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5 Unexpected Experiences You May Encounter in Modeling

Holly Bissonnette| January 31, 2015

When people think about a career in,  they may think that it is all fame and fashion, what they do not know , models go through a lot of crazy experiences that they never expected. If you think strutting on the runway and flaunting the most expensive designer dress is easy, think again. Here are 5 unexpected experiences you may encounter in modeling.

Top 5: Conquer Your Fears

Although there may be free modeling classes offered,  getting into this firld requires you to learn and perform at your best. Part of delivering the product to the audience is to conquer your fears. At this point, you might think it’s impossible to happen that you need to take courage when you begin to pose or walk in the runway.

There are times when agencies for modeling, directors, and even professional photographers ask you to pose with the scariest animal on Earth. From bugs, spiders, bees, snakes, you name it; you will have your chance to be with these animals when you become a model. Consider it a pretty interesting adventure, huh?

It’s all about being daring. Eva Pigford, from America’s Next Top Model Season 3, just totally freaked out the moment she saw the tarantula. It is obvious that she is never excited about the photo shoot.

Things like these; the key is to be brave enough and be strong, otherwise you will never be able to have the job done. You have to realize that your goal is to create a masterpiece your agent, director, and photographer are looking for.

However, it’s not all about posing with tarantulas, a pool of frogs, or snakes, you will have the opportunity to work with the less-scary side of nature too. Kate Upton grabbed the occasion to be with her favorite animal – a tiger. She posed for “The Animal Nursery” by Harper’s Bazaar cuddling a baby tiger.

Kate Upton
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Look on the bright side, landing in this career allows you to go for an adventure. Other than getting a good pay, working as a model enables you to conquer your fears and build your personality.

Top 4: Deal with the Elements of Nature

One of the first modeling requirements is to be able to nail your pose, even when the forces of nature are trying to stop you from doing so. In other words, you may not be Storm’ from The X-Men, but the idea is to come up with the best photo shot even when the elements of nature prevent you to achieve one.

If you can still remember how Kate Upton pose for the front cover on Swimsuit 2013 in Sports Illustrated magazine. Did you know that she suffered and risked her life when she had frostbite while doing the photo shoot? She was supposed to wear only a parka in the middle of the coldest weather in Antarctica.

You can imagine how she dealt with the cold and freezing weather while working. When Upton was interviewed by The Today Show, she exclaimed that she lost her hearing and eyesight during that time. Her body just shut down. It was hard for her, but it was worth it.

Kate Upton
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Some people may be looking into getting glamour modeling jobs, yet they do not know what they are diving into. They think they know how to get in modeling industry and that it’s easy. Well, the path may sound easy, but becoming successful in this kind of career takes a journey.

The seventh season of America’s Next Top Model was a challenge to the aspiring models who were part of the show. How would you like to be immersed in ice-cold water? You can imagine how cold it would be dipping your body in freezing water.

When they were asked to pose as nymphs in cold waters was truly a great challenge for the models. Unlike an average person, these models didn’t have enough body fat to protect them from the cold temperature. Think about still looking pretty, cute, and gorgeous even when your teeth are all chattering.

ANTM Nymph
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All you need is to take the challenges positively. Although the forces of nature may be too difficult to handle, you need to be strong just as how you were able to conquer your fears. Most successful models were once afraid and hesitant, but they were able to have courage and kept strong throughout the days of their career.

Top 3: Life-Threatening Experience

Just as any other jobs, one of the best modeling tips you can ever keep in your pocket is to be passionate that you are able to do the inevitable. Even if you might think it’s life-threatening, once you have passion, everything will come easy.

People have witnessed how Alexandra from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 14, failed at her runway catwalk. First, she fell from the stairs when she walked down. Then, with the obelisk swinging, she failed to take cover and fell again.

You can imagine if something worse could happen in between those unexpected scenes. To a successful model, modeling can be her passion. She could love her career so much that she is willing to risk her life for it.

There are times when the information about modeling isn’t enough. This simply means that the lessons you have learned requires you to apply and go beyond your expectations. Talking about passion and love for the job.

Although people may say that the idea on how to start modeling can be tough. They believe that you have to do whatever the director, agent, or the photographer tells you. Other than that, no matter how difficult it would be to achieve the best photo, what matters most is the photo taken.

Say when you combine fashion and fire, do you think it would be possible?

During the fiery shoot in March 2013, the designer, Virginie Marcerou, pyrotechnic artist Andrey DAS, and Benjamin Von Wong, came up with the production where models have to literally play with fire. Models have to achieve the best photos you can ever imagine.

Who wouldn’t be proud of looking at the perfect photos that didn’t even show any sign that the model herself was scared and shivering? It may be hard to believe what a model can do. You have to admit that modeling can create a transformation.

Top 2: Compromise with Your Moral Beliefs

If the actors may have done bizarre ways to prepare for their roles, models have their own style of prepping for their shoot. There are times when you need to compromise with your moral beliefs.

For instance, the ‘Women in Fiction’ fashion spread asked models to pose as female writers. And not just ordinary writers, but they have to portray someone right before and even after these writers have committed suicide.

Anyone thinking about it could be hesitant to complete the task. Some models might think they would never be able to cope with the challenge. Meanwhile, there are those that are willing to compromise their beliefs for their job’s sake.

Well, the job can be uncomfortable. It’s when you are not aware of what the outcome would be. But you have to trust the photographer and everyone in the set. All you have to do is to be the best of your job.

Despite of the standards you believe in, getting into the modeling industry allows you to explore. Think about being in a journey, where new things come along and you will have the opportunity to have a taste of it.

Nudity is and will always be an issue in the realm of models. Oftentimes, photographers would ask you to take your clothes off whenever they would realize you have a good body. It’s tough and it’s not easy.

Time will come when the project would require you to get naked. This is where your values and integrity come in. Some would consider the project, and there are those who wouldn’t.

You have to keep in mind that modeling is an art. The photos produced tell a story and you are part of it. As a matter of fact, you are what the story is all about.

Heidi Klum gives a piece of advice in Huffington Post; young models have to be careful when you take advantage of this career. Say ‘no’ when you have to. Not everyone is cool and has your best interest.

At the end, your decision matters most importantly. Especially when you are young and on your own, look closely at the kind of project you are taking in. Otherwise, you will fall on the wrong modeling agency, wrong people, and wrong career. You wouldn’t want that to happen.

Top 1: Be Insane

Don’t you think this is just a simple?

Running on the runway and acting like crazy while you’re at it may sound easy. Modeling may be a bit synonymous with acting. But the entirety of the job means to deliver the message to the audience.

Say when a designer wants to show his/her works of art, this is where models come in. Yes, you have to act sometimes. But above all, you have to let the audience know about the product you are trying to promote.

People may be looking at you, but no matter what, your main goal is to let the product standout. It may not be easy, but it’s how it is supposed to be.

Do you remember how insane the models were in the America’s Next Top Model Season 7? Freak Show was the name of the challenge they need to achieve. During this time, the models are asked to pose as circus freaks.

ANTM Freak Show
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Believe it or not, it’s not just models, but everyone has his/her own strange features. Just because they are models doesn’t mean they are born beautiful. Not all models are perfectly and beautifully molded.

When directors, photographers, and even agents ask you to be insane in the photo shoot, you have to anyways. After all, they know what is best for you and your career.

In closing, becoming a model is an adventure. Perhaps, you will have to experience one of these insane things in your career. Prepare to deal with the opportunity to take a journey. This is the beauty of modeling.



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