Things You Should Do to Become a Professional Dancer

Holly Bissonnette| November 13, 2013

To really know how to become a professional dancer, you have to learn everything about dance as well as be open to the things you need to improve yourself. Dancing is an expression. It is an art of movements and emotional expression. Each one of us can dance in our own simple steps and movements, but not all of us has the talent and passion in dancing.

Things You Should Do to Become a Professional Dancer

Moving and grooving to the music you hear on the radio, imitating the dance video you watched on TV and making your own dance steps doesn’t make you a dancer at all. Dancing requires grace and emotions in every movement you perform.   As such, here are some tips you can observe to jump-start the process of becoming a professional dancer and to sustain your dance career afterwards:

1. Keep yourself fit.

Dancing requires a lot of movements using your body.  One great thing about dancing is it can also serve as your excercise routine. It does not only allow you to express yourself through fluid motions, it also keeps you fit and healthy.  But, this is not enough. If you have passion in dancing, you should keep yourself fit and in good shape so you can perform the movements that require you to stretch and use a lot of your muscles.

Just like singers who need vocalization exercises so as not to stress their vocal chords during gigs, dancers also need exercises that stretches the muscles like yoga to avoid straining them in the middle of performances. Aside from doing such exercise like yoga, you should also always remember to do some stretching exercises before dancing anything.

2. Learn the moves and practice constantly. 

Waltz, samba,folk dance, ballet and hip-hop are just among the the dance genres which a dancer should know how to perform. Practicing and familiarizing every dance genre is always a big advantage. As an aspiring dancer, this will give you the flexibility and versatility to dance anything people will ask of you, especially during dance auditions. Before anything though, you should focus on the basic movements and techniques in dancing and you can do this by studying ballet, as this is somehow where a lot of movements in dance are taken.

3. Be part of dance workshops.

Enrolling yourself in a dance workshop or looking for a dance intructor is one step towards learning the techniques and movements in dancing.  These classes will help you get in shape and polish your talent in dancing. A dance teacher is not only able to teach you the necessary theories, techniques and movements when it comes to dancing. She will also be able to correct your postures and technique as well as train you to having self discipline.

4. Have the passion.

Dancing is for everybody, it has no age preference as long as you are fit and in good shape. But, while everyone can dance, not everyone can dance with grace and passion.  If you wish to learn how to become a professional dancer, then you need to be aware that talent should also come with passion in dance. Your fervor and drive to dance is something you can’t learn from your dance instructor during your workshops and dance lessons. It is something you should discover within yourself.  You can never be a successful dancer if you are all technique, but no passion.

5. Keep Performing. 

If you wish to become a professional dancer, then dance. Don’t hide behind that curtain. Show people what you can do. Engage in different dancing activities in your school, your community and join dance auditions. Being part of all these things will help you gain more confidence and improve your techniques in dancing.  The more you perform, the more dance will become ingrained in your being and in your life.

There are still many other things you can do if you wish to make dancing your career. The tips mentioned above are just on the tip of the proverbial iceberg in the world of dancing. If you really wish to know how to become a professional dancer, here are pieces of advice from “So You Think You Can Dance” Shane Sparks to all upcoming dance stars:

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