Casting Director Testimonials

Casting is crazy. As a producer, I have so many responsibilities. From arranging recording and rehearsal facilities, production team schedules, producing a quality broadcast each and every week, replying to emails and phone calls, and holding productions events, having to actually find the talented performers that make my shows worth watching is the most important, but most difficult part of a TV production.

But allows me to contact talented performers directly with a click of a button, literally saving me thousands of dollars that I would have to pay a Casting Director to get the word out about my production's castin gcalls, which is an invaluable resource for a non-profit organization such as mine. And even though is by far the world's largest site for auditions and casting calls, the website's helpful Casting Department is always available to answer any questions that I have or provide me with the resources I need to make my productions a cussess, which makes my job that much easier. I am proud to partner with and I honestly feel that they share in any success that my productions achieve in the present and future. Yes, casting is crazy. But with a simple click of a button, makes casting easy.

Live from Midtown Documentary Series

I just want to say thanks again to Explore Talent and Sara for your courtesy and for assisting me with casting my spot. The actors were truly professional and everyone was really happy to be a part of the project!

I will be happy to use again for my casting needs.
With such a wide range of talent, there is no doubt that I will find
what I am looking for, and give actors the opportunities and
experience they need to succeed!

Lawrence Dotson

I'm a casting director with Explore Talent and just want to say that this sight is amazing. The results I received from posting my casting with them was just incredible. Who else do you know that compiles a list of talents for you to review? Also the customer service girls in the booking department are just extraordinary. Always so helpful with the questions that I had. I recommend this site to everyone for his or her casting needs.

Jose Andres

We have worked with Explore Talend for almost 5
years and it's become a great resource for talents searching for our
events and promotions! Thank you!

Across the Nation

Very rarely do I make the time to e-mail someone relative to the performance of an individual but, in the instance of Vanessa Herrera, I found that I had to make the effort.

We've been shooting a budgeted $2M pilot for GE/NBC/Universal/ Telemundo, the subject of which is the plight of the undocumented. With support from Sony, Adobe, Apple, Fujinon, Tiffen, Studio Direct Cosmetics, attracting talent was not a difficult task and we quickly selected the four lead characters from more than 400 auditions in three rounds.

For the first time in almost a quarter century, I can not find the words to describe her performance. Natural and unforced don't even begin to approach describing what she brought o the part and today, four days after the fact, I still can't stop talking about this actress. Treat her well. She's a gold mine and I'm so appreciative of her effort I'll be going through your agency first for our next call.

Jonathan L. Ames, President
BlueLine Cinema/Hawkfeather Productions

I went to the site and I found someone who is PERFECT! The shoot went exceptionally well! Shane and his mom were so personable and Shane did an excellent job. Both the director and I were very pleased! Thanks so much for your help and I'll definitely give you a call on the next project.
Thanks again,

Mayleen Ramey
Commercial Casting Director
Los Angeles, California

Baltimore, Maryland has a new community theater company... partly due to the services from Explore Talent ! We are known as "OnTheRoad" OTR Theater Co., and we began this community theater with Explore Talent back during December 2005.

No one knew us during 2006, but the assistance Explore Talent gave,
made us a respected company. Today we are recognized by our local theater community, based on the tremendous talent we get from Explore Talent.

I believe Explore Talent treats every Casting Director with the same respect, regardless of the budget. Best of all, several OTR staff & cast members are resident actors still working with us after 3 years from Explore Talent. Com

You should hear their testimonies!

Best Regards,
Michael Harding, CEO

Dear Friends:

Congrats on a GREAT site. I have been MORE than impressed with not only the volume of submissions for my previous casting notice, but I was extremely impressed with the quality of talent that you have available. Prior to joining your service I as hesitant as I am from the old school. When I was in New York I was with FORD MEN and we would NEVER even think of looking online at that time.

Well things have changed and I want to personally congratulate you on a great site with an incredible wealth of talent. We are now posting a Casting Notice for a Commercial and I am actually going to just focus on your site only. I want to see if we can use our normal means of casting resources AND see what happens when we post on your site. I promise to let you know the results of casting for Gold Medal and for Hanes. I can tell you that from your site I have personally been in touch with at least 25 actors. It's likely I will audition 10-15 of them and will hopefully cast a few.

Thanks again. If you EVER need someone to comment on the success of your site, just let me know. If all goes well I will pass this site on to friends who will follow my lead-they, too, are from the old school!

Warm Regards,

Peter Caniccii
Phoenix AZ 85042

Dear Explore Talent:

I went online today to look through your talent pool. I just arrived back in town and finally had some free time to do some searches. I'm getting more and more familiar with the site and want to commend you on having put together one of the best Casting Sites on the internet. As a matter of fact, I am predicting that soon most casting agents, like myself and others that I work with, will use sites like yours as one of the Primary means of locating talent.

In addition to the many features you offer that so many other sites don't have, I have to commend you on your ability to respond to inquiries in a timely fashion. Bottom line, I'm quite impressed.

I'll be attending the next IMTA as a judge. It will be in Hollywood this year and it's going to be a great show. Anyhow, I am going to be doing workshops on casting and I am going to talk about your site.

We've had a ton of submissions for Gold Medal but we're still looking and I am going to spend some time today on your site hunting down some talented actors.

