Best Model Fails of all Time

Kathryn Whitworth| December 9, 2014

Who knew that walking down the runway could be such an occupational hazard?

The life of a model is not as easy as you think. They are obliged to wear complex garments, made out of sensitive fabric, and most of the time, these are paired with odd-looking stilettos or enormously high heels. Aside from that, hundreds of judgmental eyes are watching and judging their every move under bright and blinding lights as they make their way down the runway. Even so, people look up to them as perfect and professional individuals. However, they are still humans. And they too fail just like the rest of us.

Nevertheless, these gorgeous babes are still treated like celebrities, even if it is too hilarious to watch them lose their poise for one second. They may look hot, gorgeous and stunning, but these models only prove that even the prettiest ones do fail.

Whether they lose their balance on their stilettos and wobble on their 10-inch heels, or maybe fall flat with their face into the stage, these models are just too awesome. To honor these hard-working people at events and fashion shows, check out this video about the funniest top model fails and falls.




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