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Cassandra's Resume

Talent Picture
Location West Lafayette IN Age 49
Height 5' 7'' Hair Dark-Brown
Weight 130 lbs Eyes Blue-Green
Bust 34 Dress 6
Waist 28 Shoe 6
Hips 38
Someone I Should Know Claire, personal assistant to lead role State of the Arc Productions
Murder! A Love Story Karen, frantic maid who finds crime scenes The Glassblowers\' Cat
Pervertigo Lloyd\'s mom, drunk and depressed wife Flash Bulb Productions
Wake Up Call Samantha [LEAD], nervous mom in hosptial Sophia Productions
Cassandra Cassandra [LEAD], 48 Hour Film Project RealImages Video
One More Time Meg [LEAD], adversiting executive Oak Road Multimedia
A Time For The Heart Mattie Morgan, mother to lead (set in 1880s) RACSO Productions
Postpartum Dr. Miriam Fisher, ER attending Oak Road Multimedia
Guardian Christine Belmont [LEAD], abused wife Oak Road Multimedia
Direct Deposit Lisa Pacetti, mafia bank teller MTV Films (spec)
Coming To My Senses Diane [LEAD], neurotic wife discovers sense of sme Umbaugh Filmworks
Shall We Dance [SAG] Commuter extra on the \"L\" train Miramax/Dansu Productions
Norma Norma [LEAD], eccentric environmental activist Oak Road Multimedia
Maintenance By Any Means Dana [LEAD], apartment complex supervisor Radiant Star Films
Next Door Mary Alice, blonde preacher wife Oak Road Multimedia
Love Found Cynthia [LEAD], frigid-mannered accountant Mel & Von Productions
Network Television
ER [SAG] Commuter on \"L\" train Warner Brothers/Sterling TV
The West Wing [SAG] Featured banquet extra Warner Brothers/Sterling TV
Commercial Television
Lafayette Regional Association of Realtors Principal Realtor WLFI-TV
Beazer Homes Principal mother WLFI-TV
Professional Careers Institute Principal mother, nurse (2 commercials) Praxis Media Group (McDonalds) Principal mother WLFI-TV
Infiniti Cars [SAG] Pedestrian Avalon
Snickers Candy Bar [SAG] Featured extra FORM
The Trails Banquet Hall Principal mother MADWinc.
The Wheel Tough Company Principal product user Bennett Productions
FHP Medical Principal mother Coelli Productions
St. Clair Consortium Principal waitress PON Production Co.
Voice-Overs - TV & Radio Commercials
March of Dimes 3 Radio spots Artistic Media
Mulhaupt Cyclery and Fitness 2 Radio spots MADWinc.
Family PharmaCare 3 TV spots, 7 Radio spots MADWinc.
McKinney Flowers 2 TV spots, 2 Radio spots MADWinc.
MedSpa DaySpa 2 TV spots, 3 Radio spots, 1 Movie theatre ad MADWinc.
Scheurich Heating & Cooling 2 TV spots MADWinc.
The Trails Banquet Hall 5 Radio spots MADWinc.
The Apple House 1 TV spot WTHI-TV Studios
Cincinnati Transportation Security Admin. TSA Officer [PRINCIPAL], internal training video Rock Creek Productions
Better Merchants Voice-on-hold greetings and menus Better
Buckner Distributing, Inc. Voice-on-hold greetings MADWinc.
Family PharmaCare Voice-on-hold greetings MADWinc.
Quick Look Advertising Voice-over greetingas and menus for mall kiosk MADWinc.
SBC Corporate video [PRINCIPAL], wife going into labor NPV Video
Shambaugh & Son Voice-on-hold greetings MADWinc.
Dr. Vincent Guido (dentist) Voice-on-hold greetings MADWinc. Voicemail and voice-on-hold greetings MADWinc.
Alcoa Safety training manual voice-over MADWinc.