I really DO love your site and I'll let you know how the casting ends up. We are in a really tight situation and need to cast 2 players, both Water Polo Players, both speaking roles, as soon as possible. If there is any possible way to get this listed soon I would be very grateful to you.

Thanks again for offering a great service from every direction. I can't wait to use your site as one of the online examples at the IMTA Conference.

God Bless and thanks so much for everything!

Peter :)
Dreyfus Productions

I just wanted to say how impressed and satisfied I was/am with Explore Talent, especially with all of the help I received from Angela in your Miami, Florida office. She is absolutely great and wonderful at what she does. You are very lucky and so are all the models represented on that site, to have someone like Angela. There was a day when Angela was out sick and Ruthie, in the same office, helped me and she was equally great.

I had a big casting for a shoot in Coral Springs area of Florida, and as I am a RI Agent, I did alot of searching on your site for Floridian talent and was quite impressed with your services and Angela's help in getting models and I together.

My client hired 17 of my models and happily, 8 of those chosen were from Explore Talent. Without services such as yours, it makes life alot more difficult, so I'm happy that you are out there!

I will continue to utilize your website whenever I need more models for upcoming campaigns. Thanks again and especially to Angela !! She should get a raise!!!!!

Susan Stumpff
F A C E S Model~Talent Agency RI

Thanks to your site............. Mission acclomplished!

By allowing me to post on your site the casting call
for "Witch Girls Tale" was a big success.

Thank you ever so,
Di Haman, Casting Director

Thanks, you have made my life easier. You have a great site. I am looking for models for a National promotion coming up in the Spring and the site has helped me very much. I do not want to have some sort of casting call, and want to use sources like yours to in a way pre screen models for me.

Keep up the good work

Bill Swisher
Daytona Beach, FLORIDA 32120

We have use Explore talent for years and highly recommend their services 100!!!
They provide us with thousands of models to choose from and we have a
high turn out of models at our casting.
What more can we asks for,the staff at "Explore" talent are always very helpful.
Thank you Explore Talent.
Ms Loveborn
Queens Of New York,
Founder Pop Gaskins

Casting success

Just a quick note to "Thank You" to Explore Talent for your professionalism in assisting us with New Faces for multiple booking requests.

Although we have over 2000 models & talent in our database Nationwide, we like to search for New Models for more exposure and selection for our high caliber clients. Recent bookings include a Telecommunications Catalog shoot, Barbie Look-A-Likes and fashion shows, to name a few.

This site has been an amazing source of quality, professional people.

Thank you-

Sandi Smith
Talent Director/Coordinator



Hi I can't say thank you enough for your web site, I LOVE IT! I got so many submissions it was wonderful, I was able to cast my major roles from the site... Thank you once again.

I have put up another posting for supporting roles, please activate it.

Thanks again


This site is Efficient and Effective

I am a casting director and I just wanted to compliment this site on how it conducts the flow of actors and models. It's a faster and much more efficient way of looking through headshots and resumes. I love the ease of not having to wait for images to load on the screen, or having to upload the images and resumes onto my computer before I can even look at them. I will start referring my clients to this site now because of its effectiveness. Thank You.


I want to thank you for your excellent site, it really save my productions, we are a small company working in the San Diego/Tijuana area, this is the first time we cast via internet, but your web site make the experience really easy and effective.

We're still learning on how to handle things via emails (with lots of mistakes), but so far the response is really satisfying. So far i stared telling friends and colleagues about your excellent service.

Thanks again for your amazing support to independent cinema, people like you make this business better and better.

AarĂ³n S.

Your site is the best one that I have been on and it's great. I have cast two talents from your site; one for the male lead role, and one young lady as the wife's best friend which is a main role with a singing solo. They are both doing great and have excelled beyond expectations.
Ray Quick

We have a small studio in Rockville MD and we produce horrors shows. We have used your services and are very pleased. We are especially pleased with your young woman named Alisha, who walked us through your process and was
extremely helpful. You should be very happy having someone like her working
in your organization.

Herb Stern, President


You put me at ease, you selected folks and sent out
the notice, and the right talent I might say.

I feel Explore Talent has it's act all together I will be using you again
very soon,


Sheila T

I have tried hundreds of model promotional sites over the years to find models to hire for our Fashion Catalog Ads, and none can compare with! We find their organization #1 in the industry in showing off a model's image and experience with ease of operation. We recommend all models visit and register asap.

Ron E. Gross
Founder/Director - Worldwide Internet Shopping Headquarters

Thanks you for your help with my last casting call. It was a wonderful sucess.

A lot of models got a chance to have a professional inerview and with a well respected company.

Ken Buford

Thanks to the impressive services provided by Jennifer our casting process is more effective and much less expensive. is ranked number one by our casting team.

The quality of models that audition for our photo shoots is incredible.
Based on that success more nightclubs have decided that they should
advertise with local talents on their flyers.

We appreciate your contribution to our success.

Best Regards,

Martin Jean-Baptiste
Casting Director
VIP Casting Party

Our Baltimore, Maryland based community theater company has tripled in size since we have been using the services of Explore Talent! Singers; Dancers; and Actors jave joined us since we have been with Explore Talent. We have resident members still with us since 2006!

We are now into 2 stage play productions, getting many talented artist from the Casting Department with Explore Talent. We started out with a seven member company; thanks to the assistance from Explore Talent in almost 4 years, we are now up to 25 cast & crew!

Thank you!

OTR Theater Company

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