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Hannah Kritzeck

Lives in Hugo
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About Me

I am a primordial dwarf(MOPD2)actress. I sing and dance. I can do a perfect cartwheel. I have been acting in a play that travels internationally for the last 5 years. Henrique Ibsen's, Dollhouse with a company in NYC.I have alot of good energy and an idea of the business. I have been contacted by Cirque de Soliel after they watched my theatre performance in Dollhouse in Spain.

Short Resume

I completed the ACT program in St. Paul,Mn to gain more confidence and experience. I am not in cheerleading anymore but keep busy with Ballet, Hip hop and singing. I have been in several local independent films in Mn. I am not a stranger to the film and theatre industry and have an understanding of what it takes and what kind of stamina you need to be in this industry. I have been a guest on Maury Povich and also Tyra Banks. I have IMDB status.


  • Gender
  • Age
    28 yrs old
  • Eye Color
  • Height
    3'3'' / 100 cm
  • Weight
    35 lbs
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