Do you have the most gorgeous cat in the world? Do people always tell you that your cat is just beautiful? Submit a photo of you and your cat for a chance to win great prizes!
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23 Years Old, Philadelphia, PA

Rhys nd Me
Votes - 259
Score - 9.44
Views - 1370
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nice portrait of both
great cat. great owner. 10 all the way. don't forget my smile and suit. 10s only given and received.
u got my support all da way pretty gurl
get at me 7313070855 marry me
cute! 10
such a pretty cat. ten from me! plez return the favor!
10 for you and your cat!:0
aww it so cute
Heres your 10 please vote back thanks
you are so fine keep it up 10 all da way ma......
GORGEOUS cat!! i love the snowy background to!!!!
u r pretty and so is your cat! 10
done girl!
i love it :) 10!
Nice Pic. get back @ me.
u take sum beautiful pix girl! for real u got wat it takes for wat eva specially when u 5
YEs sexy! 10!
i dont know which cat to vote for lol ..perfect 10!
You are so sexy. Perfect 10. Vote 10 for me in Best Head Shot please, and thanks boo
nice pic like it :)10
nice pic of you too! 10!
Nice pic 10
got you girl and the pic is cool 10
so beatiful i give you my ten ma....
So cute I'm going to die! 10! Check me out best suit & headshot!
Beautiful!!! 10
Nice photo with the snow in the background. You are beautiful and your cut is adorable, but I got a kink in my neck trying to veiw your picture. LOL You know, it's very easy to rotate your photo right side up before you post it. You got my vote! : )
which cat am i voting
Pretty! 10!
adorable, plus you got a rockin body ] 10
Very pretty Vanda Cats pretty tooooooo lol 10
You are Beautiful ma! Absolutely 10!
beautiful cat
u r beautiful,god bless10,sara
very nice! 10
OMG I LOVE YOUR PICTURE!! I love your cat he's so cute! And your hair is great!
You are beautiful!!!10 from me baby
10. your gorgeousss !
youre cool 10 4 10
nice hope you like my song life
10 goodluck
Awe adorable ] 10!
both of you are very cute! 10/10
too cute. 10
10 for you ..Good Luck to you..
honest 10, beautiful cat! You are very pretty too!
10 fo real
very cute! (: 10 from me!
awwwww to cute:10
adorable!!! 10
10 it is
Total cutie. 10 out of 10! )
10 again from me:)
AMAZING picture, both of your eyes are stunning 10 plus!
Thank u for the vote... here is one 4 u 10!
r u
sexy body!!!
got ur 10
nice pic!! 10
Nice pix
You got it take care..
Adorable cat! love the pic overall. 10 from me )
Good Pic.
Love it!
kitty so cute.) 10!
That pic is beautiful, You and the kitty, Is the fur from the kitty keeping u warm in the snow day? I voted you a 10
so pretty
the best ive seen!
beautiful picture! 10! :)
My Vote
nice pic cutie, 10 frm me
So cute!
What a cute kitty...10
10 from me
i love your picture big ten
Beautiful Pic ma. Gave u a 10!
thx !! returning the vote
lovin this pic cute cat and sexy urself;)
Cute picture & Cat .. TEN!
very sexy! 10
cute cat! and cute owner! 10
damn you're sexy
Vanda you have my 10 oh thats really cute picture...all the best my friend
Gave u a 10 :)
Hit me up on Face Book DuceBlow oh 10 all the way beautifl u made me feel good inside looking at these pics of u
you got it girl! 10
here u go
aye dis pic sexii....and the cat cute...10
I do like this picture, so you have my 10. :)
A 10 from me!
looking good a ten mami..
kute pic...10
lovely, 10 from me!
sexy 10 babes thanks for love gudd luck
nice pic! 10:)
2 cute cats
veryy sexxii girl! good luck!
nice! 10
Nice pics girl///
You are really prettyy!!! 10
Great picture! 10 your gogeous!
great pics 10 from me love ur kitty !!!!!!
great pic.... 10
awww pretty!!!
Both of you are beautiful but the cat won! :) 10!!!
Beautiful like a flower floating across a lake :)(Hope you make it to the top )
nice pic.. 10!!!
definitely a 10!
very nice... gave u a 10..
10 all the way!!! :)
wow. nice pic. u should join the hair contest 2. 10 from me
10 for u and the cat!
you are cute!! 10 for you thank you !!
watch out that girl kaitlyn simmons is a cheater
Aww! Great picture! 10! Thx for ur vote :)
even tho we are in the same contest i have to say that kitty is cute 10 ]
nice 10:)
very nice :)
nice pik . a 10 from me
cool pic..gave u a 10:D
aww cute cat!
Very pretty pic. You get a 10 from me. Please vote for me in Best Smile and Best Headshot Contests.
Hey Vanda, I'm from Phlly too! Was born in the old Naval Hospital and lived in a project named Passyunk Homes. I also have a cat named Molly and shes very fiesty but a great cat none the less. You look great and hope to chat. Be good ok!!
I love it !
love the pic! 10!
cuuute cat!!! but ur much cuter;) 10!
love the pic bang bac
Very cute pic...awww...a 10 for sure
love your pic but can u turn it up right. Good luuk beautiful cat
nice pic! 10
very pretty :)
hi just gave u 10 plz return it
Aww Cute Kitty
clear 10
Such a beautiful picture! 10 for you!
Awww she's adorable!! And Ur pic is amazing as well!! 10 4 10
A hot 10 for you & love the cat also
Agree with Merci.. 10!
very cute cat and u girl is soo pretty...10 from me!!
10 cool
Beautiful. Def 10.
nice! haha 10
dang girl whos the star in this pic the cat or u? lol u look relle good in this pic! 10
nice pic
i love it girl! ;p 10 for ya! .. g luck mami!
Rhys & Vanda...both are soooo beautiful!! 10!
yur extremely pretty girl!! TEN!
this is a great picture 10!
Nice Cat 10 & you're Nice also 10
awww very pretty
pretty! 10
great photo def 10 you are very pretty
damn you're sexy as hell 10...
got my 10 nice kitty
10 nice cat
cute cat... a 10
ur body language kill da setting
Go ahead make the cat look sexy!
love cats and dogs so cut 10 from me!!!!! ur beautiful as well....
that philly swag lol
cute pic!! you got my 10:)
I'm voting aain. I guess 1st vote didnt go through
Dime for the kitty!
Looks so soft :)
Pretty cat and pretty lady. 10 from me. Please vote for me in Best Smile and Best Headshot.
Beautiful cat and u:) 10 for u:) hit me back when I have a contest 10 as well thanks:)
aww thats a cute pic i give you a 10
very cute!! u look good:) 10
very cute! 10!(:
Beautiful pic. 10. Could u return the vote please for my baby girl. Thanks
cute cat 10
Wow Vey Beautiful!!!!!! !
Thank you! Here's your 10
Very cute(: 10!
you are beautiful like the cat 10
10 for the cat as well as yourself!
ten hands up.. and beautiful Vanda!!!
gorgeous cat! outstanding body!! why aren't you in any contests? my goodness!!
Nice Cat and nice booty!10
10 please return the love! Thanks :)
very nice! totally naturel 10

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