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Why Acting Is A Promising Career

Posted under Acting on January 10, 2014
Acting as a Career Can Be Promising for Actors

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Are you in the verge of doubting yourself as an actor? Does your eagerness level needs stirring up already? If you think that you have the ability to do acting, but simply lost the passion to pursue your career, the reasons below can help you to be more engaged in finding jobs.

10 Reasons For Doing Acting Jobs

Sometimes rejections can be painful that actors need to get hold of their thoughts and plans yet again. Be inspired to get acting jobs through the 10 reasons below. Here are the helpful ways for you to get stimulated to concentrate on what you do best.

1. It’s a creative way to reinvent your style.

To act will make you use your mind creatively. It enables you to focus on what you can do to make the character you will portray more interesting. Usually this creativity will be tested through acting auditions. Castings and auditions are imperative since actors will get jobs through its drawn out process. For better solution, opt for an online talent resource site such as Explore Talent. It provides you with lots of castings and auditions for actors in a fast and convenient way.

2. It’s a fun and exciting profession.

When you become an actor, you will get the chance to be with casting directors, celebrities, crews, producers and directors. You will get the chance to gain lots of experiences with these talented people.

3. It’s “cool” to be an actor.

Just by referring yourself as an actor sounds really “cool”. In the long run as you appear in more films, TV and commercials, you will be recognized by the people and the media.

4. You get to travel to local and international destination.

Apart from being in different states and countries, actors also have an equal chance to get better pays. In the US, Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that actors opt to work in California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Louisiana and Hawaii since they have high employment rate and high location quotients as compared to other states.

5. You get the chance to get rewards from prestigious award-giving bodies such as Golden Globe, Oscar, Tony, or Emmy Awards.

Getting awards mean your acting talent is recognized by “important” people. Rewards also entail getting freebies as well as invited to events with A-list attendees.

6. You sign autographs for fans.

Fans are also reasons that you get recognized. Signing autographs will be an ordinary thing to you once you succeed as an actor.

7. It’s a therapeutic way to “escape” from the harsh reality.

It is but normal to pretend to be someone else in the character you will be playing. However, you have to find distinction with you and the role.

8. Being an actor is apparently achievable.

To be an actor can be attained through patience and hard work. United States Department of Labor entails that acting jobs provide equal opportunities to any aspirants who want to make it into the entertainment business. At times, casting directors do not require you to have a degree or an experience, so long as you have the talent as well as skill to act out.

9. You will really become popular.

Fame and fortune are the factors that entice one to be an actor. But being popular cannot get you anywhere if you already burn bridges with those who helped you get a name in the entertainment business. It is best to remain humble despite being widely recognized.

10. You will become rich with your acting career.

Top-paying states include California with $49.62 per hour, Nevada with $33.78/hour and New York with minimum of $33.32 on hourly basis. Ohio pays actor with $28.98 for an hour, while acting in Oregon gets you paid with $27.64 hourly. The five states are mostly preferred to get acting auditions by serious actors.

Based on Statista from their 2012/2013 statistics and studies, Robert Downey Jr. is the most lucrative actor with $75 million for his annual income. He is followed by Channing Tatum with $60 million, Hugh Jackman with $55 million and Mark Wahlberg with $52 million. Fast and Furious actor Dwayne Johnson got $46 million. Leonardo DiCaprio as well as Adam Sandler’s annual income with $39 million and $37, respectively. Oblivion star Tom Cruise received $35 million for a year’s salary. Action star legends Denzel Washington and Liam Neeson have estimated annual salary of $33 million and $32 million, respectively.

If you feel uninspired for being an actor, you have to review on what you have achieved with your career so far. At times, you cannot appreciate your own hard work and struggles. Do not give up on your dream to become an actor and have a promising acting career ahead of you.

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