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Samantha Tumbarello

18 Years Old, Indianapolis, IN

Votes - 367
Score - 8.04
Views - 5624
This contest has expired.

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U R so gorgeous samantha...3 x 10 from me!!!
Very beautiful l!! Luv :)
pretty i gave you a ten!
You have an extraordinary face. You'd be a great model.
Thanx for the friendship ,good luck with your dreams!!
great gallery! 10!
I got you girl...Your gorgeous by the way!
very gorgeous. 10
def 10, flawless pics !
You are so beautiful!
crazy beautiful:)
you are freakin adorable 10!
Awesome gallery...10 for sure
dude a LOT of votes wow nice pics give yah a dime
You are very stunning Miss Samantha! I hope you win the gallery contest!
You are very beautiful, the kinda girl dreams are Made of.
Pretty girl 10 4u
THis is the best gallery! 100,000,000,000 ,000,000......
LOVE it!! MMM 10!!
Check out miss thang! Keep up the good work girl!
u look amaze hon u get a 10
just down right beautiful with those big sexy eyes. i wish i can give u more then 10
You're a beautiful. Great photos...10!! v ote 4 me on best eyes
Astonishing gallery you've got here, and you truly do have a gorgeous look about you. Just brilliant all around.
yo yo nice 10 4 you
u have beautiful eyes and a great personality! 10!
Great gallery! 10!
u got a 10 from me.pretty pics
returned the love thxs
beauiful 10
WOW! Beautiful!!!!! 10!!!!
very pretty 19 plse return
Fabulous 10 ! ( :
Love the new pics Samantha : ) voted ya 10 before but didnt realize I didnt leave comment 10 all the way !!
10 plus beautiful
ur very pretty so young so much potential! keep it up girl! 10 from me
XCute 10 return the favor
Fantastic gallery ten from me.
Amazing Pics 10
you got a 10 from me! ]
You are really pretty.
pretty eyes my number 1 fan lol thanks for everything (: heres a 10
Nice i love the pictures and your eyes too. 10
Beautiful I love it, You got a 10 from me
wow you look so nice, dios te vendiga
10 good luck
cute pics you are very pretty! 10
most beautiful girl i ever seen Love Angel
Hey you are good ;D 10
great gallery def.10 for you:)
aww, you are beeeuuuutiful! Voted 10 back :) CUTE DRESSS!
Fab!!!! Really cute pics gurly!!! Thanks for the comments and votes!!!
pretty. 10 :)
very sweet 10 from me....
very cute girl. 10 from me
those pics of u in a bikini are such a turn on! 10! and if i could i would give you 100 xD
sweet pictures 10
Nice gallery! def 10!
nice pics thankz 10
Sam I love it your very pretty really nice smile very nice perfect ten to you :]
Beautiful pictures!!! 10 :)
love the gallery! 10 lovebug! :)
Beautiful Pics and Great gallery! 10 4 u!
nice mama
very nice pic's ma' good luck....10
i agree wit everyone... 10 it is!!
2nd vote ! giving you a ten ! camera loves you !
Hey Sam its Manuel aka Manny. i jst want 2 say ur gorgeous. I wuz jst finishing tellin the ppl how hot u r and hw i wd lyk 2 go out wit u. but we probly liv miles apart so it wdnt wrk. anyway goodluck wit the gallery Sammy!
Great gallery, Samantha!
Great Gallery...Good Luck!!!
10 10 10 10 10 10 10!
You've defined ther beauty of 10!!!
hot pic prettier than me very cool!
Very Pretty ! 10
keep doing your thing nice pics gave you a perfect 10
Don't think I voted for your gallery before, Hope you win!!! those Eyes are too cute!!!
10 for me )
Beautiful pic 10 :)
nice pics 10!!
