Golden Globe Awards Prediction 2014

Most Definite Predictions On The Golden Globe Awards 2014 Winners

Entertainment - January 10, 2014
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Predictions For Golden Globe Awards 2014
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Golden Globe Awards 2014 is one of the most anticipated awards ceremonies in the entertainment business. Any actor would want to be part of these events on their acting career. Actors don in their best suit. E! Online already predicted the gowns that nominated actresses will wear.

For the Film Category, Best Drama, Best Comedy/Musical, Best Screenplay, Best Foreign Film, Best Animated Feature, Best Original Song and Best Original Score will be selected. Best Director, Best Actress for Drama and Best Actor for Drama will be chosen amongst the nominees. Film Category has the Comedy/Musical genre that selects the Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor.

In the Television Category, the board chooses for the Best Drama Series, Best Comedy Series, and Best TV Movie/Miniseries. Best Actress for Drama, Best Actor for Drama, Best Actress for Comedy, Best Actor for Comedy, Best Actress for Movie/Miniseries, Best Actor for Movie/Miniseries, Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor are also picked out from the group of nominees.

Golden Globe Awards 2014 will be aired through NBC on January 12, 2012, live from Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. According to Indiewire, “12 Years A Slave” will definitely win this year’s Golden Globe trophy for Best Drama for its film category. However, there is a small percentage that “Gravity” could win the award. On the Best Comedy/Musical award will apparently be given to “American Hustle”. It’s runner up will be Nebraska. For the TV category, “Breaking Bad” has the best buzz to win for Best TV Drama. The Best TV Comedy will obviously go to “Girls”, although the newcomer Brooklyn Nine Nine may get the trophy. “Behind the Candelabra” tops the predictions for the Best TV Movie/Miniseries.

Cate Blanchett from “Blue Jasmine” will absolutely be awarded with the Golden Globe Best Motion Picture Drama trophy. There is also a slight chance for Sandra Bullock (“Gravity”) to grab the trophy. It is obvious that Chiwetel Ejiofor of “12 Years A Slave” will be the Best Actor for the drama category. For the Comedy/Musical Best Actress bet on Amy Adams of “American Hustle”. For its counterpart, “Nebraska” star Bruce Dern is expected to win the Best Comedy/Musical Actor.

On the TV genre, The Best TV Drama Actress predicted Kerry Washington of “Scandal” to win the award. Kevin Space of “House of Cards” will win its counterpart, although “Breaking Bad” actor Bryan Cranston could win the award. On the Best TV Comedy, Best TV Actress goes to Julia Louis-Dreyfus from “Veep” and Best TV Actor for Michael J Fox for his own show, “The Michael J Fox Show”. Elisabeth Moth has the largest probability to grab the Best TV Movie/Miniseries Best Actress. For Best TV Movie/Miniseries Best Actor, it will definitely be given to either Michael Douglas or Matt Damon for “Behind the Candelabra”.

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