cast as a featured extra (Big Tony's sexy girlfriend)in the short film TKO. I hope this leads to more opportunities. This ExploreTalent website has been a wonderful experience and I tell everyone about you. Thanks again!!! Keep those submissions coming. Thanks for your time, Kimberly Morris

- Kimberly Morris

Good Morning, I wanted to send you an e-mail over the weekend, but have been extremely busy with acting classes in order to prepare for my role in an independent film about the Washington DC Sniper. I am very grateful to the service that Exploretalent offers and refer this service to several of my counterparts in acting class. On another note, I want to extend my greatest thanks to you and the great customer service you provide to me each and every time I call. You not only make sure that any information given to me is accurate, but you also make sure that I receive the full benefits of using Exploretalent for my acting career and I want to say again, thanks. Nichola Graham Washington, DC

- Nichola Graham

Got a role in a full length feature film! Just wanted to give a big "Thank You" to Explore Talent. My daughter Julia Hodgkins auditioned for a role in a full length feature film called Second Wind and got a co-supporting role in the film! We're presently in rehersals and will be filming in a couple of weeks. The experience has been amazing and so rewarding. Working with director, Daryl C. Sylva is awesome. If it weren't for Explore Talent, we wouldn't be here right now! We're very greatful for your service. Maria Hodgkins & Julia Hodgkins

- Julia Hodgkins

I just want to say thanks for your site. You guys have really helped me in this business. I was turned down by so many agents and managers that I can't even count them on my fingers. I have even been scammed by two of them. I found my new manager that I am signed right now on this website from one of the auditions. I auditioned for the management and was signed two weeks later. I am so excited and now I have movies in the works and so much other projects. I couldn't be more happy. You guys truly are awesome and I recommend everyone and anyone who wants to be an actor or singer or dancer this is the place to be. That send you to nothing but the best auditions and take it from me it may take time to get accepted to most of the auditions that you are casted for but believe me its worth the time. Remember its not your choice its what has already been mapped out for you, so don't hesitate. Sign up for exploretalent.com and you won't be disappointed. Thank you once again. Kenneth Edwards

- Kenneth E

2 jobs within 10 day of signed-up !! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING We signed up with Explore Talent on Oct 14th, two weeks ago. The very next day we were offered a job with the ISO/JOICO hair show !! Since then we've already been matched with another job (this one for several weekends), and have made it to the final selection for two Advertising spots in the San Antonio area. My daughter is so thrilled !! The service provided by the individuals I've dealt with at Explore Talent has been top-notch. David & Dustin in the Booking Dept. and Brittain in Cust. Service have gone above and beyond in answering my questions and providing information !! In fact, it feels as though I am talking with people that personally know us, rather than being treateded like "a number". THANKS - YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING !!! Stephanie Webster & MOM

- Stephanie Webster

#1 Got major roles in TWO movies 07-07-06 Well Explore Talent...you've done it again! I just came back from a screentest in Washington, D.C. Before returning home I was offered major roles in not one, but TWO movies and I am being considered for the LEAD in a third. -- Thanks Explore Talent! - Cheryl Denise #2 Been booked for a film within one week! Thank you so much Explore Talent! I have been with you for only about a week and have already been booked for a film! It is so exciting to check onto your site and find out that nearly every day I have been either given gigs for which I can submit myself or better yet, by the time I get the information, you have already submitted me! The best thing about it is that these are not just castings where you are just a barely visible extra if you are lucky. They are quality castings with real credits. Even with an agent, you often times are not going to get this level of activity right from the start. You are great, how do you do it?! Thank you and Best Regards! -- Cheryl Denise

- Cheryl Denise

07-04-06 07:43 am Got selected as a principle actress rock video Many thanks for the professional approach and connections at Explore Talent. I was a selected as a principle actress in the first rock video for a new young music star! Looking forward to more successes, together. Explore Talent is a great source of industry employment. Brooke-Marie Hawkins

- Brookemarie Hawkins

07-02-06 Booked Yahoo.com commercial in the first month! We have been using Explore Talent for less than a month and have gotten several auditions. This past week Tyler booked his first job through them! It was a commercial for Yahoo.com that will be on Yahoo's new home page starting the second week of July! It was a great experience for him as the people he worked with were friendly and professional. It will also provide him with tremendous exposure! Thank you Explore Talent! Tyler Anderson's Mom

