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Dwayne Benson (50-59)

Lives in Atlanta
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About Me

I worked as a Radio Disc Jockey for six years. Then was a Preacher/Song Leader for 25 years. During this time I was a regular Panelist on a TV Show (Know Your Bible) plus other tv programs. *I performed in numerous Gospel Concerts with my lifelong closest friend, Ray Walker, who was Elvis' Bass Singer for 14 years. I have performed in Pop Concerts at many venues plus charity benefits including an Adult Day Care Center, the Christian Children's Miracle Marathon. Today, I have a weekly Bible History on international radio with a ton of listeners. I have numerous movies. In addition, to these things I have both a private & public ministry. Part of it is developing other people's talents & so much more. I am more than ready & qualified for a Supporting or Lead Role for TV especially. I can also, do voice overs. My greatest goal is a Lead Role on a weekly, major TV show. I also, have continued my singing. I am more than ready to be a Lead Character on a TV show. Dwayne Benson [Sensitive information redacted]... read more

Short Resume

Film Nursing Wishes Star Bettina Horton Productions Jennifer Lopez Movie "What To Expect, When You Are Expecting" Extra Christopher Grey Casting Stage Production "Broken And Bitter" Lead Role Baz Brothers Production, LLC Performing Arts Extra Spencer-Green Performed In Four Gospel Concerts With Ray Walker of the Jordanaires Who Was Elvis Presley's Bass S Performer/Singer Performer/Singer/Model As A Talent With Audition America Performer/Singer/Model Audition America Performed In Concert To Benefit The Christian Children Miracle Network Performer/Singer Walmart* Fund Raiser


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  • Age
    56 yrs old
  • Eye Color
  • Height
    5'9'' / 176 cm
  • Weight
    170 lbs
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