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Arif Burr

28 Years Old, Norfolk, VA

Like That
Votes - 464
Score - 9.57
Views - 2028
This contest has expired.

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wow!!! def a ten :)
Love the sound. 10 from me.
hot musixxx 10
I really like the sound! 10
Great ten, pls vte, com me gallery
i like allottt... greTT track
awesome stuff!
good stuff! 10 for u!
nice man keep it up
Love it!!! Beat is hot!!
greta lyrics 10 for you
ahh i love this song, and youuu!!!(:
i like the music i gave you a ten can you weturn a faver please
nice work 10 from me!
nice track bro!! 10
Great track, keep doin it...
done u get a 10
This song has a real good feel to it. I like it a lot. Keep it coming.
thats hot 10!
nice track
voted 10 :)
kk voted 10 4u(:
i got you 10. great music!
Arif, had 2 leave u another msg. GREAT TRACK! You're gifted! :)
see i did vote :)
i got you10
nice!!! you got my votes!! good luck!!
i like this its hott
Gave u a 10!
One Word....... Crack!!!!!
Awesome music!! 10 from me!! )
I like
10 for you! :)
nice!!!!!!!!1 good luk u def. hav a coureer god has blessed u with that freakin awesome talent :) luck and wishes best!!!!!!!!
nic track10 good luck please vote 4 me thanks
Arif, WOW!!! Sounds great! Keep it up, wish u the best!
I love this!! :) 10 from me :))
Liking ur style :) gave u a 10
that's wats up 10
I can shake my hips too this . ahahahahhaah
ExOh thats a 10 bro
ima have the beat stuck with me bro good luck
I like this a lot, good luck with ur career!!
You got skillz Boo... Good Luck with ur Career
Thatsss sooo a tenn daddy! yourrr awsome
Great Track and love ur voice, fave u a 10 please vote for my hips papi!
that sounds gud 10 4 me
youre my numjber one big!! 10!
yup yup i can digg it
I like the song, cool beat. voted 10 Arif
I likes it, I likes it! "10"
Love it... :D has a good beat :D and its catchy
goood stuff!ur gonna goo far
Cool song!
the song not playing right now
i give u a 10!!
nice!! 10!
greattttt :)
Wow 10
wow1 awesome! 10
10 :) really good!
NICE:) C00L!0
It's a 10 homie and I would comment on it but the song ain't playing. Anyway I always support indie rappers.
luvvv ittt......
10 !! HOPE U VOTE 4 ME !
very nice :)
Nice gave 10 Peace Out Leela
love it. 10 for u
tite 10
keep doin ya thang pa
10 good luck
10 from
i gave you ten. your sexy.
Definately a 10
10 from me hun!
10 from Me Sexy! Check out My contest And vote Bac...Good Luck
i vote 10!! love it
i love it. u got me and my sista dancein. and she played it back.
nice music
I really LOVE This:)) Would be on ipod:)) 10:)
good of course. if u feel i am good in 'smile 'contest. vote! otherwise don't
10 honey bun : )
true artist!10
Shake it like that :P added it to my favs 10
awwh, very cute 10:)
good job keep it up
This Is Hot! Sounds Like A hit!
voted a ten
this is Hott
good music :)
dam u good bro
dam u good bro 10!
10 4rm me really lovin that beat...
i can even stunt i gotta give you that good ol 10 buddy!!! i like dat lol
i like da song bro
10 frm me grat song.....cheak me out on best swimsuit
ya im feeling this im a great rapper but im know for ma sex tho. u got ma 10.
i like thiss:) 10
I LIKE this track! Say you DID THAT!
u good dude
im feelin dis real talk bro keep on pushin
10! loved it
Your great 10 here
You are awesome! I give you a 10! (:
This is Hot! 10 v4v
u r good,nice muscic,vte me back,gallery,th anks,sara,u 10
I love it! 10!
definately a ten!
good .
good job..10!
this good! great job! 10
i like it.. Good job.. :)
I can get down on a dance to this! 10!
wat up wit a duo bro?? heavy hit
thats whats up bro 10
10 gt yah love
Good lookin guy with kickin track! 10 from me, please vote for me too:)
I like it 10 4 u ;)