hers u a 10,u r so pretty,when they say u r nt,look and laught,u will make it,u can vte me back,i dnt care abt winnin,sara,mom kathy,god bless
ur relly pretty BIG 10
you got 10 from me. you are a very beautiful girl and thanks for the compliments..
stunning 10 from me ;)
YOU GET A 10 From Me
there u go sweet heart 10 on the fly
Rating a 10!
Awesome 10..........:)
beautiful pictures, i love your eyes :) voted 10
ur gorgeous!10 :)
10 girly! ur gorgeous!
Your eyes are amazing, great gallery :P 10
Absolutely beautiful portfolio,Outst anding work girl love it,Winks.
10 4 u :)
Def a 10 you have some killer eyes. Watch out fellas
ur mad pretty 10
u vry pretty samantha:)
Very Prett! def 10!
Nice! Please Return the vote on (ALL??) my contests!!! THANKS :)
nice work, gonna get a 10
you lookin awesome
ok 10
Nice variety!
Wow.. you have a lot of great pix you are a beautiful girl.I vote you as a 10 :)
10!!! ty 4 the vote ]
Beautiful(: a ten from my part!,.
Dime! Fosho
you are hot!;)
awlll so pretty keep it up...10 frm me
awesome!! gave u a ten please return on my best kids smile:) thx!!!
Pretty, pretty girl!
wow! beautiful!
Very cute great eyes should enter that contest.
u are so cute!
great pic!!!!!
Super Pretty 10!!
great pictures, u truely are a star
defenitly 10 :D got my vote
u areee super preetyy :D
great pics. Your very pretty
10love them
great pics. very photographic. 10
As pretty as they come. keep up the good work.
Beautiful pics you're a natural
Wow, you're really pretty. 10!
Me? look at you! beautiful! ]
Nice shots,10 ;)
10 from me beautigul !!plz do my winter one tcs!!!
Ur so pretty girl.. 10 from mi
I love all you pictures. You are such a beautiful girl.
10 for you!
hey samantha nice pic i gave u a 10 return plz
nice pics
Love your pics ..10 frm me
Very cute gallery samanttha,10!
dAnnng!!!! you are very prettty!!!! all the best to you!!! 10
great look, nice eyes!
Good pics natural smile..
great job a perfect 10
nice gallery
gorgeous!! )
10! again please return
Superstar!! Love It!! :)
great gallary!! your a natural!
Beautiful Love all your pics(:10
You are gorgeous wish i could give you a 15, a 10 !!!
10 amazing
great...10...!! !
nice eyes 10
10, super cute
cute! 10!
Dang Your Hella Gorgeous (; i Voted You a 10 ; Do Me a Favor & Retuuurnn The Loveee ? (: Thhhannkkk Youu ; Freddie.
>> 10 4u cute!
10 for sure pretty girl!
Your gallery is amazing! 10 for you again!
beautiful gallery! I love your eyes 10 for you
10!looking good!
you are so goegesous 10!!!!!!!!!!!1
ooo i want u ;)
gorgeous!:) TEN!!
Americas next top model but a angel sent from heaven
its 9ice 10
cute gallary. good luck. 10 4 10?
nice gallery! 10 again :)
love your gallery pics :) another 10 for u
Very cute! Great pix!
You're as cool as me! "10"!
Beautiful girl 10!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
Samantha, your pics are so HOT! Perfect 10 :)
nice gallery, 10!
great shots!
awesome gallery, definitely a 10! : )
go hard, swagg vote is you're cool and ten
great pic's 10:) good luck !
super nice
loving the gallery!!! keep it up
sooo pretty! 10 :)
10 4 u..
HOTTT! 10 always
Always a 10 :)
absolutly vakker :P (absolutly beautiful) :D 10 from me
10 for sure
u have very beautiful eyes! good luck!
Great pictures you have & so pretty.. Keep it up!
gorgeous . natural . talented
Beautiful, a very regal look you have! Like a princess! You're gonna go far!
Good pictures. A 10. Please don't forget to vote for me in Best Eyes.

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