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James Hayes (0-60+)

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About Me

Energetic, funny, lovable, never meets a stranger and Im mental in a Robin Williams/ Mike Myers sort of way. I do many voices and personalities and dialects including the harelip,handi man type charcater, irish, asian, indian/pakastani, hispanic, african american, german, russian,gay guy and many other ethnic and regional voices. Id love to do saturday night live/ in living color/mad tv roles or cartoon voiceovers. I become the character Im needed to be. Im not afraid of heights, water, fire or working in adverse conditions. Im willing to try anything and I do stress anything and to do whats needed from me. If given a chance to perform I will not dissapoint you.

Short Resume

My acting resume is limited to school performances , maskots for health fares,trade show reps and some street theater recently played a role in Kell Whitesides "MY PERFECT SIN" as Walter,11/9/09 was an extra in Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns,windup-mouse inc internet videos and just cast as extra in Stomp the Yard 2. My professional resume consists of runnning and creating startup businesses, running my family mechanic and auto sales business and being a superb licensed massage therapist. Im also a book and script writer. I have one childrens book completed, two more in production and a novel that im writing now.


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    52 yrs old
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    5'12'' / 183 cm
  • Weight
    210 lbs
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