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Denislav Georgiev, 24

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About Me

Iâ??m motivated and dedicated for success, Iâ??m a risk taker and an adventurer I have a strong hearth and a strong emotional stability which makes me the chameleon that I am. I always put friends and family before me, Iâ??d give my last piece of bread to someone whoâ??s hungry no matter how long I havenâ??t eaten, Iâ??m an animal lover I believe that everybody should be in harmony with nature and I believe animals can sense that and are often not threaten by me and feel comfortable around me. Born and raised in Bulgaria (Europe) came to the states in 2017 to work my way up to a better life for me and my family & friends been doing that ever since! Improvising is my middle name, if I donâ??t know how to do something Iâ??ll try my best which works for me more often than imaginable and is key for my success in everyday tasks and jobs! According to Ancestry DNA test my traits are 49% Bulgarian/Slavic, 40% Greek and 11% Italian.... read more

Short Resume

Acting has been interesting to me since I was a kid I was always able to make people laugh and smile, Ive done acting mastering classes back home in Bulgaria as well as theater acting for almost 3 years until the theater group fell apart but the fire for acting in me never really went away. Im good at improvising and have a specific personality which adjusts according to the people and the obstacles around me in other words I do refer to my self as a chameleon (thats probably my spirit animal)!


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    24 yrs old
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    0'72'' / 183 cm
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