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ShaRae Seals

23 Years Old, Philadelphia, PA

My nails
Shocking beauty
Votes - 142
Score - 7.89
Views - 1350
This contest has expired.

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thank you for you vote on my best smile apperciate it alot , and girll your nails are adorable , 10 you you ! (( :
Awesome! 10!
Nice nails 10, please vote me back on best male headshot 10
pretty nails
Cute nails! returning the vote back. 10 for you.
Great Fashion!!!verry pretty! 10 !!!
Thanks for your comment & vote. 10 for you for sure! :) xoxoxo
You're a shining star, no matter who you are, shining bright to see, what YOU could truly be! Great nails & pose...stay positive & keep @ it.
nice nails gave u a 10 plz return the fvor?
cute nails 10
not necessary the style that i would do for myself, but on you it looks awesome!!! I love it! So I gave you a 10 :)
u got them crazy gorgeous nails, 10! love them.
great nails 10
your nail are fab I gavi u 10
nice :)
awesome! keep it upp!
creative nails
Nice !!! 10 4 u
nice pix
10 :) be my fan :)
sweet nails u deserve a 10 beautiful girl:)
Very cool!! 10 10
Nice! 10
nice color on your nails keep the good work.
I LOVE the colors!! ) U r 2 cute!
hahaha...I was shocked :) smashing pic nice to meet ya 10 from me can you plz return 10 on my 2 contests n ty...:)
cute photo all around!! 10!! plz return the fav
I like 10! please return vote
I love your NAILS :)
10...please vote for my gallery.
10.. pretty nails!
Wanted to show support Sharae10! Return the votes once you are free in Best Dog Contest. Thanks
cute 10 for
nice nails 10
cute! 10
Those are my favorite colors! Haha you got a 10 from me girl! :)
YOUR NAILS ARE A 10 nice nails.
Great nails! 10!
awesome nails! 10 :) plz return vote in cutest kids gallery thx
cool nails! 10! plz vote me back in my winter look contest. thank you!
Thanks Lady! I'm trying something new with my life. I just hope I make it :)
my favorite colors :) 10!! plz return it thanx n good luck
(: love the blue and silver! another 10 from me!
Love the mouth open pose! cue! 10 10 10 fir the nails!!!
Great pic, 10! : )
Very nice! 10
Awesome nails!! 10!
gave ya a 10, cute nails (: return the favor?
cute nails, 10 original, vote me back pls ty
those are pretty!

* Score is based on a fair scoring average algorithm, utilizing a balance between number of votes and rating of each vote. Average Rating is the raw average of combined ratings, and is only one of the components of the Score algorithm.

* Explore Talent strictly enforces the contest rules & regulations, and we reserve the right to have all of their nominations/votes removed of any member that is caught cheating. Talents are strictly forbidden in setting up any type of automated nomination/voting form on their profile and if detected will be disqualified. We are very serious in our effort to hold an honest and fair contest for all participants.

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