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Joseph Bruton (0-60+)

Lives in San Francisco
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About Me

Fun, active and always ready for an adventure. If the part fit, would like to do everything from voiceover to comedy, to action, drama and adventure roles or whatever fits! I have a very good attitude, responsible when committing to a role, am easy to work with and always strive to give the director what HE or SHE wants.

Short Resume

I have been acting since the 4th grade. Mostly stage acting -- everything from comedy shows, to one act plays to "A Christmas Carol" musical. Couple years ago, had the role of a cop on an Indie film (Empty Streets). Especially good at comedy, I have always been able to get the laugh.


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    61 yrs old
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    5'7'' / 171 cm
  • Weight
    160 lbs
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Joseph Bruton Website - https://www.exploretalent.com/josephbruton/ 1560031

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