Talent Picture

Geovanna Botello
Location Wildomar CA Age 21
Height 5' 1'' Hair Dark-Brown
Weight 112 lbs Eyes Brown
Bust n/a Dress 3
Waist n/a Shoe 6
Hips 28

Acting and singing has been a genuine happiness in my life since I was a little girl. My mom was the first person to allow me to appreciate singing by singing me lullabies at night before she tucked me into bed. My mom worked all day so my grandma would take care of me by having me in front of the TV watching movies, TV shows, and Mexican soap operas. The entertainment industry technically raised me. I was always inspired by the magic behind it all. The writers, producers, directors, and actors all brought the characters and stories to life. The stories are meant to entertain, but most importantly they are meant to leave a message behind. I grew up wanting to be part of that magic. One day I had to perform a scene by Claudia from Nuts in which I had to show my emotional side to the entire class. After the scene I still had tears in my eyes, and I was even shaking. Some women came up to me to hug me, and wanting to share that moment with me. I believe one of the strongest tools a human can have is to be able to transfer emotion unto others, and that is exactly what I wish to do.

hairspray main character
beauty and the beast ensemble
30 seconds from mars ensemble
face modeling, acting, and singing.