How to Handle Stress During Acting Auditions

Acting - November 8, 2013
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Are you preparing for upcoming acting auditions and experiencing serious stress and anxiety, you can barely function? Do you find it horrible when you start sweating and blinking too much, when your throat gets dry and your legs start shaking? These are normal pre-audition jitters you should learn how to handle well so you can ensure a positive outcome of every casting call you go through.

There are some tricks you can observe to help relieve yourself of some of this stress and not to lose your control, especially when you are already in the audition venue. While this might not be easy at first, you have to do what you need to do so you would not forget your lines or just stand in front of everyone with a red and sweaty face. To fight against this awful feeling, here are some tips to keep your cool when under pressure during an audition:

1. Do not apologize.

When actors get nervous they usually freeze up. This, of course, is a natural reaction for many. When you forget your lines or get overwhelmed because you feel out of your element, you often shut down and hit the panic button. When this happens, you could get so distraught that you might stop in the middle of your audition and apologize for wasting everyone’s time and high tail it out of the audition room.

Never apologize or ask to start again. To stop in the middle of a scene is a big mistake. Your lines do not always have to be perfect either. They are more concerned about the essence of your character. Turn on your improvisation button and show them that you are a great actor.

2.  Take a deep breath.

Breathing can aid in calming down your nerves. So, take in long, deep and breaths through your nose and exhale out through your mouth. It might be amazing for you to take note how there are people who forget the simple act of breathing during acting auditions or casting calls.

3. The casting director wants you to be successful.

He is not your enemy, but your pal. He is there because he is expecting to see that one talent he is looking for. He is not in that audition room to look down upon you. He could very well be cheering for you to be successful and wishes for you to perform well. Their prayers of a succeeding in casting could have their answers in you.

4. Never look down during the whole time you are cold reading.

During cold readings, always pay attention and watch the others when they are reading their lines. When your turn comes up, make sure that you know the first line by heart and only glance down long enough to skim your eyes over the next lines. Reading simply from off a page is a no-no. This will make you sound and appear like you are just reading and not acting. It will look bad on the camera. It will make you look like you are too shy and can get nervous quite fast. Try to relax so you can act and show them your talent.

5. Exercise.

In the furor of preparing for casting calls, exercising is one of the last things you might think about putting on your daily schedule. It is quite important so as to stay not only healthy physically, but also mentally. Exercise is a great way to work off tension. It will really help to control your body while acting.

So, if there will come a time when you will be sweating like a pig in an audition venue, keep in mind there are straightforward tips you can use to see you through. It does not even matter if there are instances when you feel like you made a fool of yourself during acting auditions as this is imperative at one time or another for your own learning.


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