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Edmond Ogedengbe

21 Years Old, New York City, NY

I'm only 17 but my love for music goes beyond that... I hope you like this song because it's one of my favorite
Votes - 278
Score - 9.50
Views - 1805
This contest has expired.

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nice i love it and i did immagine lol i give you 10 vote back
10 cool song
great job 10
Got my 10
10 FROM ME !!
cool :)10
me likes!!! lol
reminds me of shwayze and gym class hero i really dig it! 10!
Great track bro...keep it real..a 10 for you bro
Kick azz beats bro!!!! Deff. 10! could you return the vote!Thanks
dude, nice flow man. ten! vote me for head shot bro
nice....i like!! its deff. 10
Great music. 10.
love it 10 4 u
love it love the sound 10 for u great song.........10 all day
10 I love it!!!!!
well deserved 10
sweet song i think
Here u got bruh you deserve it 10!!!!!
good stuff, 10.
Great Music!!!
put your vote on swimsuit because smile is not counted:(
Beautiful music 10/10 hit me back:) on swimsuit:) thanks. P.S. I'm your 254 voters
i like this homie real talk....
Awesome 10
dammm how'd u do that!!! lol
!!!!!!!!!i gotcha , bro !!def10
I loveeee it!!!! 10 for u buddy :)
10 babe
Very Hottt track..i see u doin ya thing 10 from me of course! :)
very nice music 10 for you !!
sick wit it, I love da beat 10!
WOW Pretty Sick! Luv it 10!
diggin the track, the flows sick bro
sick track man, 10
dope track edmond... fresh beat and ill spits!!! 10 up!
10 from me...return the love
Not bad Edmond, keep it up. What software you using? Gave you a 10, plz vote back...
10,i can send u a beat.u gone record a song to it.dreberot@roc
This is pretty good man. Keep it up. 10. Please vote my gallery. thanks.
nice song 10!!!! please vote for me in hips :)
Nice song! 10 from me!
very nice ..i really love the feel
likit!!! 10 good luck hun
Pretty Beast man! 10 for sure!
this is nice 10
i think i voted but i love ur track very good 10/10 great rapping voice
i like it!!
cool stuff!, 10
10!! love it!
this song is hella tight with a nice beat! I gave you a 10. Keep doing thang! Keep on rising to the top! And never give up! you dig!
awesome song!!! love the lyrics :)
i love it!
great song! gave u a 10!
nice! 10
good stuff... 10
Good flow fam hit me up wit a vote peace...
loving the song)
love it!
love it, please vote back gave you a ten
lovee itt 10..
awesome song 10 from mi
good song, and I loved the
sick flow!
OMG amazing i want it on my ipod :D
NICEEE! love the flow
Yeah! Edmond! sounds great! keep it up!
10 for me!!! Good!!!
10 for you plz return
boy thats the **** aint even gona lie keep it up man
Very niice man, keep it up :) 10 great flow
i love thiss
10 for u
good songs good luck.
A Absolute 10!
lovve it 10 frm meh!!
i like this...i colud hear this again..10
10 for ya :)
This is Pretty good man 10
10 it sound pretty gud
sounds pretty bad ass to 10 all the way :)
10 from me! please return the favor! i like your beats
very nice im play that for my husband
aye bro like da flo on word da beat is nice to something i get to
nice track playa 10
i liked it u get a 10
tight work! man i'm feel it
diss qo hardd
Good job! Gave it a 10!
yeah fam I feel you!!
10 4u (: !
10 from me
wowo ur great 10
your the best on this website you should win hands down snoop dogg will be a fool to not pick you man :)
Love it! Unique:)
i need that track bruh! 10 for u
uniqe and different gd job bro
good work..... 10
tis is really gd...10 frm me!!!!
You have a !!10!! from me love the beat Good Luck
It's differed live instruments are the best it sounds live Im with it
gave you a ten!!! Good luck!
Hey man! voted 10 keep up the work!!! and Thanks ;)
I hope that's a hot track because my vote said it is!lol.
10 4 10,u got it, gallery.need vtes.thanks,god bless,sara
great track!! love it! 10 from me!
i love this sonq (: its awsome !! 10 from me ! (:
love the music keep the good music up :) ebby
10 4 u. vote 4 me too;)
nice song 10 from me
10 love the music
yo edmond i did not know you was from the bronx so am i we have to collab one day that live instrument sound sound incredible man.
yo edmond this track is fire have to give you a ten for this one homie.
ur cool give u a 10
10! i like this alot ]
gudd!!!10 frm me thnx for voting for me also
10 from me
got ur 10 )
10) nice
sounds good
Ur voice sound like Drake. The styl remind me of B.O.B. or Andre, well at least the beat.
10, check out my smile and vote :D
it's good
Voted 10, !
here's my 10! please return the favor :))
this shhh is good ...its a 10...
10 for you!! Nice lyrics! :)
Hey, you are talented. I like that your song is positive. 10! Hope you win (reminds me of Will Smith's style)
very good!ten
heyy pretty catchy...i like it! 10 10 10! :)
lovee itt 10:)
Totally loving the beat!!!!! Great song!!!! A 10 from me!!!! Good Luck!
straight nyc style...keep going
great rapper,u 10,vte gallery 4 me,thanks,sara
Thanx for the lovely comment. I love your style. You have talent! Best of luck, 10 from me.
Nice track 10!!
Great beat. 10
10 outta 10. vote for me please!
damnn this is sexxyyy i wish i could give u a 20 lol
Awesome beat..reminds my of Kanye.. 10!
u really have talent...keep going homie!!!
dude, this is like one of my favorites on here dude. very nice. 10/10!!
thank u..ur music is good 10
Nice musik and voice....10 from me )
here my vote @ thanks
10 from mee, luv it. vote 4 me
Thx & heres 10 for you!!
Very nice Edmond. Best wishes. 10
Nice Voted 10
thats so pop rap i love it am tryna do the same ****

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