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Marialyse Debel (0-60+)

Lives in New York City
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About Me

Fill out this section by adding information highlighting your traits and personalities. In this section, you can add such information that will highlight your character as a person. Add information that showcases your personality, charisma, strengths, and other traits that make you stand out as a talent. Casting directors are looking for qualities like being punctual, good at taking directions, hard-working, and being adaptable. My name is Marialyse and I am a free spirited person who is willing to try anything. I love to act and am very flexible, And Im a nurse

Short Resume

Fill out this section with information related to your profession. Do not add working experience not related to the entertainment industry. Add information that is related to any kind of performances you may have been a part of since birth, including but not limited to: any acting or modeling experience, beauty contests, public speaking events, or school plays. If you have any specialty skills, such as martial arts training or cheer-leading, also add these skills because casting directors often look for actors with special skill sets. *Doritos Crash The Superbowl Commercial - Principle Actor (2011) *Law and Order - Court Lawyer (2010) *Person of Interest - Background (2010)


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    62 yrs old
  • Eye Color
  • Height
    5'7'' / 171 cm
  • Weight
    140 lbs
  • Hips
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  • Ethnicity

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