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Robert Dixon, 60

Lives in Lakewood
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About Me

In 1994 i was in unsolved mysteries as a cop. And i was a extra in a discover card commercial i in acting classes starting friday 02/14/2020, featured in mini series called the beamons on awe channel, featured in Yung pinch song lingo and featured in another video on you tube, did 2 pilots, background for film called minx, featured in a major motion picture something about life coming out next year, featured in music video called bad girls as a bar tender on Instagram, featured in a TikTok video as poparazzi for ninja the gamer, I have silent film called silent Batman, a short called Animus, just did a t.v. show called partytyme.

Short Resume

Back in 1994 I did two projects I played a cop in Unsolved Mysteries and I did it Discover card commercial I was an extra in it I audition for Power Rangers as a bodyguard in 2020 I have been rolled in Michelle Danner acting studio and I'm working on getting cast


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    60 yrs old
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    0'74'' / 188 cm
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Robert Dixon Website - https://www.exploretalent.com/robert75123/ 11432690

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