- Tyler Anderson

Booked commercial for Dunkin Donuts I just would like to take the time out to thank Explore Talent for landing my first Job -- Dunkin Donuts. The feeling is so overwhelming, I just cant believe it. Once again thank you Francisco for your patience and superb customer service. You truly define the term "Customer Service". -- Sincerely Randa Noel I was a Demo Model for Paul Mitchael! I just wanted to say thanks again to the entire crew at Explore Talent for my second job. I did the IBS Hair Show for Paul Mitchael. I was a Demo Model. They did my hair and it was a wonderful experience. I was also selected to be a model for the NY Cooperation (Beauty Group) Work shop. I loved the feeling after my make up was done. I looked even more beautiful. Once again thank you and all the best. Randa Noel

- Randa Noel

AJ Heiss got a Bounty Paper Towels commercial ! Just wanted to say "Thank You" for getting AJ his last job. He just did a commercial for Bounty Paper Towels. Thanks, Dyanna Heiss

- Aj Heiss

Got a part in a SAG movie I am thrilled to have signed up with Explore Talent! I have already booked a small part in a SAG movie which was posted on Explore Talent in January. Thanx for your service!! Karen Gerstman New York City, NY

- Karen Gerstman

Thank you for the job with Miller Lite I just landed a job with Miller Lite. I am promoting approx 10 hrs a week and making around $400 weekly . Thanks again for the leads. By the way this has not been the first job I have landed with your web site. I look forward to more jobs. Deana Aburto, 281929 Los Angeles, CA

- Deana Aburto

Got a Lead Role in a film I finally got a lead role in a short feature film called Haunted by director Chris Ognilo. It was a fantastic experience and I want to thank explore talent for giving me the opportunity to find these auditions so easily!! Great Job!! Alison Lynch

- Alison Lynch

Thank you for my first job I am so excited to get my first job through you. I did my print job for Cellphone Co. in Austin, the photography is famous Jack. I made 150.00. Thank you! Yvonne/Houston, TX

- Yvonne Lu

I was only with Explore Talent for a week when I landed a hair show audition and got the job. I was paid $300 for the hair show and I am really excited about the services and I would recommend Explore Talent's services to everybody. Melissa

- Melissa Joeckel

I would just like to thank you for sending me the audition for what was called The Right to Brag which ended up being A shot at love with Tila Tequila (MTV), Doron Casting, 495 Productions. I made it through 4 episodes and we are going to film the reunion here soon. I signed a year contract with them and they have me doing some more stuff. I've read Exploretalent.com in papers and on talk shows. Thanks and anymore help would be nice. Thank you, Ashley McNeely

- Ashley Mcneely

I GOT A ROLE IN A FILM ! I have only been an explore talent member for a little over 6 months and starting out in the business. I have won a role in the film "Something Within" by YoungHeart Productions. I was notified of the audition through my explore talent calendar. THANK YOU EXPLORE TALENT! MY FIRST FILM A LIFE LONG DREAM!!!!!!!! Belinda Fadlelmola Washington, DC

- Aiasha Fadlelmola

Got picked up by Nickelodeon Qwendera got picked up by Nickelodeon. They have already sent him a script to study. If he is successful he will be going to New York. And I must say that I enjoyed the show. Knowing that I was skeptical and pessimistic at first. You have my apologies. As you know Qwendera is very talented. Thank you so much, Qwendera's dad

- Qwendera Washington

So many castings within 4 days!!! Wow!!! I'm so happy I have only been with Explore Talent about 4 days and I have already got so any casting directors contacting me I just want to thank everyone who has helped me stat my dream and Explore Talent. Thank you so much!

- Chloe Terry

My son Ricky just landed his first paid job, a commercial for an MP3 player. We are flying to New York to film the commerical. He is getting paid $50 and hour for filming plus residual for the commercial and print. We are so happy for him. Thanks again Explore Talent and bring on more jobs!

