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Careca Christie

23 Years Old, New York City, NY

Votes - 374
Score - 8.15
Views - 2305
This contest has expired.

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10! No need to vote back if you don't want to.
All of your pictures are great. 10
A perfect ten!!
i like this gallery it looks good very clean and very classy.
here is a 10 for you buddy ! good luck !
Nice pics perfect 10!!
awesome images def.10 hit me back 10 as well:) tnx:)
i gave u a 10
i like!! 10
nice! 10!!!!
lol very cute! and thank you, your gallery is nice as well 10 from me
you definitely deserve the 10...sooo you got now(:
great gallery that's a 10
nice gallery boi
Great photos!! )
nicee pikz :) 10 !
I must've forgot to press submit. good luck! :)
great shot! you look good 10!
10 ! Return Favor Please && Thank You :)
heres my 10 bro please return that favor
very nice gallery :) good luck! 10! please return the vote :)
Got you! 10!
10 :)
Great 10!!!
Swagg it out bruh!!!! 10
Great! 10!
Very nice gallery!
Thanks and here is my vote! 10 bro
niiice :) i give ten
very cute!!!! 10 fa sho!!!
cute much?( 10!
awsome pics. 10!!!
honest 10:)
loving your style! 10 def
Great Pix 10 4 u
sweet pics bro u got swagg! 10!
great gallery! 10!
Okk..10 bruh
keep doing ya thang
nice gallery, easy 10 man
nice my man
Very nice Sexy!!! U get a 10
cool 10 bro ,like usher and patrice evra ..
really great gallery!
10 from meee!!
Great gallery! Please return votes on my contests. Thanks! :)
cool 10!!!!!!!
Got u brah! 10
def 10!
10 here!
Nice pics.. 10 from me all day..
nice 10
you got my 10
Awsome..10 for sure
Gave u a 10
give yu 10 hun :)
10 !!
really nice pics! 10!
a 10 from me
You have great look voted 10 for ya
nice pictures man, just give u a ten man,
Nice photos! Keep it up :)
Great ! 10 from me
hott! :) TEN
good work men... i give you 10 .... :D
Awesome man! 10 definately
Hott is all I can say perect 10!!
If only we could vote higher :)
ten nice who took pic
The man!
10 bro!
great pics...10
haha I love Dem!!! lol 10 from me :)
good luck fam (Show Betty)
very nice! 10 all the way
10ed you kewl
great! 10!
Lovin it 10!!
keep killin em big dawg
damn yu look good boy lol ...... 10 :)
he fine 10
very nice! A ten from me!
good photos. 10
got cha 10 bra plz rtrn the fav! good luck
Great Pictures!
got ya brow coolio
very cute(:
10 from me dude
nice :) 10
cool pics man..u get a ten..sorry for the delay....
Loved your gallery!!!! 10 from me!!!!
amazing deff 1,0000
10 all day
10 for you!!
perfect 10
want a check
great pics!! 10
love the pics.
nice gallery 10
ten 4rom me darlinG
i returned(: 10! very nice!!
great pic
Especially love the tattoo shirt! 10
Nice pics
like ur style 10 :)
wow! sexy. yea i vote u 10 all dy. vote 4 me plz 10
awesome gallery! 10
nicccce 10 man
10 dawg
nice pics 10
10'd ya ;)
nice gallery! 10
very stylish...10
Yes you got it 10
Good luck bruh
Nice man!! 10!
Very good I give you a 10
not bad at all 10000 lol
10 homie
10 for you bruh.
10! 4 You!
great pics 10!
great pic man... keep following your dream until its a reality! blessings, 10
cool pics,10 4 u sara mae
good pix 10
awesome photos! 10 10 all the way
Ilove it! Nicce pics! perfect 10!(:
Great photos! 10.
great photos! 10
10 great
Very Nice!!! 10
10 nice pic
Nice Pics !10!
All I have to say is...... Awesome! :D
damn honey you got the full package when it comes to HOT perfect 10
Good remind me of my best friend!!!
10 for sure you are a hottie please return the favor in my contests thanksss!
another ten fosho
Another 10 for sure!! Very Nice.
nice pictures
very nice gallery! good luck and I voted 10!
10 4 ya plez retrn thx good luck
nice pics )10
nice 10
born to do this i think!! Great Pictures!
You take agreat photos! 10!
nice pics bro 10
model material! 10!
awesome gallery dude 10 for you
You certainly did well in putting this gallery together. 10
great fashion. 10!!!
cool gallery 10 :)
great pics.. 10
nice 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!
very nice pics.. please vote for me..10
one mo again...10
Heres 10. VERY NICE!!
cool pixs 10:)
here's another 10
Ok,you think you're cooler than me? 10
star studded gallery! 10!!
10 from me!
Fantastico 1o
Great gallery man! 10! Good luck!
Good Pics!(: 10!!
10 from me
great gallery man 10!
nice 10 4 u
Great gallery photos! 10
u arealright dude ..........could e betta
Bam! 10!
yay im vote 30 n its a 10
nice pics luv 10 here
go hard, swagg a ten
10 from me
keep up the good work!! :)
Anoda 10
very nice 10 :)
hansome pics!!!!!!
Love everything, digging your leather jacket! I am giving you a fair 10, please return the 10 in both contests, and comment so I know that you voted, thanks!
Awesome Gallery!!!! a big 10 from me!!! Plz return vote Thank U...:o)
niec 10
thumb's up from me and also 10's in both contest
love your Gallery...great 10 from me!...
Great gallery, my friend! 10 and good luck!
Cool shades! Gave you a 10, please do the same for me!!!
Great Gallery! Here is a 10 from me! :D
I like your style. 10.
Nice! ten from me!
nice gallery, 10! :)

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