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Erin Larson

Lives in Lacey
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About Me

I have been involved in acting and modeling for about 10 years now.. I have been involved in 9 different independent films and have done 10 modeling photo shoots.. I have an MBA in Financial Management and worked for State Government in Washington State. Currently I view acting and modeling as hobbies. Certainly I would like to be more involved in these; but who wouln't want to do their hobbies full time. My motivation to model is to be an inspiration to everyone to keep in shape; and stay healthy. I also love fashion and enjoy being in front of the camera. Staying healthy perpetuates health in other areas. Acting is just darn fun; I love it. It is like being in a fantasy world...

Short Resume

I have had various jobs in the business world.. I have a natural ability to "become the character" when acting. I have played several Characters in movies ranging from student films to independent.


  • Gender
  • Age
    53 yrs old
  • Eye Color
  • Height
    6'1'' / 186 cm
  • Weight
    186 lbs
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