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Actress for Physical Comedy Family Role - Self Response - N/A

Audition Details

Casting ID #
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Self Response
N/A - N/A
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Casting Category
Feature Film-Inde/low Budget

Audition Description

We are casting an actress excelling in physical comedy for a film that combines live action with hand-drawn animation. Project is for a family audience, with no explicit material, focusing on morals and values, and the main theme is exploring different cultures and how they co-exist. The role is fully-paid, and transportation, lodging and meals will be provided. Production will last approximately 3 weeks, and will take place in California and Oregon. (Production was earlier postponed due to Covid-19)

  • Traci Carrington is a life-loving extrovert: quirky, colorful, and always in touch with her inner child.  She has an eternally cheerful, positive aura, 24 hours a day, and has no time for negative energy. She shuns unhealthy egos, and is not the least bit vain or pretentious. She has a passion for learning, and soaks information in like a sponge (she uses her reading glasses whenever opening a book). Although not a neat freak by any stretch, she is a very clean person in many ways, and has excellent personal hygiene. She wears little makeup, adapting a "less-is-more" mantra, which helps the pocketbook stretch farther. She eats healthy whenever possible, touting an organic diet, although she admittedly has a large sweet tooth that tempts her often, so to keep it in check, she dangles it in front of herself like a carrot, using it as a reward for completing a particularly difficult project or task.  Traci is an attractive woman, but to her, it's what's on the inside that counts much more. She's always been open-minded and slow to judge, and her sense of morals, ethics, and values keeps her grounded. Even though she prefers to gleefully walk around as if she is not aware of her own presence, she enjoys expressing her aura through her outer appearance; Traci is a very feminine girly-girl, and not a tomboy. She lives in a location where the weather feels like Summer all year.  Traci's wardrobe consists of many different casual outfits to match the weather: colorful T-shirts & tanktops, assorted pants, capri pants, or shorts, to name a few. She owns what she feels to be stylish versions of each article of clothing, combining contrasting colors in many ways to stand out, as she likes to feel like she has her own sense of personal style. She's certainly not trying to be like anyone else, or fit in with a crowd; Traci has always gone to the beat of her own drum. She does not own a car, and usually walks to where she needs to go, which keeps her physically fit (she is saving up for a bicycle). A close friend from Traci's hometown mails friendship bracelets to her at least once a year to remind her of their bond of friendship; she wears her latest pair loosely around her left wrist and right ankle for good luck.  Humorously, Traci favors her eyes and her feet (they're very perky and expressive to her), and as such she takes good care of them and habitually shows them off in her thick black flip-flop sandals with striking red pedicures. She always does her own because she's super-ticklish, as the last woman who tried got kicked in the head and narrowly avoided a hospital visit.  She has to be careful where she goes in public, because grass always tickles and makes her explode in uncontrolled frantic giggles, hugely embarrassing her in social situations. Traci often has to be reminded that despite the seemingly-eternal Summer weather, time doesn't stand still. Even so, she can't be convinced to wear a watch. Her perspective is that she runs her clock; her clock does not run her.  You could say that Traci's greatest strength and weakness is that she wears her heart on her sleeve. She doesn't speak every thought that enters her mind, but it is impossible for her to not express her feelings on her face at all times.
    Seeking 1 talent(s) for this role
    Talent specs:
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Any
    Age: 25 - 55
    Height: 1' 10'' - 8' 0''
    Hair Color: Any
    Body Type: Any
    Expiration Date: Jul 1, 2021

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