- Ricardo Ballester

I started on Explore Talent in March and immediately found my first audition for a voice over part. When I went for the audition, I didn't get the voice over...because they cast me for a supporting role. Next I self submitted to audition for a supporting role in a movie about a NY Crime Family Boss. I didn't get that part either...because they cast me as the LEAD!! Then I self submitted for a supporting role in another film and got that one. Yes, there have been others that I have submitted for but have either not gotten the call or had to turn down the audition due to conflicts (but that is a great feeling, when you can't do it- BECAUSE YOU ARE WORKING!!!) While these haven't been paid gigs, my resume has gone from basically nothing for the last 30 years to a nicely rounded experience grouping. As a result I now have 2 SAG Franchised agents to which I am signed. - Thanks for a great start Explore Talent!

- Paul Alessi

Landed role in a film within 2 weeks! I would like to thank Explore Talent for signing up my daughter Terah. She has only been with Explore Talent for about 2 weeks and received a submission request on her calendar for a role in a feature film. Everything went so fast. She is new to acting/modeling. She was scheduled for an auditon and within one week was notified that she got the part. She was so excited. This is her first project and it gave her the confidence she needs for other auditions. Thanks. Sonya Burnett

- Terah Burnett

Landed a big SBC print job! Hello, I just wanted to thank Explore Talent. Sandi Smith landed me a big SBC print job! It was a national SBC global ad and I am getting a little over 1000.00. Thank you once again - Gabriela

- Gabriela Chavez

Thank you guys very much! I have been on your website for about 3 weeks and I have already got one booking in Nashville and was signed to Alpha Model Group in Atlanta!!! I wouldn't have been able to get these without you, so I am very appreciative! God Bless! - Derek Yates Again, thank you so much! Just yesterday I had a job through you in Nashville, TN for ASAP Models, and because of it they want to sign me to their agency!!! Now, because of you guys, I have been signed to two non-exclusive agencies in a matter of a few weeks! That is twice the opportunity for more work, and then the work I will still receive from exploretalent.com. So in total, that is 3 times the chance of getting seen and one day fulfilling my dream of making it big in the entertainment business. Again, thank you so much! - Derek Yates, Chattanooga, TN

- Derek Yates

Landed a role in a Film by Lionsgate Just by using your website (not the pro package) I had landed a role in a film called Fear of Clowns 2 picked up by Lionsgate to be feature this coming fall. Thanks to you I saw the audition went in and got a role. Thanks so much. I hope now to upgrade to a pro package so I can get some business cards and submit myself over the internet. Thanks again ~ Justin Mather

- Justin Mather

I got 4 jobs within 3 days ! HI Explore Talent, my name is Erica Hamilton. I just want to say thank you for the many jobs I have recieved. I have been on the website for a short period of time and I am really pleased. I recently got a call from Juan Meet in Miami a new line of maternity clothing for a catalog. I was also contacted by cardwell talent for promotional modeling for the Nivea Event and future events. It does not stop there I was contacted by Talent Inc for Venus modeling promotion as well. Just when I thought that would stop I got a contract for International Shopping Headquarters for catalog work. Wow and it still does not stop I was also contacted by Cardwell promotions for the Discover promotional Modeling Event and future promotions. I have got these jobs over a period of three days. I look forward in the near future to audition for film and other jobs. I just want to say you have to stay motivated and postive and never give up on your dreams. I wont stop I plan to stay active and take more jobs. "Thank You Explore Talent" You made it possible for me to acheive my goals, dreams and goal are possible just stay postive. Sincerely,Erica Hamilton

- Erica Hamilton

After only one week of being with Explore Talent, I landed a role as a model for rap artist "Juvenile" music video, due to a premiere this month. It's woth the try to everyone that thinks you won't be able to get work. This was a free gig, but it is exposure and another addition to my resume.

- Kelly Mott

I applied for a training film with the Fabian-Baber, the biggest in the nation and got a del for five 25-minute DVD videorecording! They are putting me up at the Best Western hotel and I am getting paid $1500 in total. This is amazing for my resume and I now have way to much to decide to put on my reel! Thanks!

