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Nico Alonzo

20 Years Old, Little Rock, AR

Votes - 466
Score - 9.15
Views - 5256
This contest has expired.

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yea hes hot duhh he got 2nd place
Dang ur soo sexy
You're sexyy(;
ur really hott 10 vote back )
No offense but i think justin is so much cuter than you
you're really hot(: good luck
You are much better looking than Bieber. . .good luck to you!!
Very Nice galley!
remind me of justin bieber
good luck
you're so hot you remind me of justin bieber he's so sexy god bless you
ur AMAZING WOW!!u knw u kinda remind me of justin bieber a lil bit on one of ur pics.congrats
love ur pics know u will go far u differentlly have wat it takes / look at my pics and tell me wat u think plz. good luck
This is great man you get a perfect 10
10 bro awesome pics ;) and thanks for the vote
you are so cute...wonderfu l pic gave big 10!! please vote for my gallery and body contest :)
hey i give u a 10. plz 10 for 10 thanks
Your a natural....
done son!! ^^
all i have to say is WOW u deserve a 10!!! :)
Just stopping by....that last pic is awesome!
wooo hottie! 10/10!!
v4v plz? great pics!!!
Hot damn! Very goodlooking! :P 10
10 good luck bro!
Best of luck 10
sooo GORGEOUS!!!!
your gorgeous ( :
HOT u got my vote 10!
Nice pics bro... Man casting directors for Transformers 3 were looking for your Type of look. WOW. U missed it, could of made it. I'll recommend you. Keep it real bro! God Bless. u got my 10
love the pics :)
You are a natural star!!
wats up nico bro u should totally be i n swaggnation ure hella kutie kutie me lovin ya piks so vote bak.
awesome gallery dude!
Wow really nice pics! 10
Yu look very sexy...
u r cute :D
sometimes it is not enought to have a gift and it takes hard work to sell it , but the more you try the more will be apreciatted the victory, I love the way you wanna be the best and for your hard work you got my 10
yes SIR!! its ur boi the young and the restless NICO... love those dreamy eyes!! IF U KNEW WHAT WAS GOOD U VOTE 4 NICO!!
cool man
Excellent photos! :)
Great gallery!!
dats wats up nico ure hella kutie. sho da love bak. kutie kutie. :)
u deff are a model .wink 10
Bro!! you should be a model son!! ha ha 10 for you no homo.!
very cool!!! 10!
great gallery!
Stuninn picturess. brah' Guess what? you got a 10 from me ! :D
Great pics 10m :)
God took his time on yooh! your like effin hot fo shizzle! haha
You are GORGEOUSS. And you're from my state, which makes you a 10 in my book! :)
10...I like the look!
got u great pics. 10
cool pics dude
Ten! You're blessed with good looks!
we know u gets the ladies lol
Very Nice!!! 10
i vote a 10!!)
i vote u 10,love it...
you are soo cutee 10
10 nice
Ten. Nicee.
10 For sure! :)
oh so very nice :) GIVING LOVE!
suppa hot gave u a 10 pls return da vote on my music
Very Handsome! Voted 10(:
That's what it do fam. 10
You are very good looking :o)
great photos!
awsome pics 10 frm me!
You def have a cool look going on! you got a 10!
awesome gallery 10. return the favor :)
10 for 10
so basically your my husband ? kk, good ! :) keep up the good work hotty !
marry meeee :) your soooo cuteee! hahaha 10/10 :)
Pretty boy swag!
Nice pics!
pretty eyes you have....10
great pics my man
your so hot :) 10
Voted 10 :)
WOW! These are reallly good! 10!
gorgeous boy! 10!
you are really cute!! :) 10 most def!
you take my breath away!! 10! id give 100 if i could! ;)
nice pix ur hott lol 10!!
nice pic dude
You are definitely a cutie
Voted 10....Vote back plezz :)
Wow Nico........... . Awesome Pictures.a definite 10
very nice pics a 10
wow you kinda look like Justin Beiber! 10 hope you give me a 10 too!
yo buddy your cool so 10 on u
good luck buddy i am giving u a 10 take care u can do it
Your another Justin bieber bro ahaha you seem cool
your so very very very cute! love it. 10 all the way. and everyone should vote 10 as well:) good luck. (:vote gallary:)
wow! your beautifull:) your for sure a 10
Your Hott (:
you're adorable!
fell off my chair when i saw this. ur amazingly cutee! Giving this a 10!
