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David Murray

25 Years Old, Atlanta, GA

somethin different
I wrote the chorus and first verse on this song and recorded, and mixed it down with a friend that i had been making music with.I wrote this song because I was sick and tired of hearing all these new artists slacking lyrically, and still getting recognition.
Votes - 293
Score - 7.52
Views - 3332
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thanks for the vote, and i gave you a ten too :)
Good one,Keep it up. Thanks you voted at me.:) and 10 for you also.
Haha I love the lyrics! Def something different! 10
i lokve tha song i gave it a 10
Cool. I like the concept! 10
very good... i give a ten..
nice! 10!
that's hot 10
agreed it is time for something diffrent 10 !
WOW definite 10!!!
love it def a 10 from me!!!! thanks for the comment!!!
10! :)
smoking hot 10
10 from me :)
This is hot ! well deserved 10 :)
that is great hope u do well a 10
like the style ... 10!
nice luv the song gave u a 10 good luck hun and thanx for the vote and comment :)
Well you told me to come listen to your video so i did and id say its def a TEN !! :)GREAT JOB AND I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK ! YOU SOUND GREAT
Good stuff.. thanks for the vote... 10 4 u!
Love your song, this is great ! thanks for your vote .
cool someone speakin their mind and many people can relate to that :)Vibe beat:) I produce and sing... U need better mix buddy!! ICE
Awesome song!! I love it!!!
10 4 me
COOL David! 10 from me.
I'm feeling it and you have nice strong voice too don't forget about me 10 for 10.
loved it 10!
Awesome 10 !
thumbs up and thanks for your vote and comment.. you should try entering in the gallery contest i believe you would get alot of votes 10 from me
10 from me luv
10 from me bra return the love preciate it
awesome! may just be my speakers, but up the bass!! i wanna bump it in my Civic!!! ;D
Vote...4 U! Nice although I am too young for these!
amzing..david 10 4u..u deserve
already voted you david great music.. sorry for the late comment.
Another 10 4 u 2day :)
Here a 10 for you bro!
love the beat and your voice too! appreciate the love thx...
this is awesome ! your talented!
i love it ;) and thank u 10 4 u
you are awesome!! i voted a 10!!
You Rock...Awesome! !!! 10 Plus from me...Plz vote my Gallery..Thanx. ...:o)
Nice flo! Big ONE ZERO!!!!!
10 bro.
great song 10!! plz 10 &comments me back..
WOAH! That is epic! Ima keep coming on this page to listen to it! Amazing!!! :D A 10 for sure!!!
Great! 10
very hip and hawt. 10 from me and im a rock girl )
awesome stuff
dang, lol 10 for u! thx btw ;)
gave you a 10 :)
true artist 1000 :) please vote me again didn't come in
i aint even gona hold ur wrk is good
10 luv it
really i love it. keep it up the amazing work. ur hot. and i gave u a 10
nice .. 10 love it!!!
badass 10
aite u got some solid style.. I like it so u have my 10.. kool
so true! def a 10 :)
Wow, dude. i would buy this!
that was jam :)
great stuff david 100 good work
Great! 10 :)
great job! it sounds really good, definate 10 (:
I love this, really good!! 10!!
finally some one like me lol. I like it its really good 10!!!
hell yea thats wats up i like it
this is great! 10 from me!!
Nigga down like 10 flats with out a jack , ya dig!
sound Fkin good. this the sht man 10!
David your song has meaning. You got alot of anger and hurt, that you keep stuffed inside. So, you decide to cover it up out of tough love. You hide it so well that you almost had me convinced, but when I studied your song, alot of emotions came from it, like you just want a life that you got dreams for.This song describes your personality and it gives direction to where you want to be in life and you desire it so much that you are afraid to show your true emotions. That is what I percieve of this song!
go hard, swagg way cool ten!
Love it!
well thankyou for your comment very nice, i do love this song 10000 for me
nicee song ! 10 (:
ace song x x 10 ! vote back (:
NNice 10
Wow Im impressed. Nice. :) Keep on Goin.
nice 10 frm me
Good ****
I like it on itunes?....10
You were right, i did like it! thanks for the vote:)
sweet song 10:) plz vote back thanks
Totally amazing! 10 from me (: Please leave a 10 on my Best Smile contest :D
wow! 10 fa yuh
good stuff 10 from me!!
Dhis iz hot! 10 fah u!
easy 10 !! great work
the sound is a bit off, but i got the rap, which is really goo. ten from be bro
Definate 10 home boy just for that
10 dude your madd talented... Check out my hit song FRENCH KISS
was here i heard i voted ;)
nice song you got my 10 fam
dude this is good love the music 10!!! from me plz return in my gallery txs :) wish i could give u more
wow!!! great thats whats up. 10 plus all dy
WOW!! thats cool! 10!! plzzz vote back
AWesomE...Love it:)
this **** is hot i love it u deff get a 10 boo good job :)
Gave you an honest 10 bro
returning the support!
nice 10
I love it. My 2 yr old loves it too. She is dancing right now!!!!!
Great ! 10!
It really is good hun
i love thiss.. your fann..
gret song totally agree with the lyrics u get a 10 good luck u got good ideas and voice dont give up
this hot bra
Nice 10
honest 10 :)
Wow, that was really good! 10! I like how it actually talked about something, most songs now a days are pointless. but please give me a 10 on my smile :)
it was honestly a 10!
hey not bad 10
Cool 10 bro
This song us grate I would have gave u a 20 but u can only get a 10
sounds great add more songs too...i would love to hear more....awesome talent
Hot I like it.. Sounds great! Def a 10!!!
cool song! gave you a 10! : )
im feelin the whole concept dawg nice!!! 10
love the beat and the lyrics. 10!!!
yo, this goes hard! 10 from me
love it 10 10 10
Love the song! :)
nice!!! def a 10 return the vote please
10 awsome David!!
I am giving you a 10 because I love this song, and you deserve it! Please vote me a 10 also in both of my contests, comment also thanks.
i like your voice
Easy 10 2 give. love your sound. plz vote me back 10
great! good luck! 10 from me
10 4 10?

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