- Bradley Miles

Microsoft XP commercial Thanks Explore Talent for the Commercial Spot. I just completed the shooting for a commercial for Microsoft XP. The Director found me on Explore Talent. I was paid $100 per hour. Also, Thank you for the good customer service. Each time I have called the people I have spoken with are knowledgable and very helpful. Charles Kirk

- Charles Kirk

Got acting role in a film for "Blue Rocket Films" First of all, I want to thank you SO MUCH for being SO REAL putting people right where they best fit in, and keeping us up on top of the hottest freshest opportunities as they come available. I joined almost by some outside compulsion, not having trusted talent agencies I had met before, but you are TRULY exactly what you say you are, a helper to we who seek. I got my first response and as you can see, I was accepted, I got acting role in a film! How many people get that from other agencies? I thank you time and time again as I know I will get more and more parts in the future. and thank you SO MUCH for making the proscess so easy clear and simple and your continuous willingness to help us learn the ropes of submitting for auditions. Its TRULY a pleasure to use your services, even if I only got free roles, its STILL well worth it to pay for your services. Blessings to all of you and thank you again, [huge hugz] sincerely, Delicious Vodka DeBlair

- Delicious Deblair

I got a role in an up coming movie It has been a great experience being with Explore Talent. Going in for an audition competing amongst ourselves for role that best fits us leaves you with a knott in your throat when you get a call back or a response telling you that you got a role in the movie. Which makes you know that you did an excellent job at what you went in for. Of corse you go in with butterflies in your stomach and that must be the main obsticle to get through but when you do your best and give it your all nothing can come between the passion one has for acting or doing what they enjoy the most . To say that I got a role in an up coming movie that I got in through Explore Talent, with some assistance of a wonderful person of course!! The service at explore talent is excellent also. Their up to date calander and in general the system they use. Customer service... WOW!!! There is one particular person I would like to personally Thank... Francisco!! You are great !! Wonderful in the position given. I have not met anyone in any other job who has taken care of their customers like you have taken care of me , Thank you so much and GOD BLESS!!

- Marcela Manzano

Got Warner Bros. KTLA channel 5 Commercial ! Michael recently co-stared in a promotional commercial for the WB (Warner Bros.) KTLA channel 5. Michael really enjoyed this experience and looks forward to many more! He found being in front of the cameras was fun and enjoyed being the center of attention. Warner Brothers picked him through Explore Talent web site. He received $300 for the shoot. A copy of Michael's commercial is available on his profile. Michael's Father

- Michael Piper

#1 My son was offered a contract with Circus Circus I would like to thank everyone for the EXCELLENT customer service, professionalism, and helping my son head into the world of Televison. Everyone in staff have been so great and always following up with questions. My son this weekend was offered a contract in LA and an interview with Circus Circus. I love the calendar it is one of the best data base systems for getting work. I don't have to work hard finding what I need. #2 HIRED: A RAISIN IN THE SUN James audition for "A Raisin in the Sun" at Sacramento Theatre. He is playing lead part of Travis in October 2005 and he also did photo shoot with Blend Image on June 13, 2005 with his brother Jaheem. Thanks for the great leads from the website. Sincerely, Lisa Finnie, Antioch, CA

- James Davonte

I've submitted to many casting?s and was selected ! I will have to compliment on the professionalism and fast instantaneous service that ExploreTalent.com has provided me. It is unlike any other service I've used with its caring staff and immediate help that I?ve receive from customer service and its state of the art web technology that really electrifies me! It really is the quality of service that makes Explore Talent stand as MY NUMBER 1 MARKETING SERVICE. I've submitted to many casting?s and was selected by one of the WORLDS leading photographers, and Agents to work exclusively with them for many projects. I even met the casting director of General Hospital that works exclusively with my new agent as his assistant! If this isn't striking it big, I'll never know what is. I'm currently working from my home state with an e-bay project then I'm heading to AZ to really launch my career as my Agent works with only vast clients such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Calvin Klein etc. Thank-you EXPLORE TALENT for everything you do! Yours Truly, Joe Bryant -- Actor / Model

- Joe Bryant

Landed a $1,600 gig on my 2nd day of signing up! I signed up on a Wednesday and was hired for a gig Thursday! It is a "Live Event" - Gameshow Host for the Independent Film Channel. The opportunity was placed on my calendar, I sent my info to the contact person and two phone calls later I was hired. I was flown to NYC, put up in a hotel for a night and spent a day in training. Upon completion (12 days total,3-4 hours a day) I will have earned $1,600! Just wanted to say THANK YOU! Jacqueline Rich

