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Independent minded, yet fiercely loyal to those who show her love, the Divalicious songwriter/poetess still listens to music on the same amp that came over from West Germany (her birthplace) to the USA with her. Daughter of wartime veterans, the multicultural/Latina diva lived in many locales. A classically trained instrumentalist like her mother/grandmother/great-grandmother, Candi is well-versed in musicianship that played over well to vocal competitions. Daughter of parents with different native tongues, Candi has been known to sing in Spanish/Italian/French/German/Welsh/English. Singing every week as a member of her church choir in addition to touring with Valley Voices for Christ influenced her soulful style of singing. Candi has made multiple appearances on television, magazines, radio, newspapers, stages, & hardback print. Having lived in both city/country, Candi is comfortable belting out tunes on wooded mountain tops/canyons/subway/street corners. A veteran DJ known to do 100+ gigs/yr, Candi also modeled on motorcycles & aircraft for calendars. Candi recited her original poetry and sang as a State Finalist for New York at the Miss American Teen Pageant. Having earned her storytelling & sewing badges amongst others as a Girl Scout, Candi began showing her affinity for sewing her own custom fashion/costume designs at an early age on her mother's Singer Starlet sewing machine. As an adult, Candi became a professional fashion consultant at the offices of Victoria's Secret, and is generally considered an expert on the quality, construction, & of course wearing of all things relating to lingerie & hosiery. Candi also occupies "foot babe" status amongst niche fetishists due to an absurd collection of stiletto sandals. Candi studied ballet, jazz dance, and bellydancing, which she continues to this day. Candi also took private voice & flute lessons, and continues to play multiple solid silver flutes, including the one her mother played to her when she was still in the womb, to this day. Descended from Spanish conquistadores/Italian diplomats through her skydiver/pilot father (who left his native Bolivia during a revolución), Candi's adventuresome spirit has had outlets in extensive skydiving experience herself, as well as: piloting sport aircraft/powered parachuting/hot air ballooning/kayaking/cliff-diving/zip-lining/mountain climbing/canyon hiking/wilderness camping/survival. Winning awards for poetry, music, science, and overall academics, Candi also performed in musical theatre and forensics/dramatics competitions while growing up. Achieving the #1 GPA in her high school, Candi went to college early at 16 years old. Earning multiple/full scholarships, Candi studied music performance & education/aviation/finance/business strategy/marketing/theatre/philosophy/poetry/native american studies/astronomy/zoology/etc at the collegiate level in New York & Oklahoma (where she became known to her adoptive Native American family as the "Yankee Kiowa"). Later studies in Childhood Development led to teaching positions for both Spanish & English speaking students in the American Southwest in addition to teaching on both Navajo & Apache Reservations. With the strong Native American influence, Candi also tapped into her skills as a natural beadwork artist, a craft which her mother, grandmother & countless generations of women have practiced before her. Candi then began further post-graduate studies in physics/human anatomy/chemistry, eventually leading to her acceptance into multiple doctorate programs in New York & Texas, where she attended chiropractic university. Written as a child in elementary school, "The Story of My Life" illustrated Candi's vision of her future with singing, flying planes, & being a doctor. Often misunderstood/completely underestimated, the diva is furiously penning work for a personal book of poetry/prose/songlyrics for an international release to hard-back/paper-back/e-book entitled "A Spirit Breaking Free." Topics addressed include her numerous scandals/achievements, including her brief Las Vegas marriage officiated by the "Phantom of the Opera," overcoming years of domestic abuse, chasing her dreams no matter what the cost, and even mourning the events of "9/11" during which the diva lived in New York City, having produced a financial conference on the 107th floor of the World Trade Center on 9/11/00. Divalicious Candi lives life according to her own rules and refuses to be beaten down, protecting the light of her inner spirit with a brazen attitude that has been termed "Divatude" (also the name of one of her organic fragrances). Candi was introduced to feminist thinking as a student, when she realized how differently she was always treated from her brother, who was in her classes from kindergarten through college (he was always in the same grade and also attended the same colleges, leaving high school early to attend college as well). It is important to Candi to contribute to charitable efforts, so 50% of her original song sales currently benefit the Sweet Relief Fund to assist musicians facing illness or disability. Divalicious Candi has also donated proceeds of her original songs to Half The Sky Movement, which empowers women & girls worldwide. No stranger to feminist causes, Candi is also a founding member of the National Women's History Museum in Washington, D.C. Candi also supports environmental/humanitarian causes such as Defenders of Wildlife, Heifer International, National Wildlife Federation, & the One Campaign to end extreme poverty and preventable diseases. Divalicious Candi also contributes to various charities supporting cancer research in honor of her father, a survivor of multiple myeloma cancer, and both her college roommate & godmother, with whom Candi shares a birthday and middle name (R.I.P.). Not one to merely throw cash at a situation while turning a blind eye, Candi has done her time "in the trenches" as a social worker and is not as naive as her whimsical persona would lead one to believe. Candi is simultaneously known as a "sweetheart" and a "tough cookie" wrapped into one!

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