Surgical Development Group Corporate video [PRINCIPAL], prospective doctor Bowen Productions
Once Upon A Mattress Lady #3/Ballroom Dancer/Jesterette Terre Haute Community Theatre
Annual Fundraiser Benefit Performance 1950s featured singer/dancer (2 years) Terre Haute Historical Society
Mystery Cafe Dinner Theatre Ruth [LEAD], diabolical sister-in-law Columbus, OH
West Side Story Anita [LEAD], protective older sister of Maria Rose-Hulman Inst. of Technology
The Tempest Miranda [LEAD], Shakespeare ingenue Rose-Hulman Inst. of Technology
Christmas at the Woods Dinner Theatre Madrigal singer/party guest (4 years) St. Mary-of-the-Woods College
Early One Evening At The Rainbow Bar & Grill Shirley [LEAD], blonde bar maid Rose-Hulman Inst. of Technology
Pops Concert Choreographer for \"Disney Spectacular\" & \"More St. Mary-of-the-Woods College
This Is A Test Mom [SUPPORTING] Rose-Hulman Inst. of Technology
Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect up? Sister Lee [SUPPORTING], head nun South Newton Jr.-Sr. High School
Anything Goes Ching, Asian man held captive South Newton Jr.-Sr. High School
Singing In The Rain Miss Dinsmore, vocal coach South Newton Jr.-Sr. High School
Annie Annie [LEAD], orphan adoped by rich benefactor South Newton Jr.-Sr. High School
The Wizard Of Oz Dorothy [LEAD], girl with fanicful imagination St. Joseph Catholic School
Modeling - Print
IU Health Billboard print ad - Patient Purple Lamb Productions
J.P. Morgan Chase Mailer insert print ad - Customer Tod Marten Studio
Norma Film jacket cover Oak Road Multimedia
Maintenance By Any Means Film jacket cover Radiant Star Films
The Wheel Tough Company Product literature Bennett Productions/WilliamsRandall Marketing
Schottensteins Department Store Front page, main photo of Sunday circular ad Schottenstein company photographer
Tactical Response Group Company apparel test shots Dave Stelzer, photographer
The Woods news/feature magazine Featured model for fashion article Heather Holben, photographer
Modeling - Runway/Informal
Midwest Fashion Week Runway model Coldwater Creek
Fall fashion show Runway model Fashion Bug
St. Mary-of-the-Woods Benefit fashion show Runway model (2 years) Stein Mart, Elder Beerman
City of Hope Benefit fashion show Runway model Gantos
Town & Country Limited In-store model Limited
Lancaster River Valley Mall fashion shows Runway model (Spring & Fall) Casual Corner
Make-up seminar "Faeries" Make-up model Sebastian
Modeling - High Fashion Hair
JOICO/ISO Hair show - Indianapolis Hair cut/color presentation model JOICO
American Beauty Show - Chicago Hair cut/color mainstage/pres. model Farouk Systems/CHI (2 years)
American Beauty Show - Chicago Hair cut/color presentation model Clairol/Wella
Spokelighting seminar Runway/color presentation model ArTEC
Continuing Ed classes Runway/color presentation model Sebastian
Continuing Ed classes Hair cut presentation model Paul Brown
Continuing Ed Classes Hair cut/color presentation model Indola
A Star Is Found One day audition seminar Jane Jenkins, CSA
Audition & Book It One day acting workshop Helen McCready/Fern Champion, CSA\'s
Auditions One day acting workshop Richard Futch, CSA
Heartland Film Institute - Acting For The Camera One day acting seminar Robert Robichaux
Commercial Actors Workshop 3 years of weekly commercial acting/improv Arliss Jeffries
The Sanford Meisner Approach Series of individual lessons with 1 acting partner Phil Lineback
The Biggs & Carter Experience Acting/improv weekend seminar Richard Biggs (Guiding Light) & Jason Carter (Babylon 5)
Commercial Acting Studio 10 week course for TV commercial training Giovanni Mascardini
Ron Millkie Acting Workshop Weekend seminar for commercials/soap operas/sitcom Ron Millkie
TV Commercials/Basic Acting 6 week basic acting class John Casablancas
Voice Lessons (singing - 4 years) Weekly classes in Italian, French and German arias Marian Krajewska and Martha Steidl, S.P.
Drama I & II Theatrical acting training and stage make-up Morris Cornell
Ballroom Dancing 6 week course in Swing, Salsa, Polka, Waltz Tonya and Brad Clawson
Modern Dance 12 week course in freedom of movement Sheila Wahamaki
Other Information
I am ear prompter proficient, and my hobbies/skills include: Singing (Alto/Soprano II), Pilates/Yoga exercises, sewing, sketching and painting, knitting, and amateur photography. I can drive a stick shift, perform hand puppets with character voices, play golf and badminton. I have versatile features and voices - from motherly type, to business executive type, to blonde stereotype. I do southern accents, New York/New Jersey accents, midwestern accents, dog impersonations (the small, furry variety), windows...
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