- Jacqueline Rich

Landed 2 movie roles + 2 other jobs within 3 months of joining Since joining Explore Talent you would not believe the responses I've been getting from directors, producers. The jobs I have landed and am getting ready to start filming are phenomenal. I've had the distinct pleasure of working on the sets of The Kingdom-starring Jamie Fox. Netherbeast Incorporated starring Robert Wagner, Darrell Hammond, Lori Singer, Dave Foley, Steve Burns and Judd Nelson. I also am planning to do a commercial for an International insurance company. I have also done some smaller roles as being in a movie called Life Room directed by Eric Ray and finally got up the confidence to do a stand up comedy routine at a local comedy club. I don't know what kind of special magic explore talent brings to those who decide to pursue their dreams but I do know now that your never too old and explore talent is just what you need to get the ball rolling. Michele cooper

- Michele Cooper

Received audition for commerical...got job! Through Explore Talent I received an audition for a commercial for the product "Go Smile" Teeth Whitening. I got the job and shot the commercial on two different occasions in Riverside, CA. I had so much fun and met great people.

- Sheri Berlanga

Got a Film role on first day Only after being registered on Explore Talent for 1 day, I got a roll of "Zoe" in Bondage, a short film in Phoenix Az. We begin shooting August 5. Thanks Explore Talent. Makenna Summersett

- Makenna Summersett

Booked a Job! Just wanted to let you know that I booked a webcast production shoot to promote a new dice/card football game for OTR Sports via your website. The production took place on July 9th on Long Island, it was a great experience! I got to interact with 7 other actors and even got a filmed one on one interview after the game! I look forward to building upon my resume with Explore Talent on my side. Thanks Again, Monica Rea McNamara

- Monica Mcnamara

I got a great gig in a Film within few weeks I started using the site several weeks ago, and I landed my first audition and got the part. This site is great..... Keep up the good work. I landed a great role in an Indie Film "Lyfe and Tymes" Thanks for everything. Explore Talent is the BOMB. Norman Outlaw

- Norman Outlaw

Got first professtional acting job within one day of signing up.. I just wanted to say thank you so much to Explore Talent. You guys have been wonderful! I have been a member since October. Within one day of signing up I got my first professional acting job in a theatre company outside of Washington DC called The Starving Artist Theatre which made me eligible for an artist grant from the government. Also, I am currently acting with a second company, Element Productions, in Washington DC right now! I could not have found these jobs without Explore! Everyone there has been so helpful; and I find this website easy and extremely essential for anyone starting in the business.

- Kristy Greener

Landed 2 Feature Film major roles with some great cash!... Since I joined Exploretalent.com last year around this time, I have landed two Feature Film major roles! I never would have realized the opportunities had it not been for you guys! The first film I received a part in was a feature by Raj Rahi called "ShutUp!", it will be completed this year. The second I am currently shooting here in Memphis is a major role with some great cash! I thought that this might be another one of those pay for nothing sites, but obviously you guys know what you are doing. Keep up the good work and keep the roles coming for me!! --Chris Plumlee

- Chris Plumlee

Got a speaking part in a full-length Movie Exploretalent is so helpful for people that aren't on the East or West coast. I have lots of auditions to go to, but many areas are too far away. ExploreTalent uses the whole U.S., and I went to my first audition (in Minnesota) and got a speaking part in a full-length movie, and want to thank Explore Talent for the opportunities it opens up to me. Ana Rocha

- Ana Rocha

To the person who's dedication in designing the Explore Talent website to help people like me fulfill a desire as great as mine. I really appreciate your website. Just wanted to drop a note to express my gratitude. On Friday, February 27, I was given an opportunity to be an extra in a Bittersweet film. I met very nice people and my overall experience was great, exciting and rewarding. Thank you so much. I have something else coming up at the end of March. I am so excited.

- Rosa Rodriguez

3 indie short and 2 features ! Your site has resulted in 3 indie short castings and 2 features in the 3 months I've been using it. One of the best audition sites I've found. Thanks! Bill Oberst Jr.

