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Alida Fernandez

Lives in Brooklyn
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About Me

My age is the true emphasis here: I'm 35 years old. I still have a deep desire to break into the entertainment industry! I made a few attempts from doing my first play at 21 until my first TV commercial course at 28. All my life, growing up in Brooklyn, New York, it made a huge difference for me. What got in the way of acting was life itself. Love, marriage and now two children are in the picture as well as being a stay-at-home mom. But acting and modeling still lingers, still whispering sweet nothings in my ears. Therefore, I listen to it every now and then. I always had a passion for acting, for the craft, the love of watching a great movie and it's another creative outlet I'd like to conquer! The three E's are waiting to be released: Excess Emotional Energy. It's a personal battle knowing that I have yet to train further, fight for small principle roles and stand out among the more experienced and elite. I am waiting in the crowd and doing what I can to balance and make ALL my dreams a reality! This Dominican-born, Brooklyn-raised girl needs this like she needs air to breathe! I wear many hats and work just as hard for what I need. And what I need is to be given a CHANCE!!! ... read more

Short Resume

FILM/ TELEVISION Two principle roles, one in feature indie film, one in recent short film. Background work for HBO and FOX shows & one U/5 role. COMMERCIAL The NYS Lottery, PSAs and Spec commercial for local restaurant THEATRE A modern day "Macbeth" play at F.I.T. TRAINING Weist Barron Acting School, New York, NY Decorating Masters Institute, Ft. Myers, FL Polimoda University, Florence, ITALY Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY SPECIAL SKILLS From Artist to Athlete to fluency in Spanish and ASL. Did some trade show modeling and charity benefits.


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    49 yrs old
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    5'6'' / 168 cm
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    104 lbs
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