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The 10 Best Jobs for Actors While Waiting for Their Big Break

Holly Bissonnette| April 10, 2014

It is no secret that money can be an issue while an actor is still on the process of looking for viable acting jobs that will jump-start their acting career. Aside from their day-to-day expenses, the actor will have to spend on headshots, portfolios and new clothes for acting auditions. They need to find a way to sustain their needs and still get the chance to work as effective actors.

A good-paying full time job that allows them to pursue acting would be ideal, but these jobs are hard to find.  If they could not find one, they have to at least find a job or jobs that will provide them with a steady flow of income and a flexible schedule so they can still show up at auditions. These survival jobs are very vital in keeping an aspiring actor and their dreams alive.

However, not every survival job would be ideal for acting. There are odd jobs that require long hours and so much work, which will leave them too tired to get ready for an audition. To find the most suitable job, here is a list of the 10 jobs that actors can do while waiting for an acting job. Some of these jobs require skills that aspiring actors need to acquire, which they can easily get through short training courses or while on-the-job itself.

1.  Temp Jobs

These jobs are probably the most ideal because they do not require much skill, they get paid $12 to $20 per hour and they get their nights free. Most temp jobs require them to work in an office environment and they get paid by the hour. They can ask for a personal day off or fix their lunch hour to attend appointments and auditions.

Since these jobs have a 9-5 schedule, actors can use their nights to attend workshops or social gatherings where they can expand their network of connections. There are even temp jobs for local media outlets and entertainment companies which they can also take advantage of in terms of connections.

2. Dog Walker

Having an affinity for dogs and the outdoors can pay off really well. Walking dogs rake in a reasonable amount of money while the actor can enjoy walking around town with dogs of busy owners in tow. They can offer these services to as many owners as possible and they can conveniently set the time and date for it. This means more time on their hands for an audition while earning a reasonable income.

3. Babysitter or Nanny

This is probably the easiest job especially if the aspiring actor is great in handling kids. They can take advantage of nap times or at night time to prepare for their sides or audition pieces.  In busy places such as Los Angeles or New York, no one is ever at a loss of babysitting jobs.

4.  Health and Wellness Trainer

Keeping fit is a fad especially in Hollywood and being a wellness trainer is quite popular and lucrative in terms of income. Actors can train and get a certification to become personal trainers, Pilates or yoga instructors and then start teaching other individuals. They have the option to schedule their sessions with their clients, regulate the number of clients and regulate their fees.

5.   Promotional Model

Promotional modeling also pays well and does not require much skill from the actor, especially if the actor is mighty attractive. They can even use their acting chops to entertain potential clients of the companies that hire them. These jobs can span from handing out flyers to entertaining guests at cocktail events as representatives of the company, although they are not directly employed by the company.

6.  Real Estate Broker

Actors can expand their horizons by getting a license as a real estate agent. Although it is a tough market and requires hard work, but the income they get from commissions is enough to sustain an actor for long periods of time. All they have to do is manage their time well and they will have a profitable income while pursuing their dream in acting.

7. Personal Assistant

Many actors find this job rewarding, but they should be forewarned that this is not a job for everyone. They have to be prepared to carry out several tasks for their bosses, keep them updated and run errands for them. It is a tough and demanding job, but it pays very well. However, there are times when they leave the actor without ample time to prepare for auditions or have time for themselves.

8. Waiter for Catering Services

Unlike restaurants, caterers are booked at certain schedules; so, actors do not have to wait on tables every night. This job is quite common in aspiring actors and models while waiting to get noticed by talent agents or casting directors. It also pays by the hour and can expose the talent to potential connections.

9. Tutor

If the actor really has the smarts and a good educational background, tutoring is the best option there is. They can either work freelance or tap a staffing agency to find a suitable client. These agencies do the matching between the tutor and the families who are looking for private tutors. Like other jobs, tutors are also paid by the hour and they can fix an ideal schedule for their clients.

10. Video Editor

With the availability of easy-to-use video editing software, an actor can be an instant video editor and can advertise their services to co-actors. Every now and then actors need demo reels for acting auditions and aside for creating one for themselves, they can help fellow actors create theirs for a fee. This skill will also come in handy in the future especially if they become really good with it.

Finding a job that will sustain an actor’s living expenses is like finding good acting tips, they can only benefit from it if it works for them. Not every job in the market will allow them to pursue the dream while focusing on their jobs. So if they want good tips for success in acting while earning an income, they might want to check out these 10 jobs and find one that they will enjoy doing and at the same time give them an opportunity to find time for their real passion in life.



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