- Bill Oberst jr

Got Discovery Channel, several comedy gigs and 5 day shoot Hi, I have been with you guys for about a year and I have booked several comedy gigs in Tampa, got an agent for our improv group, booked for Discovery Channel shoot and a 5 day shoot for United Rentals from your website. Thank you very much !!! Pat Caporuscio

- Pat Caporuscio

Landed 2 roles in 2-months Exploretalent, thank you for your services; for I have only been a member for 2-months and have landed a role as a cop on Sensing Murder for the Discovery Channel and I just got done shooting for a feature film called (The Bayridge Boys) with major stars. I have recieved pay for both projects, Thank you again! sincerely, Doug Romer

- Doug Romer

Thanks for the all the mega promotion! . . This site is incredible! Explore Talent will be around for ICE AGES! I never knew how important having a dependable website truly was, until I discovered you! I've been an active member since December 2005. Every since, I've been blessed! Blessed upon blessings which keep seeming to overflow! I've been picked up as a Professional "Magazine Model" in the South Regeion, and I've recently been VIP invited to attend one of the South's largest Music Industry Party's next month, attented by Major Music Artist..... all over! It gets better, because during this party I will be first hand introduced to the Artist for upcoming Music Video's and Project work with them!!! Life is Spectacular with having Explore Talent on your side! Thank you for All the additional help in making my dream a reality! To God be all the Glory, God bless! Myy

- Myy Brown

I was suspicious at first, you know the saying "too good to be true", but within a week I got a job for America's Hottest Mom as a judge which will air in the spring-not to mention the countless auditions that I have gone on. Recently I have done a tv spot for Dog the Bounty Hunter which will air on A&E. Thanks again, you have made my dream a reality. Thank you Explore Talent!

- Michael Curley

GOT A MOVIE ROLE AND PHOTOSHOOT IN ONE MONTH Just wanted to thank Explore Talent for their outstanding service!!! My daughter landed a great movie role in an upcoming feature film and also a great photoshoot after just one month as a member. Today we just heard from another director who would like to cast her in ANOTHER feature film!!!! Thanks so much, Alexis Banta

- Alexis Banta

Role in a short film... Hello everyone! I want to thank ExploreTalent for this cool opportunity! I am very excited to play a doctor for the short film called "Moment of Life" by Manuel Valerio. This website is keeping me busy with more auditions and model castings than other popular websites! I've met some interesting people and the experience of "getting my feet wet" has been priceless! One particular casting just turned out to possibly be a new and exciting job for me. Here's hoping for the best! I commend ExploreTalent for a great customer service! Looking forward to more exposure and future model & acting opportunities!! God bless!! Alida Fernandez

- Alida Fernandez

I just booked a TV show! I just want to thank Explore Talent for all the auditions you've supplied me with. I currently just booked the TV Show "HoodLyfe". This is such a great opportunity for me to gain experience and get my face out there. Thank you again. Keyanna Hayes

- Keyanna Hayes

Landed 2 movie roles... Thank you ExploreTalent... Christina landed 2 Feature Film roles. These are independent movies that will be shown in all the major International Film Festivals. She just joined ExploreTalent and already has more opportunities than we ever imagined. An elite modeling management agency in New York contacted us after seeing Christina's profile on ExploreTalent. A casting director personally asked Christina to audition personally for both a TV SHOW and a Music Video. A producer/director from Tampa requested a dancing video of Christina for a short he is producing. We are actually overwhelmed by the response we have gotten from working with ExploreTalent Casting Directors and Producers. Thank you again. You are the BEST, Christina McGill, Actress/Model & Jeanne McGill, Mother.

- Christina Mcgill

Landed a commercial that pays $500.00 for one day! Don't give up! I have had my daughter Ashley signd up with Explore Talent since April 2006. We have found many, many auditions through this website. We just recently landed a commercial that pays $500.00 for a one day shoot! Ashley has a talant agency in Atlanta, GA, but since agencies do not always have work, this is the best way to find jobs. Keep you on your toes; don't give up! EXPLORE TALENT finds the auditions that you are looking for and submits you to those auditions. Keep checking in on your calander and you'll find that Explore Talent has you lined up for not one, but several auditions. We did!! Thanks to Explore Talent Ashley got her first paying job!!! Sandy H.(Mom,Of Ashley H.)

