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Tyler Patterson

23 Years Old, Houston, TX

1st single on my mixtape live from 918 vol. 2
Votes - 435
Score - 8.29
Views - 3013
This contest has expired.

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are you paying people to rate you LMFAO wack as ****
lil wack unk
Good work yo. Come check me out! Wont regret it I promise!
dope man 10
good work 10
good work
Very nice and smexy voice!! Love it
wow thats literally better than half the stuff on the radio
awesome song! 10!
Great song! 10
heeey let me get on a track, 10 for you
you are talented
I gave you a 10(:
10 :)
ur song is dope
thanks Ty gotchya back 10
That's amazing! 10!!
Awesome 10 : )
Awesome ) 10
loved it 10!!!
very nice!
nice song!!!
Great 10!
awesome!!!! 10 :)
Love it! Great work!! I could def bump to this.
terrific vocal combo...the bass is fab! really interesting musical editing. :)
awesome def 10
I voted from two profiles :)
April was here
U got talent ! Hope you win.
deffinatly a 10
cool hope you win good luck
Giggle I find this very cute! nice job!
Your Awsome :) Hope You Win and Good Luck
awesome, sweetie!!! 10!
Gooddddd :)
its good :)
10 cool nice beat good luck
I like it.This is NICE!!
Nice bro youll be a star one day:)
IM feelin it!
anotha 10 plz return!
nice brah.10 4 10
Theres another 10 again. Lolz ;)
10....your great
Its good for the streets of oakland 10!
10 from me..u have talent man
dope. 10 from me
madddd yo.... 10!
dope 10
awesome song! 10
okay i see you :) haha 10
aight bruh, 10... keep it up
HOT jam!
Love It
I like , 10 :)
nice songgg(: i love it. 10 furr suree(:
awesome return
loved this song! 10 for sure
great song! gave u a 10(:
10!! :)
Wow! super nice 10 .
very nice ) 10
u got 10 man
nice (: 10 !
Sick beat brotha 10
very nice
Niccce Faboulous Voice 10
aww this sound sweet..... if it waz a real song i would be rockin to it everyday
nice(: i like it!
awesome 10!!!
10 i got u lmao
voted 10 :)
this song is awsome my jam 10
niicee!! 10 from mi
love the beat nice 10!
good **** keep it up...10
Great music Tyler totaly 10 for you!
Great music Tyler. A definite 10 :)
Loving it!!!!!!! Lets make music!!!
Sounds great! 10!
10 For Sure:)
the boy got skills
10 niceee !
Very nice. 10
well done 10
aye luvin da beat make it rain thrown $ in the air!
i love it perfect 10
10 ! :)love it
you got some real talent and i love the lyrics
i love it 100;)
heres my 10 tnx 4u too absolutely u got my 10
hi guy i dont have forget you
in the air with another 10
wow really like it 10 for sure....
Amazing 10 for you most defff!(:
bring tht fire man 10
yea yea 10
Gr8 song 10
i got no speakers but here's a 10
see voted for you :]] 2wice
eyyyyy(; youre extremely talented , you got what it takes buddy (x
great vibe!
this is cool:) 10
thanks for the vote u got a 10
thank you for the vote
sick music tyler 10!
I love it!!!! Just like last time My daughter loves ur music!!!
here 10 plz
YOU GOT MY 10 G!!!
Sweet .. Can You Send this To me .. (: 10 x3
10 !!
10 vote me back. good song homie
Great song Tyler!!!! 10!!!!
very good!
a fresh 10
Awsum music. Ten from me!! :)
An honest ten ten me back
tight bro...10
good job
nicee luv it thats whats up!! 10
love the beat... 10!
ok tyler. trying again.
good :) 10 4 10?
thats whats up man, keep it up homie...10
10 all the way!!
very nice!
coool! 10!
love it
nyce big homie...10
Tyler you have a great sound love it!
ur pretty good. u should check out my cousins beats on ... he makes nothing but hits and sold beats to lil wayne and ludacris. tell him i put u on and he'll hook u up
GEt Em Bruh!!! 10 from ya boy...
Nice bro I like the feel of it bro! 10!
10 for sure!!
this is so cool :) 10
Really Good! 10 all the way!
Tyler LOVE IT!! :) 10!!!
Good job fam
Good job cam
damn kid u descent
u be killen em getin boy real good music keep it up bro !
Great job man! Keep it up, 10.
dope track bruh
Handsome young man 10 ! :)
dude that sick
nice flow bro . i dig it ]
hope u win it 10 bro...gud luck
10 from me ^^
You have INSANE talent!!! Looking forward to seeing it live in the big Dub. :) Definitely well deserved 10!!
10 from me (:
nice.. ur a talented man.. 10 frm me
very good 10! :)
aye very nice
i should be feat. in luck
super nice 10 no doubt : )
Sweeet!! 10 from me 10 Back Plz ;)
wowww thats amazing 10 from me!! 10 for sure
Nice 10
Nice bro.. 10!
Got u Fam! 10 fosho
thats bomb . 10 (:
u got a 10 from me(:
10. Very amazing!
Totally great!! You got my vote, a 10 :) Please vote for me in Best Makeup Look and leave a comment as well, thanks!
nice beat!
nice hardlinerz.. went well with the beat bit of switching was good.. well done man!
L0vn it! 10 rtf!
10 fa sho :)
Kewl!!!! 10!
cool, great job! 19! : )
10!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! All the way! Great song!
i love it we should make something together one day lol 10
woww nice music:D 10 4 10?
aye man u got it going on i like ur jams
great vote me back plz
cool 10
Great! I love the beats keep going! 10!!
Cool music in here ; ) 10 bro...
very nice 10
way 2 go tyler!
You have my 10 baller hallik
ima fan yo i freaking love thizzz 10
Rap game down10
Great sing here 10
great job. please return the vote and comment to my best modeling look and swim suit.
vry nice tyler! (: good luck!
Nice good luck tyler
natural star.. comment and my 10
i Like it 10
awesome!! definitely a 10!! :) keep it up
love it 10!!
fantastic, this is really good
Go head ty u did yo thang 104u
Love it 10 :)
totally awesome 10 )
10 (:
Damn man... Great job! 10 for sure
10 , greeeeeat , keep going, (: do your thing booooy .
awesome! 10!
Luvvvv this 10 !
Sweeeeet! 10!
Awsome!!10 4 u plz 10 me bak ]
Nice job!
got u
10!!! awesome!
love it :) 10 4 u
nice bro... good luck. 10!!
"Keep doin yo thang fam"
10 10
NIce song bro. You get a 10. Please vote for me in Male Best Eyes & Best Face. Good luck.
A bit too rappy for me but I am keeping my word on 10! Good luck tyler! Please return the favor and vote 10 with comment thanks.
nice 10!
Keep it going great!, 10
awesome...10 keep it up
nice 10
Cool Love it 10 !
Dude, that's epic! Keep it up man! :)
Lets get it in fam!
Keep it up. Nice beats.
Great sound. 10 from me. pz vote me 10 back.
sweet !10 !
good luck, dude! 10
nice music bro

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