Top 10 Must-See Las Vegas Performances

Kathryn Whitworth| September 26, 2014

Las Vegas is a city known globally for shopping, nightlife, fine dining and gambling. Aside from that, it is also famous for its grand casino-hotels and wide variety of live entertainment. With the number of productions on and off the self-proclaimed Entertainment Capital of the World, it could be hard to choose which of the star-studded live performances to choose from. ExploreTalent  lists the Top 10 must-see Las Vegas performances.

O Cirque du Soleil, Bellagio

O Cirque du Soleil
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O Cirque du Soleil is definitely one of the many must see shows. The show redefined breathtaking acrobatic moves, water on stage and theater experience and nothing can match it. The complex combination of movements and art is given emphasis by the use of special effects and an ensemble of singers and musicians. This is probably the reason the show is still a hit.


Celine Dion, Caesars Palace

Celine Dion
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It takes a lot of effort and hard work for a single performer to bring a show to a higher level. With that being said, Celine Dion proved that she is not just an ordinary performer. She carries the show by herself by performing her hits and other songs from different artists. She performs with an orchestra and a band composed of 31 members. At one point, she even performs a duet with a hologram of herself.


Terry Fator, The Mirage

Terry Fator
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Terry Fator is Las Vegas Strip’s greatest illusionist. However, you can never see him perform magic tricks. He fascinates the audience by singing in the voices of some of the world’s most popular performers, including Elvis Presley, Ella Fitzgerald and Cher. What makes his act more amazing is that he doesn’t even move his lips. Aside from that, he is also a puppeteer. Though he doesn’t move a lot, his hands are always in action.


Absinthe, Caesars Palace

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The variety show is often described as racy and naughty with its performers with amazing personalities. It is held in a large white tent found in front of Caesars Palace. It is hosted by The Gazillionaire, who is often seen wearing an ill-fitting white tux. The show is limited to adults only because profanities are often thrown out at the audience.


Le Rêve, The Dream at Wynn Las Vegas

Le Reve
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Le Rêve is a spectacular water show that gives a picture of a colorful aquatic realm with mystic characters performing in a circular pool. Here, aerialists, synchronized swimmers and gymnasts make a dramatic entrance by ascending from the water or descending from the ceiling. What makes the show more interesting is that it always finds room for improvement. Also, scuba certified viewers get the chance to see the show from beneath the surface.


 Jersey Boys, Paris Las Vegas

Jersey Boys
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Seeing the Jersey Boys feels like watching the Four Seasons perform. The show is a musical that tells the story of a blue-collar group that rose to stardom in the year 1950. Each of them takes turns in telling their own side of the story. They use their distinctive voices to create a perfect harmony.


Penn & Teller, Rio

Penn and Teller
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Penn & Teller is the most famous duo in Las Vegas that brought magic and entertainment to the next level. Whenever they perform, they explain the magic tricks. However, they throw in some twists so that the audience could not guess how they really did it. Penn here would serve as the narrator while Teller would do all the action without saying a word. The pair interacts with the audience a lot so as to keep them coming back for more.


Boyz II Men, The Mirage

Boyz II Men
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Boyz II Men really knows what entertainment is all about. They perform their greatest hits, such as “One Sweet Day,” “End of the Road,” and “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.” Towards the end of the show, the trio would flatter the ladies with red roses as they sing “I’ll Make Love to You.” Other than serenading the audience with their beautiful voices, they keep everyone entertained with humor.


Human Nature, The Venetian

Human Nature
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Human Nature is a group of Australian vocalists that made it big in Vegas. They perform many of Motown’s favorites like “I heard it through the grapevine” and “Baby I need your loving.” In fact, they were able to produce a chart-topping tribute album. They caught the attention of Smokey Robinson, who eventually decided to record his song “Get Ready” with them.


Blue Man Group, Monte Carlo

Blue Man Group
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Regardless of what language you speak or what country you are from, Blue Man Group can always put a smile on your face. The trio wears dark costume, with odd-looking eyes and blue faces. Although their looks are quite unsettling, their acts can always be understood by everyone. They love to interact with the audience by inviting them to come on stage and participate on their theatrical madness.

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