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Nastassia Centeio (30-39)

Lives in San Francisco
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About Me

Hi . I am Nastassia Centeio and I love to model ,sing, create content , draw ,dance. and surround myself in aesthetics and art . I am a well rounded person from a small town , who happens to draw in different personalities from all around the world! I am interested in traveling the country . Life is too short to live the same life twice ! I am fortunate to be here ! A huge misconception people make is that you cannot separate business and pleasure. I may be a hard worker , yet when the cameras are off My charectrr is that extremely fun - loving , charismatic, and genuine person . I owe my rib to my family for placing me in a position to have a well rounded mindset . Energy is extremely important, and how the universe will perceive my personality at first glance could not be any more further from the truth . You get what you put out ! With that being said all feels aside my hope is for humanity to persevere . With the diverse background of people I consider myself a vessel in which I could help people gain knowledge. My only hope in the end is to be happy , while learning and traveling the world . If you have reached this message I hope you know to never give up on your dreams because it has been 14 years and I have not given up on mine!... read more

Short Resume

- Short Music Video , Singer : Talent - Jae Raww- On one (video extra) ~ You tube - Some promotional work / parts model - Fashion modeling - for seeing special events - Interior decorating - Jazz and Ballet background -Communication classes at College( university)


  • Gender
  • Age
    33 yrs old
  • Eye Color
  • Height
    5'5'' / 166 cm
  • Weight
    144 lbs
  • Hips
  • Hair style
  • Hair color
    Dark Brown
  • Ethnicity
    African American

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Nastassia Centeio Website - https://www.exploretalent.com/nastassia73029/ 11485428

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