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http://disneywizard.angelfire.com/wizard.html Stage name: The Wizard of Pinball Enchanted Lifestyle Facilitator (Politically correct term for Magician.) Audience Warm-Up Custom Shows designed for Marketing Messages at Conventions & Trade Shows Cruise Ship Entertainment - Balloon twisting. Magical Comic Entertainment for All Occasions, Parties and Picnics for Young and Old. "He told me 'There's a gap in your teeth', and I laughed" - Madonna "That was amazing, How did you do that?" - Kevin Costner "I like this guy." - Dave Attell, on Insomniac "You're the funniest guy I know." - Jim Carry "A real Slim Shady" - Eminem "Ooh, a magician!" - Claudia Schiffer "She wants to be in your show." - David Copperfield "Can we steal that line for South Park?" - Trey Parker and Matt Stone "Real California's Gold" - Huell Howser "Fascinating whistle" - George Harrison "NO CAMERAS!" - Tina Fey "Princess Lia has to see this!" - John Adam Belushi "Great moves" - Deney Terrio on Dance Fever "Have you seen my car? It's a white limo." - Rosanne "You're hot." - Paris Hilton ... read more


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    62 yrs old
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    5'11'' / 181 cm
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    310 lbs
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