Aww you're a cutie :D Your eyes are AMAZINGLYbeaut iful JZ
Awesome dude You'll go far keep it up :)
dang, youre hot. You look like that guy from 17 again lol ten!!!
awww(: ur a cutiee!!
Lady Killer right here!!!
awesome pics dude!!
Awesome pics.
you look like justin beiber... thats why you get all the votes! yaaaaay thats why!
good luck buddy :) ur soooo closeee gave u a 10 :) like alwaysss haha keep it upp
Just passing by, and I keep forgetting to tell you that A. Your songs are amazing! B. Try to switch up the expressions in your photos.
Hot pics..u just got 10
wow your music is so hott! you have a very warm voice. & your like the cuttest thing i've ever seen. hehe 10 from me hunny mwah
It's a ten from me. I entered the Lip Contest. Good luck. Nikki
Nice pics bro.
cool pics check out my hit song do Ur Thang
Wow..Amazing..I like it alot..such a lilo cutie there..give u a 10/10.. :) ..
Ima give u another 10! luv it;)
ur a Cutie Nico! got my 10
totally hawt;]
keep doing ya thang
I voted a 10 plz do the same thanks
great pics!! they look amazing! definatly a 10!
10 Here!!
AWESOME PICS BRO!!! get the chicks diggin' on them. Nice work bro. 10 for u!
u deserve 10 :)
i give you a 10/10 i think you won i love your pics
These are AWESOME pictures...maga zine material! 10 all the way! & thanks Nico
I loves Your pictures!!
U hav the prettiest eyes!
i love your pics keep up with the good work. gave you a 10.
thanks bro keep doing work
good pics,keep doing ya thang
I like the pics very cute
Very Nice Nico. These are interesting. Have you taken any formal shots? You might consider having some entries with more than one basic look. You have a very smooth cool look. Keep us posted on how you do.
wow, you are very very VERY cute(: 10 for sure!
so damn sexy love the pics man
i voted a 10 for u handsome you got some great pics keep it up
great pics Nico!!!
Hey nico, this is great stuff man. you need more material, keep up the work man.
a yung kevin bacon is who u remind me of...10 my dude, keep up the good work
Gave you a 10!
Nice your confidence! Vote back if you can!! Thanks!
ahww .. cute!
cute face.. 10 :)
10 4 sure!
Gave u a 10 thanks for the vote...:] and veryy nice photos you have!
wow i give you a 10 !! you have gorgeous eyes :)
great pics
Gave u a 10. ;)
nice pic Nico i gave a 10
10/10 :)
Look'N Slick Nico
10 kepp it up
10 4 u!!
Nicou2026u rocku2026as well as kick some bieber ass!!!
10 bro nice pics.
love the up close picture it's my favorite
10 4 u dang nice pics
Nico you are workin' it in these pics. Gave you a 10 :) please vote for me.. I am in the gallery and best smile contests
nice pics dude..great work 10
GAVE YOU 10!!! BIG smiles :)
i drp an dime on ya my dude
Nico gave you a ten nice pics
Keep going forward bro... you got my 10
cool. 10
Nice pics, keep doing your thang! 10
you are just tooo handsome. You'll totally take this contest for sure! 10 all the way from me!
awsome pics man for sure a 10
Awesome man! Gave you a 10 and Good luck with the contest!
super hott!! 10 for u
cute picture.. very nice.. gave 10 for u.. goodluck )
model status all the wayy(: reallly cute.wheneveer i enter you better vote
natural and amazing..:)
Your eyes are gorgeous! 10 :)
I gave you a 10! )
10 for you(:
Here u are sir!
awsome pic 10
Excellent work! You've got a great look, and know how to convey feeling with your eyes. Once you get your break, the sky's the limit for you. "10" isn't a high enough score. Best of luck to you, Nico!