- Ashley Hughes

I made over $100 for just one day in my first week... Hey everyone! I'm writing to say "thank you" to Explore Talent. Thanks to them I was chosen to be a hair model in my first week of signing up! You can't just sit around and wait, though. I called the casting director. I traveled to the audition. And I got the part! I made over $100 for just one day of pure enjoyment! I would like to give a special thanks to Theo King for helping me get my personal web page together and showing me how easy it is to be discovered! Thank You ExploreTalent! Vanessa Main

- Vanessa Main

Got a role in movie called "Shaka Muni" Thanks to Explore Talent casting, I have received a chance to audition for a childrens' movie called "Shaka Muni". I was cast that very same day. I've only just recently finished filming this DVD. The producers are shopping this movie to CBS. This project has the potantial to air as a childrens series. Hopefully they will succeed and call me back to film some more. Thanks again Explore Talent, I couldn't have done it without you :) Jazmine Arram

- Jazmine Arram

FIRST audition, FIRST booking... We would like to give a huge thank you to the folks at Explore Talent for all you do. Matthew was selected for a role in an Indie film "I am Dallas Lattrell" after his FIRST audition from an Explore Talent booking. The film will be viewed at Film Festivals. Keep up the good work! Matthew Spears-Heinel (Son) & Patricia Spears-Heinel (Mother)

- Matthew Spearsheinel

Got Film & Commercial work Hi! My son (age 7), just auditioned for a Web Commercial for the Onion News Network. Joseph went out to New York City for the audition the next day. And, within the same hour he got a call back. Joseph has been very busy this summer with Film & Commercial work. He loves to act & be in front of the camera. I just wanted to thank Explore Talent for getting him this job & helping his resume grow. Keep up the super submissions! - Joseph Villani(Son) & Caryann Villani(Mother)

- Joseph Villani

Landed a Job for The New CW Channel Hello ExploreTalent! My name is Jaquiya Jones. I have been a member for only a month now. So far I have been on lots of auditions as well as a table reading for an Independent Film. I recently landed my first promotional job for The New CW Channel making some real CA!!! I just wanted to thank you so much; keep up the good work ... THANKS AGAIN - Jaquiya Jones

- Jaquiya Jones

FUTURE STAR! Cast in "The Sopranos" Hi! My name is Jennifer and I am a pro member. "Yippie!" I just want you all to know I have completed work on two students films already. I have posted this experience to my online resume and was therefore called to be and extra for "The Sopranos" Enrolling me at Explore Talent has been the best choice my mom has made. I am so happy; thanks mom! Being enrolled in Explore Talent will help me further my career! - Jennifer Maldonado

- Jennifer Maldonado

I landed my first role... I would like to thank Explore Talent for everything they have done on my behalf. This is by far the easiest and most efficent way to look for jobs. I have landed my first role in an upcoming movie featuring Wendy Williams, Lil' Kim and Vanessa Williams. I have also landed a second role in an independent film shooting in October. Finally I am also up for a new web sitcom. I could not have acheived this much success in so little time without Explore Talent. Thanks again. - Ishmael Blue

- Ishmael Blue

Within the first week of signing up for Explore Talent, I went out for a Discovery Channel show, got the part, and was paid around $500, which more than covers the cost of the site for over a year! This website is a useful tool to any actor.

- Kevin Austin

I was only with Explore talent 2 weeks and I got my first audition for a part in the stage play Cincinnati 28. It got me and the rest of the cast members a lot of exposure and it opened doors for me. Thanks so much Explore Talent Demoine

- Demoine Kinney

I'd like to thank Explore Talent for sending me on an audition here in Chicago. I landed a part in "The Conspiricy Theories" which was a documentary that appeared on The History Channel. Thanks Explore Talent and I look forward to having many, many more success stories!

- Diane Harris

I got a job that pays $400.00 per day! Wow! I got a co-starring role in The Klown Kamp Massacre," thanks to Explore Talent. This job pays $400.00 per day! Thank You, Thank You! Tara Hahn

- Tara Hahn

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