I need a copy. :) Very good! BTW, i'm serious. Hook me up.
Me likes. 10:)
i got u arif my bad lap top was on the fritz dog but ten hut
Hey.. sounds great! voted 10
gud lyrics shawty u a 10 lol ny dats wat im tlkin bout bk bedsty all day great picz 2
Great job. thats a hot beat. Fresh lyrics. Like your style.
i gave you a ten my dude
I got 10 on it!!
10 from ya boy!
!!10!! from me ^^
nice pic u look cute
that's some blasting, happenin flow my man! great work.. 10 from me..
this is tight. i really like it :) i vote 10!!
nice bro 10
i see ya mane...10
This is hot! 10!
that's what it do; Check R.Kelly redo of I'm a Flirt my music profile rate and comment
10luv da song
10....Great song(:
Bangin' bruh!
i got ya dog. def 10
This is def something i would listen to! :) great
keep da swag on blast 10 for u hommie
I love it! best of luck. 10
aight now ima give u a ten, now dont forget me if u make it dawg
10 great
i like unique i can hear it on the radio
great song 10 could u return the favor please ? :)
10!!! and thanks man for checking out my song
great love it :D 10 for yu plzz return the favor
u got my vote. N u got skills.
Thats really good!!!
great song 10!! from me
great 10
i like iit vote 10 [& thanx 4 ur vote]
my vote for you 10 10 10
nice i gave u a 10
NICE! i give u a 10! :)
You have my ur thang!!!! Vote 4 me toooooo!!!! ;) That beat is hottt!! Love the lyrics
You have my ur thang!!!! Vote 4 me toooooo!!!! ;)
great tune bro. much respect. 10/10.
Nice I like it. Good club song
Nice Bro Good Song And Good Style Keep it up bro
You got great style in music!! keep it up!!
yto man i like that keep it up you will make it
Nice track bro...its very cool..a 10 for you my friend
You got it.
Nice track 10!!
hot! a 10 from me (Like That)!!
Dope club banger doggie hit me up for a collabo mane prospect4484@ya!
nice sound!
damn this is hot
lov it
Here s m 10 dear
Very nice...this totally rocks! A 10 from me!
the best song i hed all day i 10 u
hey i give u a 10
I really like the music Arif. Good luck dude. thnx for the vote. 10 for ya
nice track. best of luck to both of us. vote in.
Damn nice music bro! Hope u get signed!
love the music you should already be famous man
Great track keep going...
love it !!!!
fire ass track love it.
great music love it 10
hugs and kisses : ) nice track
Good Shit Dawg
really enjoy the music :)
nice 10/10
here is your 10 )
Here's your 10
catchy radio tune. I can hear ths bangin on XM sumthn like dat.
10! strong! Nice tune!
10 for you! thanks for the vote :)
Great song. 10
This tracks smoooth fam 10!
Thats whats up my dude, Like That, and Well Damn....BENGI$
nice track my dude
niceee bro 10, club banger
wow!!!!! I love it. that song my mp3
wow!!!!! I love it. I wish i can download that song my mp3
you got it 10!
10! bro nice song
sounds great!!! 10 10 10!
Nice tunes bro...very good with a nice dance beat..a 10 for you
10 love the music!
i like the singing with the rap its hot nice beat 2 10 from me
wow bro this track is off the hook man ;) hit me up on prj322 @ y a hoo . c om heres my 10
like it i voted u a 10
very kool groove and strong melody line hook
NICE!!!! 10 stars my man!
Nice like it 10 from me;)
This is soo catchy!! 10/10
10 hot beats please vote for me in the body contest
HOTT!!! 10
Hott track hun! Best of luck!
that's hot gave you a ten.
yo thats off the hook bro gave you a 10 good luck with your career
thats hot dude, 10/10. wurd yo
nice track 10/10 4 u
nice beats voted u 10
nice beats bro. 10/10..plz vote me in gallery
hey ive seen your pics on another social website but ill give you ten, u should be in a body contest too lol vote me back ten swimsuit plz

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