The Benefits Your Kid Can Get from Becoming a Movie Extra

Holly Bissonnette| November 22, 2013

Doing an movie extra job is not just for adults but also for young children. There are a lot of movies and TV shows that are using children as an extra.  Exposing your kids in movies and television as an extra is a good start to train him or her in getting used of the camera and the crowd. It is also a good step to jumpstart your child’s career, especially if your child has an interest in pursuing acting.

Often young children are seen in movie as an extra portraying as a student, as a playmate of the main young actor, or just part of the crowd.

Here are some benefits kids can get in becoming a movie extra while they are actively involved in the entertainment business:

1. Acting skills is not a requirement.

The biggest advantage of being an extra is acting skills is not an important requirement, so you do not have to worry about it. Your child will have a chance to do extra job in the movie or television, but it is a great advantage if your child has a proper training or natural talent in acting.

2. Exposure… exposure…exposure.

Doing extra for film and TV is a perfect exposure for your child, especially if he or she has a potential in acting.  Getting your child exposed on television will also help him develop his social and acting skills.  You should not also forget to consider the idea of being discovered, because casting directors also look for young talents doing extra.  So, if your child is bubbly, witty, and talented who knows your child might be discovered on the spot.

3. Acting time is Fun time.

Your child does not only get to act as a background actor or a stand in extra. He also has the chance to meet new friends, learn new things on the set, and bond with you.  Remember, there are also famous actors who started as an extra when they were younger, who knows your child’s playmate in the movie scene will be the next superstar.  It would be great to hear your child say “We worked together as an extra when we were little kids”

4. A good way to save money for your child’s future.

Even though doing extras are project base job, your child can earn 800 dollars per day for a non-union member, but there are ways to earn bigger. If your child will play as a double, he can earn more than 800 dollars per day. If your child is a member of a union, he can earn double than the minimum, and do not forget to keep his voucher. Your child’s voucher is the ticket to claim his talent fee.

5. Work with famous actors.

Your child will have the chance to work with famous actors in the industry and you can also see them too. Who knows, your child might be lucky to play with the famous young stars and great actors in the movie. This could be fun for you and for your child.

Now that you already know what advantages children can get for being background actors, you as their parent might have no qualms about getting them involved in the scene. Just keep in mind that becoming a movie extra through auditions and casting calls, your kid will not only have a whole lot of fun, but also gain great tons of experience.



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