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Gangsters' Wives Movie - Self Response - N/A

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Casting ID #
Submission Type
Self Response
N/A - N/A
$1,000.00 per Day
Release Date
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Casting Category
Feature Film - SAG-AFTRA

Audition Description

The Biggest Hollywood Action Movie the world has ever seen, with unlimited Hollywood Action and the one hundred million dollar car chases with helicopters,...Five Gangster's Wives, Five Stories, Twenty Five Car Chases going on at once, The Action, The Revenge, The Love, The Escapisum,.They don't want you dead, they want you alive..
Gangsters' Wives is a tale of five stories, told by Carol, wife to be of the British Gangster Underboss. The film hasTwenty Five Car chases going on at once, stunts and special visual effects never ever seen before. As well as, five interlocking Action stories of Love, Revenge, Power, Betrayal and Escapism.

First Story: First Story, Jenny, Gangsters' Wife to be on her hen's night out in London UK with the other Gangsters' Wives. All is going well until some supernatural bikers take over the night club and refuse to let the Gangsters' Wives leave and demand the unimaginable. To the rescue in comes the gangsters with hi action stunt co-ordination, hundreds of thousands of machine gun shots fired and humor dropped in frequently?

Second Story: Sheila and Brian are a normal married couple living in greater London. Kelly, their only child and sixteen-year-old daughter, is kidnapped, and assaulted. She remains captured by a gang of hippies in a flat above some shops several miles away. Brian, her father knocks on the apartments door to collect his daughter, he is verbally abused, threatened and brushed off. On his return home, his shocked wife Sheila says, it's the police next door and asked, if they would help? The friendly neighbor is the gangster underboss. Brian approaches his neighbor in a terrible petrified state pleading for help. Help is provided, the heavens open with the power and intelligence to get the girl back. But how do they stop her attacker from getting away?

Third Story: Albert is a boxing coach and normal nice man in love with his beautiful wife of many years. His world is turned upside down when an unknown boxer, Mike, who he trained to be a US champion, has an affair with his wife and plans to abscond with her. The champion turning on his creator, inflicts more pain than you could imagine. The firm is called in to issue a contract for murder. Can Albert pay the price?

Fourth Story: The wedding of Spider, the Gangster Boss and Jenny the extremely beautiful, educated and interesting woman. The celebration is out of this world with professional dancers, food fit for kings, a high-class royal occasion. Only when a mysteriously uninvited guest brings a special wedding gift that may be ticking. The chase is on, shooting at the suspects' car as he tries to escape, his car explodes in the night skies of London UK.

Fifth Story: The Heathrow Airport, gold robbery and fight to the death. All the gangsters return to Spider's enormous locked up warehouse to unload the gold. The bosses are there with Mike and Spider. Only when Mr. Cumbria proposes a challenge to question the suitability of the under boss, an ex-world champion boxer. Winner takes all the gold and the title of the new gangster boss of England. First round with boxing gloves, second round no gloves and no rules. The London Metropolitan Police swoop after the fight, smashing open the warehouse doors with sledge hammers, ten police cars and an armed police helicopter to block the main exit. As the shootout commences, the gangster bosses escape through a basement hatch to the street one block away.

Ending in Marbella after the Spanish police chase, Mike and Carol along the coast, in a police helicopter with machine guns blazing, where all major gangsters reside the California of Europe. Many surprise twists occur and who the gangster's wives really are, escaping the Spanish police, they end in Miami, Florida. Mike with his five key gangster bosses arrive on a super yacht, where UK and Spanish have no jurisdiction to place the new Gangster Boss or the county bosses under 24 hr. surveillance. Mike and Carol have the baby they always wanted, and they name him Baby Spider, who is the ex-Gangster's boss has turned into the Chairman.

A Original screenplay with non stop car action, escapism, a million bullet hits , explosions and twists to blow your mind. Gangsters' Wives is a British Hollywood action movie like never before....THE END.

  • glamour girl busty, long hair, attractive, strong actress can breakdown and cry. All expenses paid job business class flight,fine foods, limo to and from set and
    Seeking 1 talent(s) for this role
    Talent specs:
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Any
    Age: 21 - 44
    Height: 5' 5'' - 5' 11''
    Body Type: Athletic or Lean Muscle or Petite or Slim
    Expiration Date: Jan 13, 2021

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I got 4 jobs within 3 days ! HI Explore Talent, my name is Erica Hamilton. I just want to say thank you for the many jobs I have recieved. I have been on the website for a short period of time and I am really pleased. I recently got a call from Juan Meet in Miami a new line of maternity clothing for a catalog. I was also contacted by cardwell talent for promotional modeling for the Nivea Event and future events. It does not stop there I was contacted by Talent Inc for Venus modeling promotion as well. Just when I thought that would stop I got a contract for International Shopping Headquarters for catalog work. Wow and it still does not stop I was also contacted by Cardwell promotions for the Discover promotional Modeling Event and future promotions. I have got these jobs over a period of three days. I look forward in the near future to audition for film and other jobs. I just want to say you have to stay motivated and postive and never give up on your dreams. I wont stop I plan to stay active and take more jobs. "Thank You Explore Talent" You made it possible for me to acheive my goals, dreams and goal are possible just stay postive. Sincerely,Erica Hamilton

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