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It has been a few years since the Human Covenant war has ended, Longer since the Headhunters were all declared KIA and the project was scrapped. (2557) The Covenant are in shambles and the UNSC is not faring much better. Tensions continue to rise between what is left of the two factions. The Headhunter program is working covert Ops against a Resurgent Insurrectionist group known as the Forgotten. The Forgotten' s Leader is Thane. He and his associates Vanessa are causing havoc across the Planet Atlas, with the help of a decommissioned Spartan III known as Mal. (former squad mate of Paxton). Thane is looking into gathering Forerunner Tech to bolster the Insurrectionists against the UNSC and the Covenant, waiting to create a third stronghold in the Galaxy. The Forerunner artifact the Insurrectionists are studying happens to be the exact shield world where the Headhunters disappeared seven years ago. Paige and Paxton are assigned to rescue the Spartans. A second goal is in mind for Christina and Aliana, these Spartans are perfect to train the next generation of Spartan IV's Headhunters. Meanwhile in the shield world Sam has disturbing visions of Raven coming back to haunt him.

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