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"BulletVille", Pays: $100 - Self Response - United Kingdom

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'BulletVille' is a platform-shooter/Battle Royale game being developed for PC with console aspirations, currently developing a working demo for presentation and open testing. In 'BulletVille', the player chooses from a roster of playable characters, joins a team of other players, enters one of many unique maps, and goes to war against other teams and NPC enemies in a number of missions and level goals, with guarantees of excessive explosions, customisable weapons, and glooooooorious violence!

  • Role #1 - Orion Wayward

    Orion is the fifth daughter of Tarvos Wayward, intergalactic industrialist and de-facto owner of New Montana. Always a little different from her socialite sisters and force-fed from a silverspoon, Orion eventually found a secret outlet for her bottled-up stress: the planet's underground death-derby squad, the New Montana Murderdogs. When her cover was blown and the media discovered that a daughter of the universe's richest man was the Murderdogs' new star player, Tarvos Wayward did what any loving, decent father would do: he bought the Murderdogs and shut down the entire team, forcing all of Orion's squadmates off-world. Finally through with her father's cruelty, Orion fled her family home and set it ablaze in the night. She now roams New Montana on a quest to disassemble the Wayward legacy brick by brick, as well as keeping the spirit of her beloved Murderdogs alive.

    Personality: Like a dog who's been kicked too many times, Orion has no love left to lose. Orion likes to think she's standing up against a corrupt and abusive regime, but deep down it's almost entirely about revenge against her father - which serves her well in New Montana's 'soldier of fortune' society. Undeniably around the edges, Orion has a sweet side for those she trusts - whether they've proven themselves to her, or she has suitable leverage. Growing up under the universe's greatest business minds did give her a brilliant mind for strategy and 'commerce', that being Tarvos' word for 'blackmail'. But, despite being a true Murderdog to the bone, she's still a puppy - she gets anxious, scared and angsty; she has a lot to learn; she even doubts herself at times. But she'll always get back up to fight the next round.

    Voice Notes: Orion has to sound appropriately young and full of teenaged spirit, with an unwavering air of self-assurance. Being able to assert herself through her voice, even when she's upset and angsty, is crucial. American accent preferable.

    Audition Lines:

    [self-affirming, nervous] "Keep it cool, Orion… You can do this…"

    [jeering, cocky, mocking] "Enjoy the penalty box, scrub!"

    [furious, offended, vengeful] "You got blood on my gaskets, you asshole!"

    [resentful, angsty, upset] "Don't even talk to me right now…"

    Seeking 1 talent(s) for this role
    Talent specs:
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Any
    Age: 17 - 18
    Expiration Date: Oct 27, 2019

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Within 2 weeks if signing up I GOT A ROLE IN AN UPCOMING INDEPENDENT FILM!!! I want to start off by thanking Jennifer from Explore Talent because she was VERY helpful and gave good advice on what to do and what not to do with my profile. Second I want to say that Explore Talent really helps their customers be the best they can be. Being only with Explore Talent for 3 months I have already gotten feedback 6 times from casting directors. I didn?t think I?d have the opportunity, but Explore Talent gave it to me! Thank you for helping and promoting me! -Jesseal:)

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