Where to Find the Best Acting Auditions for Kids

Acting - December 4, 2013
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Grown ups are not the only ones who are serious about their careers in the entertainment industry, acting auditions for kids are also viewed with much importance. Even kids, at their young age, view these auditions and casting calls as quite essential should they want to make acting their career. There are many talented children nowadays who show great love and interest in pursuing the craft.

The great thing about striving to have a career as an actor is that you are neither too old nor too young to get acting jobs. There are a lot of great actors that started in the industry at a very young age. They went to various numerous auditions when they were kids until they land acting jobs from youth-oriented shows like the ones shown on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Shia LaBeouf, and Ryan Gosling are just few of the many actors who started their acting career in Disney Channel. Your kid can be one of them, too.

If you are a parent of a kid who has the talent and the interest to go into acting, then it is part of your responsibility to help him find good acting auditions. Below you will find some tips on where you can find auditions and casting calls that could provide your kids the chance they need in stepping into the entertainment world:

1. Disney Channel Auditions

Talented young kids covet to be part of auditions for Disney Channel. They usually hold open auditions every year to look for a new set of young talents. These are posted not just on their website, but also on numerous other sites on the Internet, so you won’t have any problem in finding them. Finding acting auditions for Disney Channel can be one the ways you can help jump-start your child’s career in television and even in movies.

2. Talent Resource Websites

There are a lot of websites online that provide a listing of updated casting calls and acting jobs and one of these is It is the largest among the many websites that offer acting job postings for both young and adult actors in the U.S. You can register to this site and use it in making an online profile of your child where you can upload videos and pictures of your kid as much as you can. This can be seen by the many casting directors who visit the site not just to post their casting calls and auditions, but also to find talents. Your child can be one of the lucky ones that will catch their eye.

3. Talent Agents or Agencies Specializing in Handling Kids

If you are serious about helping your kid out in his acting career, then you should find somebody reliable to represent him. You can do this by submitting child’s resume and headshots and if your child has the potential, agents or agencies will be lining up to represent him.  A talent agent or agency will help your kid in getting into acting auditions and booking acting jobs. He can even get your child into private auditions, which you wouldn’t be able to be part of without an agent.

4. Bulletin Boards in Acting Schools and Workshops

Acting schools and workshops usually post numerous acting auditions and casting call invitations on their bulletin board. If your child is currently taking acting workshops or went to an acting school for kids, check on the school’s board, there will surely be auditions or casting calls there your kid can be part of.

These are just among the many avenues that you could look into when it comes to finding casting calls and auditions for your kid. The key is to being persistent in finding the right acting auditions for kids from the most reliable sources.

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