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Kristy Chamberlain

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About Me

I love people,animals,and life! I take direction very well,and although I am fairly new to all this I feel this is what I need to be doing. I am very expressive and active as well. Learning is what I do best, so what I don't know, I will be determined to learn! I take direction very well and am reliable.

Short Resume

*8 short films-Featured Actor-Ovations Film Acting Studios *Death of Isabella Dickson-Townsperson-David Flowers *Cast for film called "Trinity Rising" character is Regine, directed/produced By Doug Bocaz-Larson-Poco Loco Productions. I have been taking acting workshops in cold-reading,monologues, PSA's, scene studies and commercials. My talents include, horseback riding,very flexible, karaoke singing, skating, hip-hop dance, country/western dance, experience with shooting and also can operate heavy-eqipment.


  • Gender
  • Age
    47 yrs old
  • Eye Color
  • Height
    5'5'' / 166 cm
  • Weight
    120 lbs
  • Hair color
  • Ethnicity

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