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Tom Shadyac’s ‘Brian Banks’ Now Casting Featured Roles

Holly| September 7, 2017

Bruce Almighty director Tom Shadyac is set to direct the upcoming biopic Brian Banks. Casting directors are seeking talents to work on specific scenes to be filmed between September 25 and November 18 in Memphis, Tennessee.

The movie will center around Brian Banks, a real-life former high school football player who was poised to enter USC during his junior year. Ironically, Banks’s life took a turn for the worse when he was falsely accused of rape. Despite insisting that he was innocent, Brian was let down by an unjust system and sentenced to prison for ten years. Ultimately, Banks’s conviction was overturned with help from the California Innocence Project. He eventually achieved his NFL dream by signing with the Atlanta Falcons on 2013.

Speaking roles available:

  • Wanetta’s mother—40s, African American female, covered in tattoos and has a tough, surly demeanor considering her gang background. She uses her daughter’s accusation to sue the school board. Interested talents must be comfortable with cursing.  Tattoos are not a requirement but are preferred.
  • Judge monk—late 40s–60s, Caucasian or Asian male. Must be stern-looking and professional.
  • Barbara Ford—40s, African American female, professional. Brian’s defense attorney who convinces her client to take a plea deal to put him behind bars.
  • Arthur—50s, African American male. Brian hires this man to investigate the now-adult Wanetta.

To submit your work, please click on the link provided below. Applications must be submitted on or before September 7, 2017.



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