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Mamoun Mathayo

18 Years Old, Albany, NY

leek black & yellow rmx
i do wat i say
Votes - 282
Score - 8.00
Views - 1753
This contest has expired.

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cool song 10!!!
sweet. 10 from me. plz vote me 10 back
Superstar10 AWESOME! I LOVE SONG (COOL) GREAT JOB :) please return vote
i can hear your music but can barely hear you!
really good 10
love it heres a 10 plz return
luv it tight song a 10 plz return thanks
luv the remix u get a 10
10 big dogg
ok 10.
nice! 10
nice song 10
10 Des Larson said: Film students, ideas needed for my contest song
nice 10!!
Nice:)) 10!!
Cool 10 !
good stuff 10
Great Music. Here's yo 10 bruh!
ur cute...10
wait a that u singin ova the song...anyway all about blk and purple bmore lol gave u a 10 tho
tite. 10
Love it 10
Nice Work Bruh... Hit Me Up Bruh, I Got Sick Beats All Day!! CHECK OUT MY SONG ''FRENCH KISS'' IM ALSO ON RADIO 93.3 IN JAX, FL
i think it worked...... :]]
i love it 1000
wow really good
Wow, it's very well done and it sounds phenomenal! Good luck to you. 10
very original love it, good luck!!!
content is a fake/copy, or does not belong to the user.... !!LOL!!
haha ya i feel it10
10 brah
tight ass video son. 10 4 u. I also would like to get in the rap business though I'm not a rapper. Maybe we could collaborate in the future
siiiiiick! 10 from me
that amazing dude 10
Good job on your music, I know that it isn't an easy task, good luck (10)
Here's your 10, M
sweeeet song... thanks for the vote. 10.
You sound real good! 10
love how it flows nice and smooth . its not cheesy like the other ones
thats tight!! 10
very nice work...10 :)
nice work...10
nice! 10 for u, thx btw ;)
10 nice
nice vid...10
great video dude heres a 10 foor you.. good luck . vote for me pls
Do U 10:)
10 for you plz return :)
great video
awesome hon 10
Great talent! 10 from me
good stuff bra
u r gd,10 4 u,gd luck,god bless,sara
kool video.... dope track! keep going, 10
We should collab I love ur style!! ICE icesismusic gmail is my email or @ICYMuSiC on twitter
keep it up.....good choice too
Ur VId is hott! Love it! 10 from me!! ICE
10 from me. plz return 10 in best kids gallery
a 10 for you honey!
just returning the voter... 10.! Greatt.
thanks for the 10 heres the return and very nice song good luck
great talent man! 10
love that beat. 10!!!
10 for sure!!!
10 for you there you got my vote please return the favor in my contests thanks babe.
thanks for the vote heres a 10
hott 10 fly boy :) voting again
nice music 10!!!!!!!!!!!
U get a 10 frm me
nice demo and i say you are cool and stay working out 10!
dawg ****
OMG! ur awsome! 10 from me. love it. wow.
10 here
cool song 10 :)
Thank you for the vote. Voted you back.
Nice Song! 10
nice song
.love,.love,... love u video!....10 from me!
i dig that mixtape that's the **** 10 we need to collab brah
nice gave u 10
awesome 10!
go hard, swagg
10 4 U!
u get
Thanks for your vote, I mon is returning the luv.
Great! 10 for sure! Thanks!
10! 10! black n yellow black n yellow love ur remix tho
sweet song dude 10:)
on fire....10
yo nice 10 cool!
big 10 bra hope the return
10 ..
10.... I LIKES!!!
I got yu, but your delivery and lyrics could be sprused up. Kepp workin on it
mannnn thiss wakkk imaa be number 1 for reall horible sounddd
nice pics.and if you don't mind add me as afriend
wow very good music my 10 for u
my 10 vote 4u..tnx
Nice! 10! please give me a 10 on my smile :)
really good(: 10
cool dude def can get with it10
Cool def ! 10!
good music man! 10
i like it;)100000
gotya back buddy.
got skills 10, please vote 4 me
Sweet! 10 from me
Dropping ur 10 by!...plz return love
10 for 10?
This is amazing.. ILOVE IT 10(:!
lolz 10nerz
awesome, 10!
nice 1o
Great work man! Definite 10!
great 10
Good Job!(: 10!
10 4 sure, return the favour in my gallery too, thx
nice...10 from me
Thats jumping son....10
10(: hot track
Pretty cool video its a 10!
hahaha love it bud! nice video 10 man!
nice! gave you a 10! : )
Great beats a 10 for you! :)
COOL! Luv the video. 10!
coooooooooooooo oool !!!!! i love it def a 10
Like the video, 10! checkk out my songg, n return the support!
awesome rap song 10 :)
10 cool
ten from me!
gave u 10 man
Wow I Love it!! U got Talent!!! a Perfect 10 from me!!!! Good Luck 2 U!!!! Thank U for the vote...:o)
10 for ya
First, I love the drive by sound, next I love the disco lights, and last I love the style of your clothes and song. It is very easy going, clear, right on beat, and you got great confidence! Love everything! Rating you a 10! Please rate me a fair 10 in my best eyes contest, and best smile contest, comment also please, thanks.
hott 10 :) please vote me too

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