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Jacquelyn (50-59)

Lives in Birmingham
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About Me

I am a nurse/educator with a Doctor’s degree. I am the CEO of a Nurse Tutor/ Continuing Education Provider (CEUs) small business. I am of mixed origins and a great-grandmother.

Short Resume

My acting abilities began as a child. I was in numerous school and church plays from the time I was 6 years old to age 12. When I was grown, I auditioned for roles in Detroit, Michigan. I was once asked to be a Wilhelmina Plus size Model when I was in my forties. I was later casted in many roles of plays put on by our church. I played Bathsheba, Joann Robinson (Montgomery Bus Boycott), and the mid-wife who delivered Baby Jesus in Bethlehem. Member of Toastmasters for three years – I am a Public


  • Gender
  • Age
    66 yrs old
  • Eye Color
  • Height
    5'3'' / 161 cm
  • Weight
    194 lbs
  • Hips
  • Hair style
  • Hair color
  • Ethnicity
    African American

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