10! Handsome!
very sweet and beautiful eyes. 10 dude
your really cute. (: i voted for you yesterday & thought i would again. These pics are great!! & i live in little rock too. (:
Im not the fruity type but i can definently go girl hunting with a guy like you ya kno lol. 10/10
!0 frm me, ur hotttttt!!!! remind me of Justin Beavers.
wow... i LOVE ur eyes... nd nyce pics..
Your photos are very dynamic and I like that. :)
10/10 keep it up
10! :)
great work good luck homie
Hot pix!!! (10)
Love your look Nico. 10 or sure Good Luck!
Love pics Nico. Stay cool sweety :) good luck n God Bless
Still looking HOT nico! Here is another 10 from me! Good Luck!! :)
nice u were in the top last gallary contest u earned it 10 for u
I gave you a ten :) great photots idk y but u remind me of david archuletta lol
LOVE YOUR freaking hot. good luck to you :)
omg i love your pics!!
nice pics bro
awesome pics!! 10!
your cute I give u a 10. show so love on my page please and thank you!
Great pics ) gave you a 10 of course
U good looking for young age.
nice pics
got some good pics goin on.....
damn boy
your a definite natural...10
The camera loves ya...) vote for me please
10 ur a cool dude get ur shine on
your photo's are AWESOME! keep goin man
10 For My Homie Nico
wow you are beautifull i vote you a 10
nice i like
hey nico ur driving the ladies crazy!! nice pic's 10 vote
Awesome eyes. Love the pic with you looking up that highlights your big eyes. Good Luck. you have a 10 from me. Please check my pics out.
aha you totally got my vote :) i love your eyes, they're gorgeous! and i agree with the gurl underneath, you are such a cutie :)
what a cutie :) beautiful eyes
love ur pics 10 4 u
you got my ten like so dreamy gorgeous eyes
I like your style Nico. Returning the favor brotha. I'm new here. Any votes/friends you could send my way I would appreciate it. Keep up the great work Chris
Ur pics are so beautiful! Keep up the gud wrk!
picz r lookin clean bro keep up tha work !
I voted. :)
very VERY nice look you got there ! keep it up sweetie 10 from me
great pics, cool fashion, excellent pose bro. true modellin abilites and looks. good luck bro. 10/10
10 for you man
10 for you duhh!! so cute!!
I love your gallery! You are handsome!!
nice work
You most certainly got the look kid; keep it up!
Just stunning!!! 10 for you!
here's a 10 bro good luck return the favor
nice looking kid your better than justin biebers
in it to win it bro! 10
gave u a 10 bro hit me back
very nice gallery...i gave you a 10...good luck! :)
nice10 please vote 4 me thanks
I love your eyes!
I see you doin' your thing man!
very nice pics! Awesome! God Bless! Bestt of wishes.
u are very cute, i love the look
plz return a vote thx 10 from me
great pics good luck u got a 10
nico the pics are super fly bro keep upp the good wrok homie on word
niceee pics ur such a cutie ]
wow! amazing keep up the good work
sick pics bro 10 ...great quality man
Yeah these pictures are nice! 10 10!
WOAH NICO!! you are did i miss sexy!!! 10 babe
Very, very nice! 10 for sure!
dang baby, you look good. ]
Nice pics bro...keep up the good work...a 10
Thanks for the vote. I gave u 10!!!
nice pics. 10
Why are you so cute, friend? 10 from this Brynn:)
Oh wow you are just incredibly handsome, u deserve a 10! Can I get you to vote for me as well?
Nice work bro! 10 for you my man!!
nice pics bro
nico ur pix r so awesome!! very hot. and so r u!! hhehe :)
cute10 please vote 4 me good luck
here's a 10 bro good luck return the favor

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