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Robert Radcliff(18-29)

Lives in Wenden, United States
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About Me

Hi I’m Robert! I’ve been interested in acting or modeling for many years, starting an account is my first step to pursuing my dream. I’m ambitious, determined and willing to go the extra mile. I’ve been told I’m a creative, funny and bright person.

Short Resume

As of right now I have little acting experience. Some things I’ve done are act in a school play, be on the weather channel. Lately I’ve been doing lots of research about film. I like to isolate characters pretend I’m on camera on my free time


  • Gender
  • Age
    20 yrs old
  • Eye Color
  • Height
    5'12'' / 183 cm
  • Weight
    150 lbs
  • Hair style
  • Hair color
    Dark Brown
  • Ethnicity
    African American

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Robert Radcliff Website - https://www.exploretalent.com/robert20073/ 11699363

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