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Britteny Secrest

20 Years Old, San Francisco, CA

Votes - 301
Score - 8.21
Views - 6332
This contest has expired.

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I got ur back girl 10.
10 return vote plz :)
iVoted Yu 10 Again Just Because Yur Beautiful .
you look great. I gave you a 10.
work it gurl
beautiful gallery. sexy indeed. 10 for you.
very pretty 10
hey nice pics..
Gorgeous as always Britteny!!! And I can finally say SEXY too!!!! B) 10!!
wow 10 all the way!!
here is my 10 for today my gorgeous friend!!!! and dont worry about the haters!! lol
If I could put a million I would. 10 from me. "In love" lol
10!(: like ittt ur pretty!
Such a radiant and stunning beauty!
i voted 10 you are a very beautiful woman
Great pics! 10!
10!! God bless your future Beautiful!!!
voted my dear friend!!! a 10 all the way!!! You have come such a long way my friend!!! You are gorgeous and an amazing model!!!! shoot for the stars my friend!! And do not worry about the "haters" that vote you down. They are just mad because they can't be you!!!! I am so proud of you Brit!!!! YOU RULE!!!!!!
10 love all your pics hun :)
10 you will be a model in no time soo gorgeous
GREAT gallery definitly a fan :) vote for me in best smile plz? :)
Nice work! Beautiful!
Awesome gallery!! GORGEOUS! :) 10
Gorgeous!!!!!!! !:)
Hot Mama, gorgeous pics:)
Belle foto...10
You are gorgeous!
You are so beautiful! DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! ^^ I love you pictures!
dang your pics are good, very sexy and beautiful
tres adorable..juste superb!!
i love your pictures :)
BEST gallery i've seen!
great them
These pictures look magnificent Britteny ok.
wow awesome gallery 10 :)
shawty right there is a 10!,,im your first official (groupie)lol!
Great Gallery! one of the best i've come across. obviously, 10...very welldeserved. Hope you could vote for me too, thanks!
very beautiful ! 10 fom me!
Very nice gallery!!! 10 from me!!!!
Gorgoeus Britteny! The pilot and black sequence jacket are my favs. 10!
Your beautiful and sexy!! Nice pics!!
Holy smokes this is what I call professional!Lo oking sooo hottt!!big 10
Gorgeous pics! 10! (:
wow love ur pics.!
great photo ! 1000
thnx ...just voted! great pics!
wow great pics 10:)
I give you 10. Please return the favor here 7sL or here Leave a comment and give me some likes.
Wow your pics are AMAZING!! 10! :D
incredible Britt i wish to give u 20 but i can only give u 10 sorry but very very nice
very beautyful
Love the photos 10 thanks for the vote.
AMAZING pictures! :) 10.
really pretty photos
great photos
really pretty
Great photos! 10 here!
gave you another ten
very beautiful:)
wow amazing gallery 10
Beutiful!!!!!!! !!!
Your photos keep getting more beautiful then before Britt! Def 10 girl!!
dang girl you are so pretty! good luck i gave u a TEN!
10 :)
Voted 10 Very Beautiful. :)
great job 10 for you.
so many great photos
beautiful gallery . 10 from me .
very nice gallery
Beautiful I vote 10!
nice gallery 10
you make us redheads look good,,,,, ginger :P 10
Your soo gorgeous ! Love your gallery!(: 10! (:
I love your collaection you got a 10 from me
beautiful pic natural
Luv ur beautiful10 I luv it luv
Your still as beautiful as ever Britt..I'm glad your doing well hun :) xo
10!!! Gorgeous
nice pics! 10!
"your sexy and you know it"
for sure a 10 beautiful poses and the hair just amazing
Wow Brittney your very Beautiful :) 10
10 great beautiful pictures..!!
Great pics! Gave you a 10!
ur so gorgeous i give u a 10
Amazingly STUNNING as usural!!! Always a 10
you got girl my 10 for sure I wished we could be in a movie together www.ElvisCarden .com
10 4 sure u gorgeous
Breathtaking..h ow can you vote anything less than a 10
def a 10! you're beautiful!!
other 10 for gougers girl
10 pretty
Always a 10 from me! Love the Gallery! 10! 10 10 10!!
love, love, love your gallery! 10 for sure
ill say it again, absolutely stunning ) 10!
Beautiful! 10 ;)
beautiful .. 10 ya!
I finally got my voting fixed and returned your 10, very pretty!
very pretty 10 for ya!!
10 definitely a ten
nice 10))))
yes magic is the right word
10 4 ME ;)
gorgeous!!! 10!
10 obviously. gorgeous :)
Of course I will vote for you 10 10 GOOD LUCK Britteny
i give you a 10 you look nice with that car and that bikni wow jaw droping
very nice''
gorgeous 10!
You are so beautiful Britteny!!! 10
10, great gallery!
Beautiful gallery a 10 !!!
Omg I can believe how awesome u look! What r u doing on et u shoal b in every magazine I'm gonna show it to my friends.10 10 10 !!!
10 from The Villain. Rock n Roll
beautiful gallery, your work is really good you already know its a 10. (:
ur pretty 10 for u
whoa.....holy schucks.... perfection...I love your gallery...ty for the super sweet comment on myself and my lil doggie....:))) she says ty as well....100 from me....:)
You are Beautiful. 10 from me
wow you look beautiful 10 4 you :)
Absolutely Beautiful Brittney. I hope your career takes off! 10
Very pretty 10 3
soo pretty 10
10!!..Gorgeous! !
nice pics girl
Beautiful pics
Love these.. beautiful girl!!! 10 10 10
Gorgeous! 10!
super classy 1000000000000
wow very nice pics deffenty a 10!!!
my husband says ur damn hot girl! we both give you a 10 plus...
totally awesome gallery!!! :) girl ur photos are amazing!!!! gave u a 10, u deserve it! and i'd appreciate though if u could vote me back in best hair, thanks!
ok i give u a 10 what a resume, you go miss...
Beautiful pics, always a 10 for my friend! : )
Amazing!!! Gallery You have
Incredible gallery, 10 from me ;)
very beautiful :) 10
Outstanding! 10
Beautiful gallery 10!
Beautiful 10
WOW Speechless all 10's
nice work swhert!!
I luv it 10
love your gallery you are gorgeous no homo 10 for sure
Absolutely beautiful. A 10 and only a 10 for my sweet Britt. You know you rock it in front of the camera. LOVE IT!!!!!
hey britteny how are you and great pics 10 vary nice

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