5 Things Movie Extras Should Avoid Doing on Set

Holly Bissonnette| December 2, 2013

Observing the reminders is one of the best things you can do to ensure that you earn respect while working as movie extras. While this can be a fun experience, it is also one of the best ways for you to get a chance to work with famous actors in the industry. It is also a means to gain incredible experience in the field of TV and film productions.

Although it will not require a lot of experience and great skills, being a film extra can also be a great opportunity to learn the craft of acting. You can learn from the seasoned actors as they practice and do their scenes from the sidelines. You can even get discovered in the process.

While there are people who consider working in film extra jobs as a hobby, there are others who take this seriously. They are the ones who hunt movie extra jobs after another. If you are one of these dedicated background actors who plan on getting as much experience as they can, you might like to learn some film extra tips that could help you become a respected background actor in the industry.

Here are some of  the “don’ts” movie extras should observe on set:

1. Don’t be late on call times.

Extras are demanded to be in the location before the scheduled time for a shoot. You must not be late. Casting directors do not want you to be the cause of any problem on the set. As they hired you, it means they will expect you to be there on or before the time.  Keep in mind that casting directors keep records of each one of you. So, if you will have a tardiness problem, you might not be given more opportunities to get movie extra jobs in the future.

 2. Don’t come unprepared.

Remember that being a background actor is a job and you have responsibilities and tasks to fulfill. You are hired to be part of the production and they expect you to do your duties. One of your responsibilities is to prepare proper clothes for you to wear for each different scene. You should prepare your own wardrobe and do your own make-up, unless these are provided for you like in period films.

 3. Don’t take photos of the set without asking approval.

Your excitement at seeing your favorite stars and being in the same place with them can tempt you in stealing a shot. Taking pictures on the set, especially when the camera, is rolling is not allowed. This shows unprofessionalism and could be seen as an indication that you are not fit to be working in this kind of industry.

 4. Don’t ask for an actor’s autograph during taping schedules.

The main actors of a movie or a television show are on set to do their jobs. They are also busy preparing for each scene scheduled to be filmed during the time you are also there. You should not disturb them by asking for a fan sign or an autograph.  They are on location to work and not to hold public appearance where you can easily hand them a pen and a paper for them to sign.

 5. Don’t wander around and create any form of nuisance.

Stay inside your waiting area and minimize the volume of voice. You should stay where you are supposed to stay and wait for more instructions.

Remember all these things, avoid doing them and you should be fine. You should be reminded that the casting director is observing your behavior on the set. If they see that you are not fit to work on this job, he will not book you for other movie extra jobs in the future. It really helps if you will follow all tips for movie extras that you read and know about to do well in the industry.



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