Curvy Kate’s Spoofs Victoria Secret’s ‘Perfect Body’ Campaign

Kathryn Whitworth| April 13, 2015


Curvy Kate, a lingerie brand known for creating bras for D to K cups, launched an ad campaign, mocking that of Victoria’s Secret “Perfect Body”.

Last year, Victoria’s Secret was criticized for its ad campaign that suggested a perfect body could only be one that matched their strict and slim standards. Because of that, three students started a petition asking for an apology from the famous lingerie brand.

More than 27,000 responded calling for “a change in the way women’s bodies are represented by advertising and the media”. After a few days, Victoria’s Secret changed their slogan to “A Body for Every Body”.

But still, the models in the campaign did not appeal to women of all body types. As a result, Curvy Kate mocked the ad with their annual global Star in a Bra Contest, where a “real woman” wins the job of being its new lingerie model.

Interested women sent their applications online and got the support of the public through the Star in a Bra website.  The top ten ladies were then featured in the ad campaign captioned “The Perfect Body – Every Body is Beautiful”.

As one of the final ten, Emma Webley said:

“Making the top ten is a brilliant opportunity for me to spread my belief that everyone should be confident about their body, no matter what shape or size they are. To feel body confident, you just need to be happy with who you are and surround yourself with positive people. Confidence, a warm personality, and a smile is the most beautiful thing a girl can have.”

From the ten contenders, only one will be chosen to get a year-long modeling contract with Bridge Models Limited, a trip to the Mediterranean, and £1,000 pocket money.

Also, as a response to media pressure, Curvy Kate released a statement, saying:

“With the public outcry for the use of more realistic images in the media, Star in a Bra champions the use of relateable role models and promotes a positive approach to body image. We want to show you exactly how our lingerie will look and fit on a variety of body shapes, cementing that there isn’t one type of perfect body.”




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