The winner of the Urban Music Contest will perform live on in concert as the opening act for the King of Hip Hop, Snoop Dogg himself. Now is the time to give it all you've got. Get as many votes as you can and if you're just now entering the contest, you still have time to get exposure and get your music heard. Maybe even win it all!
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Kaylin Lucas

18 Years Old, Houston, TX

Can Get With Me
Votes - 312
Score - 9.57
Views - 1665
This contest has expired.

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keep it up ma, thanks for the vote. Got you back.
10 here so the love
great job!! 10:)
great music kaylin 10
10 frm me nice track
nice10 please vote 4 me thanks
ok girl 10 !
awesome song. 10 from me.
holi cow!! nicee!! ten from me def.
damn dirl. get it. 10
YA!! love the rap!! 10 4 10!!!true artist:)
you go hard ma keep it up....
10, awesome!!
10 its great
great music kaylin 10
shawdy keep doin yo thang mommie you on da right track you go hard.......10
keep doing ya thang lil shawty
10 from me)) vote for me for best legs!
def 10 :)
got my 10 :)!
real good. go 4 it girl.
Sounds dope..GOOD LUCK
10 for you my dear!
kooliosis its a dieagnoses
there u go sweetie
great music def.10 hit me back 10 as well tnx:)
Lovin the swagg 10!
10 ! from me
tight beat. You got my 10.
got u 10
love it 10
nice i like...10 for me
10 from me! haha i rapped in my friends studio for awhile. your good(: 10!
Good job hun...a 10 for you
Very nice perfect 10
10 4 10 good luck
ten good luck
10!!! Good luck
u got vote aswell 10
u got my vote 10!!!
good job on the lyrics. 10!
kewl 10 :)
Great job fam! 10
nice keep it up girl and good luck 10
Wow...Nice....g ood luck!!!
Wow you got guts to enter this contest!! Nice, gave you 10!
wow i love the beat!!!!!!!!!!! !!def a 10
pretty good kaylin 10
love it girl 10
Very nice track 10!!
really good 10:) please get my makeup
Voted 10 4 you Plz check out my contest also...
10 good luck
def. 10 for u girl:) hit me back in model 4 peace contest 10 tnx:) xoxo
10. Defiently. Can u please return the vote for my baby girl in the Cutest Kid Contest. thanks.
nice rap 10 410
got u 10!!
yo fo'real i like that **** even though the quality a lil so so 10 for your punchlines and style
i feel it thats hottt!
10 here gurl...Yes!!!
10 girl ]
Definate 10 good job. Love the music please get my Divina back in the cutest baby contest thanks.
gotchu. Hit me back up.
here's my 10:)
cool music..a 10 for U
nice good luck :] plz return it
10 all day!!!!!!!!
Def 10!!
very nice. 10. plz get me back :)
yeahhh u killed it girl
you are good
nice voice
Not bad at all...keep it up... a 10 for you
i love your song 10
omg you're sound awesome!
so awesome! 10!
this is Tight but, need mastering 10 4 Detroit babygirl G.@.M.E 4 tight beatz
I like this!!!!!!!! 10 all day!!!!
u got my vote ! 10
Deff. 10
you get a 10 from me
>>>def 10for i got you ma yep
damnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnn!
Wow, that is really good! Especially considering your age. If you wrote that even if you didn't you get a 10
Voted u 10 kaylin
nicee 10!
good beat keep it up
10! your cool!
I like ur flow! 10!!!
love ur voice 10
Keep it up! You've got talent girl
u got my 10, nice track
haha, i jammed tot his, your seriously good girl. ten
Backfire 10!!!!!
Good job! 10 4 u girl!
Good job! 10! vote 4 me too please? Thanx
i dig it10
nice voice 10
i gave u 10
nice beats
nice i love your music
u kilt it lil mama im down wit da colab holla
you are good 100000000000
you go girl....10 from me for working hard!
Girl you know how to work hard! A 10 for you.
SUPER STAR!!! ple v4m
you go girl.. your a winner 10.. keep up the good wrk. ;)
nice 10
keep up the good work..
nice! :)
ten from me plz do same on same on swim suit
real nice song 10
great beats 10!!!!!!!!1
10! D:
good job girl! 10
10 babe good job
10 for you!
very nice.. i enjoyed that. doing great :)
here's 10
girl u got my vote..10
10...good luck
10 Kaylin!!
Nice 10 from Me! Return plz?
Very good another 10 up.
10 good
hope to hear more from you 10
nice. 10 from me.
good delivery, bring up the volume on everything else
great 10 i in aug gallery
flow sounds good girl, delivery as well. The main problem here is the audio quality. If you want your song to stand out make sure it keep ppl listenin. The instrumental is too low, and the vocals are distorted and different volumes. Everythiong else sounding good tho ma, so just work on refining the overall sound quality and it's gonna be great! Much love, 10
i voted plz vote 4 me
great lyrics!
10 nice
gave u 10
gud!10 plz get me in gallery
awesome (: 10!
good luck
Great song! 10 from me, please return the favor :)
good job! 10 from me
nice track.. 10 from me
tight song....10
great song 10 :D
ten for yu!!!! vote me back for smile plz. thanks and good luck
voted 10 for you
dis is da best thing i ever heard girl
10 love the music please vote for my hips contest
nice song
cuite sng i gave u a ten
nice 10 frm me..pleas vote back
like your song 10)
i like your music
U get it girl!! I love it! 10
10 I love the music keep it up girl!
i voted you 10 :)
ten spot this is awesome vote me too k im a fan u have to vote my song
voted 10, !
ten for the effort and you from my hometown!! come check out hottest dedication the world needs to hear!
you got your vote from me.
Sounds cool
gave u a 10...nice...v4v
kool song! 10 frm me..
nice i like it!!
10 10 10...mama
i like it 10/10 from me
yea dhats realii gud
10 nice
keep doing your thang mama
ok u got skills we should collab
You did great! keep it up. 10
gave u 10
got u back girl wit a 10 )
your good :) plz vote back
VOTED!! 10
Come to my musical profile kaylin!!AGE!!
Nice song. 10
thsnks for the vote u got a 10?
Keep doin ya thing...
great music I loe it
Love it! 10!
nice beat girl! 10!
lame ass **** keep it up. o an u ain't in da booth
Great beat. 10
nice kayla gave you a ten.
you are too cute! please vote me back :))
You make me think of myself @ your age! that's what's up, I'm really feelin ya. Make sure you keep it up and luv tha hatas! Stay in touch, I'm looking for some young talent to present too hit my anytime! Friend me! Peace. Erixa Charlez
here is that 10 !!!
hot gave ya a 10
thanks for the 10 here's is my vote ;)
hey i give u a 10.plz 10 for 10
vote 10
Voted 10 Nice btw
fasho holla bac
Voted 10!! please return the vote & comment.
NICE SONG! i give u a ten. please vote for me. :)
Nice track 10!!
10 from me .. love ur lyrics
10 from me )
i got u kaylin.

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